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  1. I'm honestly not expecting a prequel and sequels are EXTREMELY dicey in choice-centric games like this since people will argue over whether the sequel "canonizes" Route X. In both cases it's too much work for a company that dumped 4 chapters of Edelgard into some distant gutter. I personally expect either expansion of existing routes (maybe more look at TWS since they generally take a back seat most of the game regardless of route) or a new route that rips content off the others (the way GD/SS seem to be copied) that winds up being a half-baked Golden Route ala Revelations. There ARE ways to make a logical golden route, but I don't trust IS to actually pull it off in a way that makes sense. Still, fingers-crossed anyways. Fun fact: In prologue, Jeralt has conversation with Kostas where he complains that Kostas has gotten him wrapped up in his (K's) mess. If this attack never happened, Jeralt, Byleth and the mercenary head to the Kingdom like J says before the lords come running up. New Mercenary route flag? Would be interesting if you go this way and then run into either the Lonato rebellion or the Miklain theft.
  2. Edelgard is probably more in the wrong, suffering from a few critical issues that while understandable ultimately lead her down a dark path 1) Unable to trust others, which severely limits her options. Namely, unless Byelth reaches out to her, she winds up forced to rely on TWS. This also means she feels she needs to do things herself, which ultimately leads to a "join me or get out of my way" sort of approach. 2) Her shortened lifespan leads to a need for immediate action and results, and this rushed nature combined with the fact that the status quo has been in place for centuries leads her to the decision for the quickest, most drastic change: War. Point 1 means she lacks allies in this war she could have potentially had. Point 2 makes her look like the bad guy in the eyes of most of Fodlan. Rhea pre-game is really only guilty of complicity through inaction. Assuming the attempts at reviving Sothis were homunculi and not humans, she does not do anything explicitly evil, and the lies regarding Fodlan's history have readily justifiable reasoning behind them. About mid-way through part 1, Hubert tells Edelgard she's being too open with Byleth and decides to take things into his own hands, and she says something (forget exact wording) along the lines of "without allies I have no other options. Is it really wrong to reach out to Byleth?" Personally, I think Edelgard should have reached out to Byleth just before the events of the Holy Tomb (path split point). At this point she has little to lose by doing so (her army is already mobilizing and ready to go, she only sacrifices the ill-fated attack on the tomb) and doesn't blind-side the one person she wants on her side (who also has little reason to trust the FE's motives at this point), so here she'll reveal in private to him her identity, and full disclosure on TWS. If you mix this with Rhea seeing Byleth at this point as being the new Sothis (perhaps previously revealing that Sothis is now conscious inside him) and you potentially open up the mythical golden route: Byleth acts as link between Rhea and Edelgard, Rhea reveals the true history of Fodlan (remember, Edelgard has had Arundel call Nemesis a "thief", contradicting her family's version of the story) to the 3 lords. Dmitri will be on board the moment he learns TWS are behind Duscur. Claude is a bit trickier, he wants the truth (which he's getting here) and opening Fodlan's borders (not sure how Rhea will take that, but if Byleth and thus Mama Sothis is on board, she'll be as well). The 3 houses unite with the Church against TWS (who as far as Fodlan is concerned are the evildoers here. Arundel/Thales takes over the Empire in response to Edelgard's betrayal and attacks the monastery anyways. Stuff still happens, monastery still falls, Byleth sleeps for 5 years. Rhea and the 3 lords take their supporters and organize pockets of resistance (to avoid just getting wrecked by Javelins of Light all at once), reunite in monastery in remembrance of promise. Byleth returns and we have 3 lords and playable Rhea to take on Arundel's new Empire. We probably get Ladislava, Randolph and Fleche from CF (Fleche should be playable in CF anyways IMO; same for Judith in GD), Gilbert and Rodrigue from AM and Judith and Nader from VW routes, and if you say that's too many playable characters, well guess what? Almost every FE has had too many characters and you get to pick your favorites. This way would be more like traditional clear good and bad, with innocents caught in between, classic FE play.
  3. Incidentally, having just played through Remire village mission, the enemy units in that map that aren't insane villagers have as their affiliation "Those Who Slither in the Dark" I never actually looked at that before
  4. You could, if you want, go into auxiliary battle one week, grind C rank axes, battle again (assuming you have Professor Rank C+ for 2nd battle) grind gauntlets. Yes, you can grind skill ranks on Hard, that's what adjutant status is for. Take some physically weak unit, put Byleth (with weapon to train equipped) as Adjutant to said unit, find an auxiliary battle with an Armored Knight and whale on them for 90+ turns. I have gotten A+ Heavy Armor on Bernadetta, Lysithea, Marianne and Dorothea with this method in order to get auto 17 strength/defense at 20 on units that otherwise have crappy numbers in both stats. Or you could just do this for gauntlets, and use Faculty Training (reset until you get Great result if you're short on time) to get D+ Heavy
  5. Close Counter for Uber tier. It makes archers not solely (almost) player-phase units, making them actually viable units. Especially when anyone can be an archer and lots of physical units like far more viable 2-range than hand axes and javelins Bows are probably now the best weapon in the game where historically they've been garbage/niche because 80+% of the game is Enemy Phase
  6. To be fair, people like Byleth, Edelgard, Ingrid and Sylvain who have decent magic and strength growths will appreciate the option to attack weaker defense stat (use magic against armored and physical against mages/pegasi). Byelth's magic isn't so high that he can one-round mages with magic
  7. Rhea = Seiros = Immaculate One (Dragon form). Not sure what other identities you're talking about. Anyways, Shamir actually comments after killing Solon "People who live an inordinately long time, people whose hair changes color, and these crazy relics. Is Fodlan some sort of mystical land full of weird creatures?" So people have noticed Rhea's been around a long time, but only a select few know she's Seiros. Jeritza is hinted at becoming the DK due to House Bartel's treatment of him, as well as their banishing of Mercedes and her mother, but what specifically is unknown. That being said, considering how ruthless the house was, I wouldn't be surprised if he was experimented on, considering his mannerisms and speech as Jeritza is really odd and as both Jeritza and the DK he is obsessed with fighting you because you're strong. No clue, considering she doesn't have her memories and is later absorbed into you, before you learn much about Rhea. Thales replaced Arundel just like Solon replaced Tomas and Kronya replaced Monica. Presumably, Cornelia was replaced as well. Don't remember that line and it's pretty much outright stated he's the only member of the house left, so unless he's talking about something like "live on in spirit" I have no clue
  8. And blowing Monica's cover would almost inevitably blow her own cover. Basically the only thing TWSITD and Edelgard have in common is bringing down the church. El hates them and their methods and they treat her like a pawn in their schemes (considering she's basically Nemesis 2.0 to them, this is reasonable). Arianrhod gets demolished because she took out Cornelia (who's one of the Slithers). Is El complicit in their actions, even unwillingly? Absolutely. Is she working with them? Grudgingly, but yes. Does she like them in any way? Hell no. Incidentally, there's another thread that mentions a discussion about the Slithers' actions during the school phase. It makes a lot of sense and is definitely worth a read.
  9. Logically, the Blue Lions are the best fit for a new professor. Almost all are eager to learn, the only major problems being Felix's attitude and Sylvain's skirt-chasing. Black Eagles have major problem personalities in Hubert, Lindhart and Bernadetta while the Golden Deer have Claude, Lorenz, Hilda and maybe Marianne.
  10. It's mentioned Holst holds him off long enough for Alliance forces to retreat. Also, to be fair, his army came out of nowhere and it's basically just Alliance forces that had no reason to expect they'd be fighting to try to stall him. If Nemesis had gone on a rampage instead of straight to Garreg Mach, he'd have done massive damage. As was mentioned by CyberNinja, CF ending has the Alliance almost entirely untouched, the Empire running strong and only the Kingdom got ravaged. As stated above, Holst and a largely unprepared Alliance force manages to at least survive against Nemesis and his army, so logically a prepared Imperial army + Alliance forces should be OK. Byleth + Edelgard should be able to fight Nemesis as well as Byleth + Claude, unless we're assuming that Byleth is somehow physically weaker in CF. Crest stone was absorbed, IMO he should still be able to use Sword of the Creator, he's just a human instead of magically powered zombie
  11. Literally anybody who lacks in Strength and Defense. How? Grind/Tutor them in C Axes/D Heavy Armor, maybe B/B if you're crazy like me and give them Armor Knight right off the bat. The extra Strength and Defense are HUGE for characters like Bernadetta, Ashe, Dorothea, Lysithea and Marianne. If you went B/B, Fortress Knight's base in each is 17! Even Armor Knight's are 9/13, a hefty boost at a mere level 10. Beyond that, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned C bows for Close Counter, letting bow ranks be trained in combat without being almost strictly player phase. Death Blow right off the bat for all them physical attackers, especially the ones who struggle in strength. Flayn because she joins late, with weakness in Riding and mediocre bases and skill ranks.
  12. I think that the Slithers working with Byleth is out of the question once the Sword of the Creator reacts to him. The Slithers UTTERLY LOATHE Sothis and want her dead, gone and all remnants of what she built destroyed. If Byleth has Sothis' Crest Stone, he must die. I agree everything they do past this point is for the purpose of killing him. The fact their actions create a rift between him and Edelgard is just very delicious icing to make sure she stays dependent on them and the already potential threat of Byleth doesn't also get inside info on them via Edelgard. The Kronya killing Jeralt thing seems to be entirely spontaneous on her part, and Thales saving her works for both reasons already stated in this topic. Edelgard is indeed likely supposed to be Nemesis 2.0 and I think they DID want the Sword of the Creator for her and created Aymr because they couldn't get it.
  13. This is a great idea, since it not only lets you choose Boon/Bane, but also takes away the rather annoying fact that your first PT is based solely off first impressions with no story reason why you would feel inclined to side with Lord E/D/C
  14. Either way, I want less Claude favoritism. He's the only leader that keeps it together regardless of route, and the only leader that CAN survive on all routes. I call BS. While I could see a "golden route" working, I don't particularly want or need one. I'm biased towards the two girl leaders (Edelgard and Rhea) and would like to see them both survive, sure, but I'm fine with the routes as they are. The idea of excess characters is silly IMO considering you can recruit almost every character anyways. Although I WOULD like more CF content, perhaps after Tailtean Plains battle Edelgard decides to go deal with TWSITD (they've destroyed Arianhrod, so they're too dangerous to leave, Dmitri is dead and the Church is licking their wounds while preparing for a last stand so we have the time). Even one or two chapters before the final, epic clash with Rhea would be nice, just to get that stupid issue taken care of (for god's sake, they're the reason Edelgard turned out the way she did, the fact they get resolved not even off-screen but POST-GAME is absurd). They're the core issue behind Edelgard's trouble and yet that's the one route they're not dealt with during the game AT ALL.
  15. Leonie/Lindhart Paralogue boss: Byleth Seteth Flayn
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