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  1. Before the patch I had about 12000 and now I have 42600. Does anyone know how renown mechanics were changed? Was this a one-time bonus or did they make changes to the renown system?
  2. The story is probably best viewed as Blue Lions -> Black Eagles (Edelgard) -> Golden Deer. Honestly you can probably skip church since it's basically Golden Deer minus a few characters and story reveals. That being said your first play through should be whichever house seems most interesting to you. You will enjoy it much more that way. FYI the order I did was Black Eagles (church) -> Black Eagles (Edelgard) -> Blue Lions -> Golden Deer
  3. I've never heard that the hearts stop. If you look at a character's roster page you'll see a ranked list of the other characters they're closest too. This determines which paired endings they get. I suspect there's no upper limit to hearts so you can grind them and customize that list to pick which paired endings you get.
  4. Leonie's "Pure Grit". It stands out for me because of one time where she was 1 hit away from death and dodged and killed a stream of enemies, surviving the encounter. Seemed appropriate.
  5. Just finished Blue Lions and I had her S support unlocked but she didn't show up in the list. Is she only available in the church route?
  6. Thanks for clearing that up Timon and for marking the answer as a spoiler. Very tempted to read what you wrote but after completing 3 paths I want to experience the last path without spoilers!
  7. Hmm that's the first route I did. I remember but I don't remember anything about the 10 elites being on Nemesis' side. The truth is so spread out over each path I may have missed that. To be clear I've completed both BE routes and am nearly done BL.
  8. Wasn't it Nemesis against Seiros and the 10 elites? I'm gonna stop here cause I suspect there will be spoilers if I dive into this any deeper (I've only completed 2.5 paths).
  9. Almost sounds like an impossible situation for Rhea. The nobles that cemented their power were the former lieutenants in her army. Without them how much power does she have left? Could she oppose them all and stop the corruption of the crest system? We know the church army is powerful enough to subdue insurrections, situations where only 1 noble gets out of line. I don't know if she has the power to go against all the nobles. Another thing to keep in mind is that the crest system has been successful at defending the continent from outside threats. I'm not arguing for the crest system. Just suggesting that Rhea, as powerful as she is, may not have had the power needed to subdue the nobles, revolutionize the continent, and then also protect the continent from outside threats.
  10. I agree with this. Another way to put it is that Edelgard argues that Rhea actively enforced the crest system to control the nobility, and hence all of Fodlan. Many of the posts here argue that the church took too passive a role and allowed the current crest system take hold. This argument doesn't support Edelgard's views (though I it is still anti-church).
  11. Seteth really seems to understand Ingrid's situation and says all the right things to her. Even after 3 play throughs these characters continue to grow on me . What I found most important here is Seteth's opinion of crests and the crest system. In Edelgard's path she's convinced that the church knowingly uses crests to control Fodlan but considering Seteth's station in the church and his thoughts on crests I just don't see it.
  12. I changed my mind about her when I considered how realistic her reaction to the main character was. She completely idolized Jeralt and got to be his student for a short time but then he ditched her. Even after that she kept working hard to be just like him. Then, when she's finally reunited with him she finds out there's another kid out there who got everything she ever wanted and doesn't appreciate it. Although I didn't like her reaction I appreciated it because it made her feel real (especially considering that she's still a teenager).
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