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  1. “Seal equal defeat.” That isn’t how English works. None of those quotes says she lost. We also know only someone with the divine dragons mark can use the falchion full power. Which is made clear Rudolf doesn’t have. Sealing the Fang of Naga isn’t something she have the ability to do if she’s beaten it’s literally the power of a stronger god that kicked hers and Dumas ass in the past. She was carried away because she turned to stone after sealing falchion. It’s not that hard to grasp dude. You started this argument based on a headcanon Rudolf could kill Duma which he himself emitted he can’t. Which is pure head canon. He even abandoned his son because he couldn’t protect him from the Duma zealots. Duma army in the last chapter is massive to boot.
  2. No that is a inference based on nothing. The actual plot of the game straight up tells you only Alm and Celica can defeat Mila and Duma. Rudolf himself even says this. I never said Mila sealed Falchion to kill duma what the hell are you talking about? She wanted to seal it to protect her brother because she has been protecting him since before he went insane. That’s not being defeated. You’re basing the fact she lost to him because she willingly turned to stone and got dragged off. We didn’t see the fight and ignoring the main reason the main characters are important in the first place. Naga chose them to kill Mila and Duma when they went insane. Mila is the one who gives the falchion to Alm in SoV at the end anyway.
  3. Dude Jeddah literally contradict himself. He said Falchion sealed her powers but she then sealed falchion away and turned to stone of her own free will. Nothing said Rudolf defeated her. Mila literally gives Alm falchion and guides him into what to do to save Celica. Why I think you don’t know is because everything you have said to me as proved the opposite of what you said. Alm just with Falchion given to him by his dad wouldn’t save Celica because you are assuming Alm would have trusted his blade not kill her without Milas help. Judging how you are the only one bring up Milas character flaws that seems like a you problem and irrelevant as she helps them anyway. Without Mila Alm wouldn’t have reunited the two parties to defeat Dumas army lol. Both Alm and Celica and the whole main plot with the prophecy would be meaningless if Rudolf could defeat one of the two gods by himself. So they both be terrible thought out characters. I don’t think even IS is that bad at writing.
  4. If you don’t have an argument then stop talking to me genius. There is no proof Rudolf beat Mila in Sov because we don’t see the fight. Gaiden isn’t Shadows of Valienta. Your trying to head canon a completely separate scenario of how the cast gets from before the game to literally the final dungeon and so your in no way shape or form giving any comprehensionable point. And even so you emitted to my point Mila helped Alm save Celica lmao. I never said Mila got powers from sealing Falchion know your just being a liar. You need to replay SoV then because Duma on being defeated gives Alm his blessing to lead Valtienta and turns into the giant tree with Mila.
  5. Holy moly moving the goal post Batman. Your entire argument was based off a head canon Rudolf would have just given Alm the Falchion or Duma would allow him too, to give it to Alm. I said Jeddah was feeding souls to cure Duma. Not that he succeeded anyone who has played fire emblem knows curing degeneration is impossible lmao. I have repeated my point multiple times if Mila hadn’t sealed falchion and been there to help Alm and Celica would be dead. Then you started a long drawn out debate were you’re only reasoning from what am getting from your posts is “Mila bad Rudolf good.” If you think Mila sealed herself because she couldn’t kill Rudolf or something like? I don’t know how you ever came to that conclusion when Rudolf says it himself he can’t. Mila despite letting Jeddah destroy her body was still alive. Duma and Milas literally turn themselves into a tree at the end of the game. So yes they committed suicide. Stop wasting my time filibustering please. @vanguard333That’s what is so weird about Alm most lords were fully trained raised in environments were they have to be. Alm is made pretty clear to be like Ike a novice. But just steamrolls everything like a veteran.
  6. What are you talking about Duma went insane and allowed Rudolf to attack her. Depending on how you interpret the god tree she might have never reblessed the land. Yeah she babied them to much. No she didn’t cause Duma to want Celica soul she had absolutely nothing to do with Rigels actions. An if she hadn’t had sealed falchion Duma would have won because Celica might have not even left the church or Mila wouldn’t have been there to help Alm. Mila would have just killed Rudolf. Because it wasn’t his destiny to beat her. Jeddah was already feeding maidens souls to try to cure Dumas degeneration long before the story. Was she a flawed leader yes that’s obvious. But the story clearly blames everything on the degenerated Duma. Milas faith still exists by the end of the game Dumas doesn’t. Know if you want to say the game doesn’t call Mila out enough for causing the famine and being a bad leader sure I agree. But she’s not the war god Duma was.
  7. Number 1 none of that has anything to do with what I said. I never mentioned Milas character only yes without her Duma would have won. Secondly Mila keeps half the continent fed. If you don’t think that is a positive use for her powers I don’t know what is lol. Also Rigel never took control of Zofia. They helped what ever I forgot the fat evil dudes face was. Alms village hadn’t even heard of the war yet. It never ended to see who won. Rudolf knew he couldn’t defeat the gods because it wasn’t his destiny so why he even tried vs Mila. Who he was no proof in the game she was crazy yet I don’t know.
  8. Never said she did seal it to help Alm. So again not sure what you are trying to get at. Besides trying to argue Rodulf might have been able to beat Duma which is unlikely as it took the deliverance and Celicas army combining to beat him. Rudolf army with the help of Duma faithful lost to the Deliverance alone. Mila told Alm how to save Celica. If Mila hadn’t sealed falchion Celica would be dead.
  9. Rudolf thinks it’s his sons destiny to kill Duma. It doesn’t even make sense why he attack Mila first when she had no signs of degeneration and he knows she keeps half the continent fed. Mila intended to protect her brother yeah. But she still gives it to Alm and helps him save Celica. Alm defeats Duma with Celicas help through support bonuses supposedly. I don’t see the point here. The Duma faith has shown influence over Rudolfs own army anyway. Even if he was as strong as Celica and Alm combined at the end of the game. There isn’t proof he could beat Duma alone.
  10. Needing Mila to save the continent wasn’t technically wrong. Celica would be dead and Duma would have killed Alm if she didn’t seal Falchion for him to use later. The game just doesn’t tell Milas story well.
  11. Faye not because I hate her but because I feel so bad for her. Because her character is so one note and terrible. It shows how much the devs did not give a shit about her.
  12. The church has its own army. The army always rushes to save Rhea. Which is exactly the reason given in Azure Moon why they head to Grondors in Azure Moon. It is literally stated multiple times. The church doesn’t take part in Grondors in ss because it happened the same month the resistance army takes the bridge. There men were tired. The church then defeats the empire by itself and the slithers after Grondors happens anyway. The kingdom army and the church has no problem defeating the Dukedom army backed up by the slithers and the empire right afterwords. Then easily retake the silver Madan.
  13. Bolded That is flat out wrong Balthus called it a replica. It’s not a real heroes relic period. So know you are assuming the slithers couldn’t find a Nabateans grave? Also again multiple real crest stones existing is not provable. If they there people with the same crest you telling me Sothis didn’t even name her children? Do you have any proof Aymra is like the dark sword of the creator at all? Or are you speculating again?
  14. The dark sword of the creator a replica of a Sothis who is far above the Nabateans by Rheas own words.. Aubin being alive before the game is irrelevant. Because that was my whole point the ring is real even the church and Slithers wanted it. Aubin a dragon who think he It is crazy he could have flown to Dagda for some reason. The fact the slithers where willing to kill Duke Gerth to get it means they can’t copy it as easy as the orginal that they had for a longtime. Aymr is something different entirely. We don’t 100% know what it is. You have excused me of head canon multiple times that is called the pot calling the kettle black.
  15. Is your debating style literally just 100% head canon throwing out everyone else argument? Then excusing them as head canon. Then repeating stuff you don’t have anyway to confirm over and over? Because that style isn’t going to work on me am to stubborn for that. Yeah so then you don’t know how it worked either but there closer then friends. @Darkmoon6789The First emperor is highly implied to be Seiros lover in the dlc. Flayn does tell Linhardt there not technically related. But over 1000 years that wouldn’t be a lie even if he was descended from her.
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