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  1. Well, Edelgard is one of the main characters, she is clearly in love with Byleth in every route, Edge of Dawn is sung from her POV (and especially the last versione is very romantic). In her route her love for Byleth is even clearer and she is the first bisexual lord of the series (and gay girls have "only" 5 options, and she is one of the best choice). Other than that, there is the fact that she is either hated or loved, it's hard that people don't have a strong opinion about her. So being Byleth the avatar of the player, everyone that loves her will S support her. Anyway, I think Dimitri x Byleth and Silvayn X Felix are more popular (and ok, I expected Dimitri, but I don't understand why Sylvain x Felix is so popular. I understand why people see them as a romantic couple, I don't understand why they are so popular).
  2. Ok, a stupid thing but that it's driving me crazy. In the other games (Awakening, Fates and Echoes) there was a button that you could press and it automatically gave to each unit the best weapons/tools/potions optimizing what you have. Where is this damned button in Three Houses?
  3. Yes, but the option is greyed out and I can't select it OK, I tried again, you can select it even if it is greyed out. Stupid me XD
  4. I have a question on new game plus. I started a new game, and wanted to unlock the supports with Shamir and Catherine, but they're not avaible. Have I to wait until they appear in game to buy their supports with renown? Another question, I ended the game 2 times, once with BE and once with BL. Still, the option to S Support Sothis is never avaible. I'm pretty sure I selected the answers that give point with her, but she is not available. What have I to do?
  5. I just thought another question, about the Byleth in the Crimson Flower ending I mean, I'm happy it ended that way but I don't understand why.
  6. I don't know Japanese, but in general I found the english version good, and they paid attention to keep it coherent (Edelgard always say reach for my hand like the song, and other things). The only thing that I found strange and that made me worry, was in the s support with Edelgard
  7. So, maybe it's a dumb question but, why did Byleth disappear for 5 years? What happened to him in that time? And why no one seems interested to know the truth (I mean, Edelgard ask him but he replies death/sleeping and it end there). I mean, in the crimson flower route it's not explained at least. Not clearly.
  8. I mean, technically Byleth can rewind times multiple time, and when that scene happened I thought "Go back again!", but I think the point was that it was one of these situations where you can't save that person no matter waht. Like when your unit is in a bad place and even if you rewind you can't save them, unless you restart the battle. If course if they did a dlc with Byleth rewinding everything then yeah, they should pay attention to not change things, not too much anyway.
  9. Yeah, I know that Byleth rewind ability is limited, but if they wanted to do it they could find a justification easily. I just thought it was a cool idea, I think the base for it it's in the game, but it's their choices, and more than justifying byleth ability in an eventual 5th route I would be worried that they do the story justice. It's something that could come out really good or really bad.
  10. Honestly... Yes. I only played the BE route, I will play the others soon, but... I could only think "Things could have gone better". I know, the game want you to think no route is the canon one, and even if I liked the BE route very much, knowing what we as players know about the story, I just wish for a route where all the 3 lords collaborate. It's something impossible normally, but from when I knew Byleth can rewind time, I could only think that if byleth got one more shot to make it right, if he maintained the memory of all the routes, an ending where the 3 lord don't fight (not until death) could be possible. But I guess it's been condirmed we won't get the 5th route right? Well, I just hope then for a Dlc for the BE route, I liked the story but the second part was shorter and with just one cutsscenes, I hope in that at least.
  11. First of all, I would advise the author of the petition of sharing it in others forum and in some Fire Emblem group on Facebook. Second, I find the male gay option insulting. I mean, 3 options (2 of them being old man and 1 is married) was already bad, but when you know that the older options It is insulting. I mean, I'm a woman so it doesn't directly affect me, but I think everyone can admit that they had chosen the worst options. Making Claude or Dimitri bisexual, or another students would have been a better option. And let's not start talking about realism because it's not realistic that all the cast can potentially marry Byleth.
  12. MaryQueen99


    Hello there! My first Fire Emblem game was Awakening. I remember trying the demo and I immediately loved the concept that losing your units in battle meant losing them forever. It is a concept really different from others strategic game where units are cannon folders, literally. Even if I didn't like Fates as much as Awakening I have good hope about Three houses. I'm just waiting my chance of buying the switch, soon hopefully XD
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