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  1. So I decided to finally get into this game, but I'm having trouble deciding a couple builds as I approach +100 level missions: namely when to use bolster and when to use amped with low luck characters: Tharja, Frederick, Leo, Robin, Niles, and Camilla. The catch is I find Camilla, Robin, Niles, and possibly Leo great candidates for statflip, nearly doubling their def/res for a minor decrease in their opposite stat/str/mag. In Niles case, he also gets topsy turvy giving him near double magic damage and though his res is halved it's worth the boost to mag and def stats, while Leo gets a significant ~30 points of magic and a small gain to defense. All these units are ran with amped so far, and I have topsy turvy (or non tt in Niles case)/legendary alternate weapon builds planned for each as well. Why is this relevant? Because statflip/tt take away a lot of slots for bolster. Amped is simple: add it to one slot an done. Bolster requires the slot for itself plus a few boost/attack attributes to be viable. swap skills take away those slots, making bolster less effective. If most damage output will come from weapons/Luna/lethality, then I'm thinking I should prioritize bulk and luck stats.statflip is tremendous in turning mixed attackers into bulkier units with a relatively equal or higher attack stat in either their strength or magic, which is a good tradeoff to me since you can't use both str and mag at the same time anyway. Making alternate bolster dedicated weapons isn't much doable either since you replace statflip with legendary for non prfs and it's the same issue (unless the prf is the bolster and non prfs is the amped which I am considering). But if bolstering is a better way to go, that is if bulk stats don't matter at higher levels when enemies start using hero weapons, then I'm open to removing statflip/tt builds So that leaves Tharja and Frederick non-amped right now. I'm not satisfied with how often they trigger lethality or the damage output they're getting. Both have Luna as well of course. Neither one benefit from statflipping or topsy turvy builds either. So it's a question of how much benefit they get from bolster vs amped while the others is how much benefit they get from bolster vs amped vs amped/statflip/topsy turvy Another note is I want builds that ideally the ai can reliably use, so while I am aware of Tharja awakening builds based around vengeance and can build a time for that, I also want an alternative build that the ai won't get merc'd for being in red health at all times. All units are running astra, Luna, lethality, and paragon nor a right now, so if you have skill recommendations on top of bolster/amped builds for low luck units, then please prioritize them so I know which skill to drop while I'm running paragon and/or payday depending on the map/my situation
  2. Not true. I killed the paladin, then a swordmaster on the other side turned. You have to kill them all before they turn
  3. I just beat it, relatively easily. I recruited all the students I could (eg. no Claude, Dimitri, Dedue, or Hilda), so I had all generic enemies replace them, but the strategy should be the same anyway. Kill the Gremory. Use a unit with high avo because the luna dark bishops are a problem. My Byleth had Sword prowess lv. 5 and my Linhardt had warp, so this was easy The way to deal with Dedue/beast warriors is a general strategy. Simply hit with a gambit to draw their attention, strike from outside their attack range to break a piece of their armor, and then while they're stunned, deal loads of damage. I had 2 bow knights in Shamir and Bernie and My Lysithea had Thyrsus and my Byleth/Hubert/Edie all had levin sword+, arrow of indra+, and bolt axe+, which gives you 1-3 rng so killing from a distance was easy. Bernie is an amazing unit as well. Her crest of indech gives her an adept ability as well as enhancement for using the inexhaustible bow. Feed her on the peg knights that fly in from the northwest as she will be an asset in the final chapter. Eventually, Rhea will show up with a detachment of knights and golems. Her res is low though. Take her out, and she and her forces will retreat. The golems will remain, however. Once the golems are eliminated using the same strategy to deal with Dedue, move on and wipe out the rest of the forces and claim the chests (2 brave weapons) Then comes Dimitri. Assuming you work on Byleth's sword skill to A+, you will get windsweep. I managed to crit Dimitri down to 1hp, but I still had contingencies with my army of battalions/gambits. Of course, for future strategies, I may start off with Dorothea meteoring Dedue so I don't have to put up with that transformation
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