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  1. Blue lions route, I have all the main units and linhardt and Bernadetta, most of them have iron weapons but i can get more when I retreat before death.
  2. I worked so hard to get to the final chapter and now I keep dying to low teir units, if any of you have a strategy for beating this level please share it with me, I tried almost everything, should I grind until I'm level 60 or should I use some sort of strategy?
  3. Ok to get flayn you basically need to complete a mission task near the end of the first half of the game. And to get non students you need to be lvl 20 or get to the next half of the game.
  4. Can anybody help me make a good name for my oc? It's a girl Name: help me Age:??? Gender:female Class: assassin Teacher Personality: energetic, Likes wyverns, dislikes horses, a little bit of a trickster Likes: petting Seteth's wyvern, Reptiles, spring days, conversations with linhardt and hanneman, talking to Claude and petting his albino wyvern Dislikes: Edelgard, the empire, those who slither in the dark, Horses, Dimitri falling in battle, and people trying to mess with seteth. Strength: Swords, flying, reason Weakness: riding, bows, armor House: blue lions Relatives: Seteth, flayn, rhea, linhardt, (anyone else I don't know related to seteth) Other: Seteth's brother, you can learn more about her when I roleplay, or by simply messaging me! Please help me find a suitable name! Thanks to Ertrick36 for helping me, the part about the names having origin from Irish was extremely useful!
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