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  1. Precisely! That was my point, it's not to force any character, but to create an option that should be already in the game. Your example of Caspar was a very good one, and I can also say that there are other characters that could follow the same path. I've only played Blue Lions, however, I can say that Dimitri is a viable option, because of how he talks to Byleth or some gestures he makes towards him. And Felix and Sylvain, in their A support say to each other that they will die together. Things like that, that already exist in the game, and could make other options perfectly possible.
  2. Hi everyone! Well, this is my first post here, so I don't know how to start, but as you may have seen in the title, you should know what I want you to ask. When it was revealed that Fire Emblem Three Houses would have homosexual options, like Fates, I was quite excited, so I thought there would be more options than there were in Fates, and that in every run I'd play, I'd get the oportunity to have different male options to choose xD I was really surprised when I bought the game, that the only options available, if you're a man, are Linhardt, Alois and Gilbert, while women have the option to marry Sothis, Rhea, Edelgard, Mercedes and Dorothea. I'm really annoyed about the fact that boys only get three options while girls get five, one of these being Edelgard, one of the lords, and also about the fact that two of the option given to male players are way older than M!Byleth (Alois and Gilbert, I think Alois is 40 years old and a wife and children, while I know that Gilbert is 63 years old and I surely know that he has a wife and a daughter), while most of the female options are about the same age as F!Byleth (with the exception of Rhea). Having seen this, I decided to start a petition to demand equality. We deserve, at least, two more male characters for M!Byleth to marry, I don't care if they introduce them as DLC or whatever, what I want is equality between options, because I think it's a bit shameful for men to have three characters (two of them being old people), while women have five options, one of them being a protagonist and having only one of these options as an old person. I drive this initiative because I want to believe that these options were really created to give visibility to the different sexual orientations, and not just to please some fans (as we've already seen with so many characters in Fire Emblem Heroes). So, if you feel like you can lend a hand, I humbly request you to sign the petition: Click here! Thank you very much for reading!
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