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  1. Who else but the great Kieran could satisfy such a woman?
  2. I think Mia will probably remain single. No one can handle the awesome ammount of crazy in that girl's head.
  3. Now maybe? My college schedule is murder guys, trust me...

  4. Yes. Yes, it bothers me so much that I have begun to hate Micaiah and her smug little face every time she shoes up on screen...
  5. I voted for Boyd. Nolan's cool, but he can't match Boyd.
  6. I actually hate the fact that Boyd uses a crossbow now. Because, to my knowledge, it now means Boyd Oscar, and Rolf can't triangle attack, right?
  7. It's gotta be pure coincedence. Plus, everyone's right. Soren would DESTROY Harry Potter.
  8. Ike x Mia. Soren X Ilyana. Oscar X Tanith. Nephenee X Heather. Sothe X Micaiah. Mist X Boyd.
  9. ...A kitten just died. I'm with Heaven. ..Though Purgatory would probably be a more accurate bet... ...Nuts, there goes another kitten.
  10. Actually, I'm sorry, I quoted the wrong guy! The controls on this board are different from the ones I'm used to. Sorry! But yeah, Titania's a beast in Endgame. Urvan Sol is phenomenal.
  11. I actually gave my second wildheart to Ranulf, and it worked out nicely.
  12. I disagree. Give her Nolan's Nihil and Urvan and watch her go.
  13. ...Someone should ask about Oscar's squint then...
  14. Hey, nice to see another new guy like me! Welcome!
  15. I just got this conversation a while ago in POR. It was indeed Volke saying this. ...Elena looks like a Priestess to me, but hey, what do I know?
  16. Gareth and Kurth maybe? Just to fill us in a little bit more on Gareth? Kyza and Lyre would have been fun too. We know very little of Kyza...
  17. Cenzo25


    Thanks Slayer, I already am!
  18. Cenzo25


    Meh, his title is still newbie, so he's new! ;)
  19. Cenzo25


    Greetings fellow new guy!
  20. Family Guy is good at times, but sometimes li'l Sethy gets too cute. He's very conceited though, every other character on all his shows is voiced by him, I swear...
  21. Danved hates when people say he is Devdan! Devdan is an entirely different person than Devdan! Why do people compare Danved with Devdan? Danved does not see the similarity, although Danved must admit, Devdan is very handsome!
  22. Cenzo25


    Thanks to all for the introductions! It's nice to meet you all!
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