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  1. I mean if we think about it for 20 seconds. There’s no actual in game evidence at all Rhea held back humanity at all zero. Adrestia the country that doesn’t even have heroes relics like the other two. According to Shamir completely destroyed Dagda. There’s books litterally every where as well. That list was clearly one of the fake ones Linhardt was talking about. Half the seven and the Kingdom half that worked with the slithers don’t even have crests.Heck there is even a slither mage in Sylvain and Raphaels paralogue. Implying Miklan and Lorenz dad where being manipulated by them as well. The game never actually shows the church being in the wrong ever. Oh no Rhea became the leader of a church she didn’t even create to form an army. To stop a guy who wants to wipe out her species and lied to defend afterwards that defended her species an the elites descendants from prosecution and hatred. Because you know Genocide and killing the continents god and savior. Would totally make you socially excepted. Church bad is all hearsay with no actual in game evidence an is never show ever.
  2. Yep she only survived CF 17 by plot armor causing it to rain and Rhea losing her dragon powers plus somehow took away her hand to hand combat skills that are above Nemesis. There is absolutely no logical reason why CF Edelgard should survive against the most powerful army in Fodlan the church allied with the Kingdom. Who where both preparing for five years. Worst written map in the game by far. Edelgard remembering Dimitri was written far Better in Azure Moon. The route people act like it does Edelgard poorly for some reason. CF time skip is a hilarious joke as it has a healthy Rhea and a full powered church stated by Hubert to be more powerful then the empire. The game even proves this when a weakened church defeats the empire by themselves in Silver Snow.
  3. No I just don’t take kindly to complete hypocrisy in debates on the Internet. Specially in ones I didn’t start. I nearly said I like mad kings over the copy paste motivations of the red emperors. For someone reason that triggers Edelgard stans. Into denying she is one lol. It’s like saying Dimitri is sane.
  4. What Mercedes thinks is irrelevant anyway as Byleth is god. She’s also not Edelgard or has any political or military say lol. You clearly have never talked to anyone in real life who believe in god but not religion have you? How do you know the church army survived? There’s no spar option for them and they wouldn’t surrender at that point after they murdered Dimitri lol. You have zero arguments or facts, so you resulted to character attack’s first. The only head cannoning child here is you dude. This is my last response to you ever on this forum because you clearly are not sincere.
  5. You wanna learn to read that’s not what I said at all I even said Seteth is wrong and only you bring up Dimitri. Also ask anyone in real life who believes in god if it’s the same as following an organized religious culture they will flat out tell you no. You literally cherry picked Manuela support with no context and ignored the rest and the epilogues of the bloody game. But great so you emit she directly rebuild the religion? The Church of Seiros is the religion. In case you didn’t know. It’s saints we’re literally demonized by imperial propaganda. Thanks for emitting that. She restored it under government control that’s not separation of church and state. Getting rid of the churches army who all die in the route anyway is not separating church and state. You have zero evidence and reading comprehension skills. Maybe don’t excuse others of lying when you’re only evidence I proved false by showing the actual epilogues and Edelgards words in the Manuel support plus the ending to the support. Also yeah you emit the empire and church relationship is weaker if not out right gone by the start of the game then good.
  6. Again faith=/= don’t equal religion. Believe in a god does not equal a religion. You are very confused. Also Edelgard is the proven most unreliable narrator in the entire game anyway. Here whole history lesson was false. Rhea controlling the continent is also false as the empire kicked out the church 100 years ago. The empires regent doesn’t even donate anymore. Like I said being against the church of Seiros which was even stated to be destroyed in the main epilogue. Is not the same as being against people believing in god. Edelgard through out the CF even warned the people of Fodlan that the saints where evil dragons remember? In her letters. The church in those paired endings is stated to be controlled by the government. You’re missing context and trying water down what Edelgard actually did to the religion even though the epilogue directly says she destroyed it and then restored a new one under the governments direct control. 5 minutes is the support and Edelgard repeats multiple times how she’s going to “crush the church of Seiros completely”. Manuela at the end even says Edelgard gives her emotional support just like the goddess. The ending mural adds to this seeing how the people see her as a goddess. Plus all the parallels to her and saint Seiros. Once again am not saying she actually wanted this or she did become a goddess an saying people start to see her as one. That’s how Emperors work anyway.
  7. Again your mistaken the belief in god as the believe in a religion. That is what faith is the believe in a god. That’s what I even just said dude Seteth was wrong and Byleth didn’t correct him. That’s not lying. You have not brought up any evidence you directly lied about the Manuela supports and all the times in CF she says the church of Seiros must be destroyed. Also look up the definition of separation of church and state lol. It means the government and church have nothing to do with each other. Look up what a church is. In context when the game and Edelgard says she wants to destroy the church of Seiros she means the religion of Seiros which is 100% did in CF lol. Protestantism is a separate church and culture from Catholicism for example. So what Edelgard did falls under genocide.
  8. Seteth wasn’t lying Seteth was wrong because he just got attacked and betrayed. No one from the church was at the ceremony and the former emperor dies. Byleth doesn’t say anything. Saying that’s a lie is a complete joke and indigenous. You have no point. So you emit she destroyed the only church and religion Fodlan good. Do you know how Protestantism was formed? The king fought the pope. She 100% did not separate church and state lol. “Manuela and Hanneman (Crimson Flower) After the war, Hanneman and Manuela held a grand wedding ceremony, to which all of their many students were invited. Later, after the church was transformed and rehabilitated under the super vision of the Empire, the Officers Academy finally reopened, with a renewed focus on accepting students regardless of status and offering classes on a wider variety of practical subjects. Hanneman and Manuela returned to work as teachers, almost as if nothing had changed, and filled the halls with their banter in the way only married couples can.” “Linhardt and Bernadetta (Crimson Flower) Linhardt and Bernadetta caused quite the stir after the war when they abandoned their inherited titles and eloped to Garreg Mach. Returning to the monastery, where they were always most comfortable, the couple lived peaceful lives away from the hassle of politics. When the Empire's efforts to restore the church were complete, the Officers Academy reopened, and two eccentric individuals took up professorships there. One was perpetually asleep, or absorbed in absentminded study; the other refused to show herself at all unless it was time to give a lecture.” The government controlling the church is the polar opposite of separating church and state. The other routes version of Bernie and Linhardt don’t mention a government involvement at all.
  9. Seteth also says Edelgard wants to be goddess. Her ending Mural has her looking like a goddess. You do know the Caesar’s where defied right and the Japanese emperors? She clearly doesn’t want to be goddess but people literally start seeing her as a guiding figure. So your cherry picking quotes from the support and ignoring the points where it Edelgard says herself she’s going to destroy the church cool. Also your completely wrong the fact Edelgard has the new church with out Rhea or the saints under government control means 100% didn’t separate church and state. Again know how church’s and religions works. Faith is not religion Ferdinand is not Edelgard. Edelgard is secretive just like Rhea.
  10. No they didn’t the new church is stated to be directly under government control what are you talking about. Again religion and faith or not the same thing. Why she keeps Rhea alive in other routes is unknown it’s never explained but since Nemesis smelled her blood to awaken and they need dragon blood for demonic beasts. Her being alive is a benefit to both Edelgard and Thales. Because they can use her blood. She literally says before the final battle the children of the goddess need to be destroyed. Then five minutes later she pretends to offer her to surrender to see what she do.
  11. That doesn’t mean the church wasn’t destroyed. Or changed into completely new religion. Again your mistaken religion for faith. That’s not the same thing at all. Edelgard literally confesses to destroying her emotional and spiritual support in the church of Seiros. Then Manuela says she doesn’t need the goddess anymore she has Edelgard. The new “church” if it even is one is controlled by the government which is the emperor anyway Edelgards not going to let people worship Seiros after her whole thing is getting rid of the children of the goddess.
  12. How do you know? That contradicts the whole plot and her saying she’s going to reopen it as an imperial Institution. The ending says the church of Seiros is gone none of the other routes say that after it’s reformed. She even emits she’s going to destroy the church in the Manuela support. Manuela says it’s fine because she’s know worships Edelgard. Even if that’s some how a church. It would not be the church of Seiros. As it’s just gone. It be this new church that directly controlled by the government. Which not a separation of church and state, but that is neither here nor there.
  13. Edelgard does more then remove Rhea from the church though. https://www.google.com/search?q=%231 https%3A%2F%2Fnanigma.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F187449339197%2Fcrimson-flower-ending-epilogue-japanese&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-m The Church is straight up gone. That means the whole religion is gone it’s one nomination after all.
  14. That’s flowery meaningless words. You can believe in god and not be a member of a church. The church of Seiros is canonly destroyed. That group is gone. What ever religion comes after won’t be the same.
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