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  1. I want mage peg knights and more infantry master classes especially infantry sword and axe classes available to both genders
  2. I didn't know if this fell under general questions or not? considering it's a question about in-game mechanics. Anyways I haven't been able to find the answer to this question anywhere and I've been super curious as to whether Three Houses uses single, double, or even hybrid roll systems for rng. Or maybe even a new system? I was going to rule out hybrid roll, but then I learned it was also used in SoV which surprised me. So if anyone knows the answer and can put my curiosity to rest it'd be greatly appreciated. ❤️
  3. I haven't beaten the game yet but I'm really excited to marry Sylvain ❤️
  4. I had a dream last night I went on a date with Python from Echoes
  5. omg I really want more friends that play fire emblem and have been feeling lonely during my play trhough of fe4!! I don't livew in Utah but am up for making new friends and I mainly use discord as my main form of communication I would love to do discord calls ❤️
  6. I finally figured it out, I thought x and y buttons werent used in this game so I had them mapped like a-x and b-y but I remapped them and everything works now ❤️
  7. Hi everyone !! I got an account here because of a problem I was having with fe4, but I'm glad I'm here regardless and want to use this site more ❤️ I LOVE Fire Emblem. I've played fe4, 13, 14, 15, and 16. I'm super friendly but also super shy so sometimes socializing is hard for me Anyways now that I'm part of this community I want to use this opportunity to say I really want more friends that adore fire emblem as much as I do!! I barely have any friends that play fe and frequently get frustrated over it so I would love more fe friends to talk about the series with ❤️
  8. so I started playing fe4 today and am having the same problem and the only thing I could find even relating to my problem after an hour of google searches was this really old thread. I am using the snesx9 emulator and the A and B buttons are mapped to the z and x keys on my keyboard respectively. so I can't exit the shops nor use anything in town because the a and b buttons don't work once I enter a store or the arena. The arrow keys work, but that's it. Please help and thank you ❤️
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