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  1. People seem to love bringing up the "Edelgard lies to her team about Arianrhod's destruction" despite the fact if you think it through, it makes sense. At this point we're into the war, we can't afford to reveal the existence of TWS precisely because they're so deeply embedded in the Empire it would spark paranoia and distrust, possibly even a civil war when we're already at war with the rest of the continent. CF Edelgard and Hubert are clear that dealing with TWS is a post-war thing, when they don't have to worry about the Empire potentially fracturing mid-war effort. Telling ANYONE, even those close to us (classmates) about TWS is a serious risk, especially with personalities like Caspar's or backgrounds like Lysithea's. By the time Arianrhod is destroyed, we're at the cusp of victory, with just Dmitri and Rhea left to defeat. Revealing that we've been working with monsters, no matter how grudgingly, will destroy morale, spark strife and unrest and promote paranoia and distrust in our army's ranks. The entire CF route is basically Edelgard saying "I want to destroy TWS, but they're in every nation, so conquer the whole continent (which some people, nobles especially, are totally on board with anyways because it used to all be Adrestia anyways) so we can hunt them down without international border issues getting in the way, not to mention I'll have people loyal to me everywhere by this point. Rhea is also a tyrant who has stymied human advances, and bound us to a Crest-obsessed system, so to hell with her, not to mention if I conquer the continent she'll get in my way anyways, so take Garreg Mach, then go to war with everyone else."
  2. I'd say Jeritza is the substitute for Catherine and Randolph would be the substitute for Dedue/Hilda, but technicalities. It would be even better if Fleche inherits Flayn's stats and skill ranks (adjusted for tutoring if you don't make her playable from the start of timeskip) so you don't waste any effort you put into her. Fleche repeatedly makes comments about looking after her brother, so having a Faith strength (healing) makes sense, and she has a Flying strength so she can go looking for him if he's in trouble XD Randolph and Ladislava would be separate entities like Jeritza because the people they substitute for don't join you pre-skip. SS could make Indech recruitable and Rhea playable, and you could just swap SS and VW final maps (Rhea isn't romanceable in VW anyways so having to kill her acts as the final blow to the old regime, whereas Rhea vs Nemesis rematch sounds good to me)
  3. That was me, and I specifically stated it was only practical on NG+ or with excessive grinding. Characters like Marianne, Lysithea, and Dorothea benefit greatly from getting buffed to 30 HP, 17 Strength and 17 Defense, not to mention the Weight -3 that comes at C Armor. Even characters like Ingrid and Bernadetta can get mileage out of this. Basically, if I want to raise a weakness for something that's more novel/a major hassle I'll get the character early, buy skill ranks wherever possible to make them combat ready from the start, and then set lectures to the weaknesses for the whole game, letting me start the next playthrough with weaknesses at A or higher.
  4. It also provokes the question of just how many nukes they could possibly have left? Furthermore, they aren't really nukes if you consider how many of them are needed to level an area. The area covered by each one is displayed in the opening cutscene (where Seiros kills Nemesis). Which is another reason for them to be stingy with them. That being said, there were a number of opportunities to use them, and in CF using them on Arianrhod was stupid, considering they still need BE Strike Force to kill Rhea. Using some of your precious few missiles as a mere warning? Stupid. Just level Fhirdiad while Rhea's and Edelgard's forces are fighting there. It's not shielded like Garreg Mach, after all.
  5. AM: Rodrigue could merely be severely injured and join up properly after he recovers (maybe in time for Enbarr?). Gwendal is possible, he only fights to the death because he wants a place to die after his lord betrays the kingdom. Maybe have him join up if Dmitri beats him? Though at the time you fight him, Dmitri isn't in a mindset befitting a king. VW: Judith has no excuse not to be playable post-Merceus. Nader shows up only to leave? Might as well have him stay. Holst would be interesting, especially since his primary role (keeping Almyra in check) is not necessary in this route. Having him be injured off-screen when final boss shows up is random and could just be cut out. Rhea joining after Enbarr would make sense in both VW and SS (and since she's weakened from imprisonment, she doesn't have access to dragon form and has good reason not to be her canonically overpowered self), though SS would be weird, having her for one map that isn't the final map. Then again, the final map in SS is random as hell anyways. New final map, get Rhea for 2 maps. SS: Indech be recruited during paralogue by Seteth or Flayn. CF: Fleche has no excuse not to be playable, Ladislava and Randolph could be with minor re-writing. The other one, Jeritza/Emile/Death Knight, is now playable and therefore not a concern.
  6. Honestly? Yes. I like your setup a lot better. I was merely trying to adjust MS and HK, the worst master classes, within the context of the current system.
  7. Assassin has Stealth and Lockpick so there IS a trade there, not that it's a big one or anything. I also outright stated that my proposed version of MS would be a direct upgrade of SM. As for Assassin, well, not sure honestly. I'm largely against Master class being mere side-grades considering level requirement alone means you get little playtime with them. WL and FK are direct upgrades, and I'd say BK is one as well (unless your Speed is crap but your Strength is high enough for Hunter's Volley to ORKO). DK is technically a sidegrade but in actual practice is an upgrade in pretty much every meaningful way, same for GK. HK should have had the Heal + skill since Terrain Resistance is meh and White Tomefaire is even crappier, making it a Bishop with more mobility. WM is a superior Grappler that gave up terrain movement ignoring. TLDR, the Master classes are ludicrously lopsided with WL and BK being OP, FK being good if you can't make it to WL, Gremory or Dark Knight for the mages and everything else is garbage (OK WM is decent and its Mastery skill is great, but its strengths are all 1-range in a game where bows and magic are everywhere)
  8. Black/Dark Tomefaire should have been Reasonfaire from the start, honestly. Warlock should be the natural path for both Lysithea and Hubert but it doesn't help them at all (and Lysithea can't access Dark Bishop). On topic, MS needs better speed (should be comparable to SM/Assassin) and Crit +20 would actually let it be a continuation of SM (improved crit bonus, plus magic and a tomefaire to help with the damage would make it a straight upgrade, or a side-grade of Assassin, trading bows for magic and crit)
  9. Mercenary class gives Vantage as a skill. Yes it's more dangerous than Battalion Vantage but it should still be taken into account, especially with Mastermind present to allow for accelerated mastery.
  10. Holy Tomb fight just before time skip. IIRC you can't let anyone escape, or VERY few people who steal the crest stones.
  11. I'd pick Anette or Ashe given they come in early in the dreaded Chapter 13 (the other two are Mercedes, your main healer, and Gilbert, who you can't adjust pre-skip) and their combat tends to be shaky (Anette can be good with the right setup though). Ingrid is an option too, if her Strength is lagging.
  12. For those who say Bow Knights > Sniper is an easy call, I question that. Hunter's Volley is guaranteed double with extra hit, crit, might AND range. Very few people in either class are doubling naturally in Maddening. Brave Bow? You get maybe 2 naturally, need 4 Wootz Steel to make a new one from a Silver, and 2 more Wootz Steel per repair. Without the ability to farm those mats. Overall, BK is probably better, but Sniper is a reliable performer that can double without relying on a very rare and expensive weapon, which is not to be dismissed so easily. the stats are irrelevant outside of movement (especially speed given the guaranteed double) and the extra range square costs you 20 accuracy to use, and is thus highly situational. To me, it comes down to accessibility (Silver Weapons are very easy to accrue in large numbers, does not require Riding or Lance ranks and is open at level 20) vs mobility
  13. While this isn't a bad idea, the problem I have with your point is that Rhea didn't notice that GARREG MACH, her home base, had been infiltrated by said mole people. She might know they're out there, but she has no clue how to find them, considering they wind up camping right under her nose. What chance do a bunch of knights who aren't in the know have of finding them? That being said, I agree she is complicit through inaction in regards to the nobles and their Crest obsession. While TWS would still be working in the shadows, if the system in place was much better, war would be harder to wage (you can't wage war without an army and if the people are happy with the status quo you're not going to have one). The Crest system divides people into the haves and have nots, and combine that with nobility, which does the same thing, and you have a mess with a lot of unhappy people. Confessing that she failed to stop this abuse to the 3 house leaders and asking their cooperation would probably have not avoided war altogether (TWS' plans have come too far), but it may have avoided the complete split that actually occurs (all 3 house leaders detest the Crest system to various extents, and Edelgard wages war partly because she sees Rhea as the centerpiece of the system, which she is in many ways)
  14. Dmitri is not rational until after Rodrigue's death. He might only snap after the scene you mention, but his dark side is there from the start of the game. Trying to explain that you're working with the people responsible for his father's death, even if unwillingly, will not go over well. This is in CF where she has Byleth by her side, and is winning the war. She does have a choice here, and Hubert is convincing her to hold off until the Church and Kingdom are dealt with. Pre-time skip? Yeah, she doesn't have much choice here. It's also why she's reliant on them in other paths, as evidenced by the prominent use of Demonic Beasts and Slither mages. Searching for TWS requires her agents knowing at least part of what they're looking for, and Rhea has serious trust issues, even with SETETH of all people. Which, ironically, makes her such a perfect opposite number to Edelgard, who also restricts her own options due to lack of trust in others. Again, unless you're in CF she really doesn't have much choice. Telling others is a risk, with Monica and Tomas around, not to mention possible other spies, and again, Edelgard has serious trust issues to begin with. Furthermore, Rhea and Dmitri are both likely to have severe emotional reactions. Claude is a better option, except for the fact that he does nothing to help his own case for trustworthiness (even calling himself "the embodiment of distrust" in Prologue) Who knows? Catherine and Cyril are unreliable narrators when it comes to Rhea but other than Lonato/Christophe not much detail is given and those incidents are colored by the fact that both intended on killing Rhea.
  15. Felix's Personal (and Catherine's) are good for early NG (when you have a severely limited number of low level E-rank battalions) but mid and late game, their only use is if the Battalion retreats (0 durability) mid-battle. Considering even some E-rank battalions give 5 Attack at level 5, once you hit the point where your battalions can match their Personal bonus, there's no reason not to have such battalions on them.
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