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  1. Are we still on longbows? I had units with a longbow equipped but I never used it. I used bow knights and 4 range 8 movement is plenty for what you want to do. Longbow is way too heavy for my liking I think that's the core problem. I can have units double and easily kill mages with just bow knights then still have movement to kite back away from danger. The hit rate penalty and the mediocre hit rate of long bow doesn't help either. A steel bow does the same damage but it considerably more accurate and easier to forge. Forged iron bow is just busted. If you are doing golden deer, you would use failnaught instead. Shields are weird. I would say not getting doubled is way more beneficial to make yourself tankier than more raw defense. Dedue is really good early but I found to him to be really lackluster by the time chapter 9-10 is rolling around. He's just too slow and on maddening enemies do a metric ton of damage reaching values in the 50s by the time he joins back. By that point I have plenty of units capable of doubling or dodge tanking. TH is a very player phase heavy game and enemy phase tanking is flyer dodge tanks or wrath vantage builds.
  2. I did 2 maddening runs and I did do some of the grind maps but didn't do the crazy exploits like rusted weapon farming or methods that took up numerous turns to level something. I stuck to methods that didn't require to do a map like fishing for professor EXP on certain days. There's also dumb mechanics like cooking every week for month long stat boosts. You can have +2-4 speed every story level this way. Those battle quests are really easy skill EXP as skill EXP doesn't scale off the enemy. So you equip a knowledge gem or two on someone and their adjutant and they would gain over 70 class EXP. This made it really easy to to wait on those battle questions then learn death blow on a bunch of different units in a single map in only a couple turns wasted.
  3. In my early game maddening run. All my physical units had an iron bow and eventually iron bow+ along with an iron of their main weapon. Probably a steel weapon that I happen to get from quests. Late games my bow knights would either have an accuracy/speed ring with iron bow+ brave bow silver bow+ and maybe something else. Battalions is probably one that emphasizes hit rate and not care much about the defense or avoid. So even battalions like royal guard is fine. I only deploy usually 2 mage units and give them both heal staffs and the ranged increasing ones. You can swap between the two freely. The rest would have the same kind of inventory as the bow knights but swap the bow with a hand axe/javalin. Granted that isn't necessary with how easy it is to just use retribution. A flier might have the aurora shield or evasion ring. Fliers just take the best battalion possible with their limited options. Item management isn't big of a deal now that magic is tied to the character instead of an item.
  4. Nothing is worse than the snow map in Revelations. They made this map way worse by giving almost every single enemy a droppable item in a route where there's very few item drops in general making money and gear fairly tight without random battles.
  5. For something simpler I gave Dimitri an evasion ring and make sure he has swordbreaker,+1 movement, lance prowless, and model leader. If your Dimitri is strong enough he should be able to walk into the forest and face pretty much face hit rates in the single digits. If you end up getting hit by a gambit. You can use a elixir or concoction. The rattled effect will wear off once you use a healing item. For Ashe, give him a silver shield and an iron lance to give to Gilbert. Gilbert should have enough defense to only take 3-4 damage from everything that isn't the assassins. The bottom side this one is weird as my strat when I did this was my Annette was a wyvern rider so Mercedes got the thrysus staff. Most of the enemies should be away from these two and the only thing to worry is a brawler. With some good trade swapping you can have Annette and Mercedes kill the brawler. If your Annette is a wyvern nothing really changes except you lightning axe the enemy. Byleth is probably the most problematic part. As builds very wildly. If you have good battalion with avoid, then use it. The battalions of the top right people should be lower priority. Might be best for Byleth to be at the starting area while Dimitri takes care of the middle.
  6. I did Wyvern Annette on my maddening run and it turned out better than I expected. Though my planning was a bit scuffed as I put too many points into faith and got a somewhat shaky wyvern rider pass rate. One thing really problematic with wyvern Annette is the lack of flier battalions in Azure Moon. There's only 2 very good ones and 1 decently statted one. Two of those are certainly going to go to Seteth and Ingrid. If you made Sylvain a flier, you have only a D rank pegasus knight battalion for Annette that gives 5 hit. You will never use normal attacks on wyvern annette so the lost attack is nothing but hit rate might be a problem. I didn't bother recruiting other mages into my team other than Dancer Dorathea who just got a healing staff. Magic staff/accuracy ring are the only potential hold items for Annette. Annette also had exclusive access to all spirit dust resulting in a magic state 5 higher than usual. Lightning axe should be close to one shot enemies with irons and maybe steels/silvers if needed. I didn't bother using her rallies that much as my units didn't really need it that much. A rally is worth if you need to survive an enemy phase or kill many things on enemy phase.
  7. Just making FE5 2RN is going to fix a lot of the issues with the hit rates but it would probably make the game really easy if other changes aren't dealt with.
  8. Dragon claws exist for monster killing which is nice if you really needed some extra power from your gauntlet user to kill a monster. Granted gauntlet users are well equipped to kill monsters in general with their huge crit rate and multi hit abilities.
  9. I heavily agree on optimization being very important. Having characters mastery more than 1 intermediate class can really make a unit much stronger than they normally should. The question is how much do you have to go out of your way to get said masteries or certain skill ranks? I would discourage grinding heavily, I do encourage finding ways to strengthen units quickly without many spending turns to milk for more EXP. Strategies that require very few turns to pull off or low skill investment is the name of the game.
  10. I found the video very funny and decently researched for the most part. Not going to nitpick about characters being in the wrong archetype as he has joke categories of "actually interesting" and "what the fuck". He praised the series for minimal reuse of names but missed a few playable character names like Selena and Claude.
  11. Mages have a weird bell curve in this game. Early on they kind of suck because they don't have enough spell uses. Mid game is probably their peak as their damage is pretty potent and maybe even one shot. Late game especially maddening, expecting a mage double enemies isn't happening unless you give extensive speed carrots. Mages are still useful for their white magic and won't get anywhere. Physical units especially does with really strong combat arts shine here or super cheesy strats like battalion vantage/wrath Dimitri. Along with well trained bow knights with superior mobility over mages.
  12. I finished Azure moon and the route is pretty easy until the last few levels. A lot of siege tomes and siege weapons get used by units with massive attack stats. It can one shot some of your more fragile units. Good news is retribution exists and Dimitri can do a battalion vantage/wrath build and one round every single enemy with a killer lance+ with almost 0 risk of dying. it's really dumb it feels like the only feasible way to make endgame not a complete chore. The final boss is pretty hard but if you have the rafiel gem and a really strong brave bow user you can demolish her real fast without any risk of dying.
  13. Once you get more professor levels and explore points. I recommend using the kitchen every single time you explore to give everyone bonus speed. It can mean the difference between not doubling to doubling in part 2. Ignore the battle quests until you obtain the knowledge gem with only one exception. Later on you can have a single unit solo the map with an adjutant and give them both class EXP in whatever class you need. It's possible to master 2 intermediate classes this way without being late to advanced with good planning.
  14. Did a 2nd playthrough on Azure Moon and optimizing my mistakes from Silver Snow and maybe get a better grasp of what works and what doesn't. So far the run hasn't ran into any real problems especially on part 2. Even chapter 13 wasn't much of an issue as I prepped my Dimitri to handle the massive hoard of sword users. Though if I were to do that map again. I would make sure Dimitri actually had +1 movement equipped. He got the skill the previous level but I forgot to empty a skill slot for it. Improvements I made, was getting more classes mastered and seemingly use less turns to accomplish it. I don't know if the Blue Lions team is that much stronger or I just got better. It's possible to give most of your physical units death blow but you don't need to reclass everyone into brigand at level 10. You can probably go into your intended path and train axes and your main weapon through goals until D+. This is even more doable if you make your own Byleth try to become a brigand at level 10. The trick to master a 2nd intermediate class is to save battle quests until you get a knowledge gem and have the needed units solo that said maps. It should take 25 battles to master it and those maps tend to have around 15 enemies with some of them being ranged and very weak. Make sure to use an adjutant for other people who might need it.
  15. Training a weakness that isn't authority works until a certain point. If you want someone like Bernie to get brigand for death blow it's feasible. Even easier if you train your own Byleth to do the same thing.
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