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  1. It's spoilers for the next map but also what I immediately thought on the first line.
  2. I don't think that's too unpopular. He gets like 1/3 level just for chipping at a point when you can't buy javelins yet, and his hatchet has a great hit rate. Early game maps are small enough for him to keep up with even just 4 move, promoting him by the fog chapter isn't terribly hard. Then he's only one of two axe users before units starting promoting, and unlike his dad he can double somewhat reliably once he gets to pirate. He's not the best unit; he can easily be skill screwed and low move can suck in a game where all the cavs are good, but he's solidly average / slightly above average.
  3. No idea if you've seen this but someone has actually thrown that together. https://youtu.be/Uk6HErrqWrs Tellius had some cool ones, like the priest chapter (22?) and the prison escape (10) in PoR, 3-endgame in RD, among others. Crazed Beast in fe7 with capping multiple points was neat, same with gorgon eggs in fe8. They're capable of coming up with cool stuff, unfortunately it feels like they've basically moved away from everything not named rout / seize / boss since Tellius.
  4. Dart only has 10 con so he takes a huge -5 speed penalty from the steel axe. Even on Eliwood hard he gets absolutely owned if you don't immediately trade him an iron axe. Losing Geitz definitely sucks, but at least now you don't ever need to deploy Lyn or Eliwood again. Ya boi Wallace has tons of recruit options! Assuming he survives his recruitment chapter... Anyway you should be cool to move on. 19x can be shenanigins with the boss' ridiculous avoid, and 19xx is a cramped FoW where it can be very easy to lose people in an iron man setting.
  5. "For some reason Vaike is walking around calling himself teach now." I always found that early game intro to be a perfect summary of awakening characters. Like imagine a character like that in a game with a good story like fe4. Then you get Gaius joining because you have candy, Tharja joining because she's creeping on Robin, so on and so on. I agree with one exception, I actually prefer it a lot in Sacred Stones since its super short length means no one is even getting close to 20/20. Artur is a good example, he can either have early slayer access to make Eirika route even easier, or give you a 2nd restore user for Eph!14 since he comes with instant C staves. It's not necessary but certainly has its benefits.
  6. Is the only way to get Renault A supports in Eliwood mode to go grind 240 turns between victory or death and light 2?
  7. I actually keep a save at the route split, and have nothing to do everyday these days, so I actually tried it out right now. Got it first try, should be easily repeatable, does require deploying Vanessa. My text has been deleted twice, so this is now the spark notes version. 😠 Deploy her bottom left, pull hand axe guy in ocean with someone on main path, max move to village (pirate is hard coded to village and doesn't attack), don't die from killing edge, cap village, canto up to safety. Seth can do it without risking death to killing edge but it's certainly possible without him.
  8. I forget that you're in the part of the series with the SUPER jeigans. Fe7!Marcus, then Seth, then Titania, then kind of Titania again. Replaying fe9 right now and while it's easy, there are absolutely things where it's either Titania does it or no one does it. On the bright side also having just replayed sacred stones there's nothing that really requires Seth specifically, he just makes things easier.
  9. A ton of enemies wield lances in the midgame, specifically steel lances, with their comical 13 weight just obliterating enemy speed stats. Killing the boss stops the reinforcements, so if you kill him on turn 2 (which isn't actually too hard) you get a bunch of turns of empty map.
  10. I think some games do it better than others. Sacred stones is a great example where even in the post game, it's perfectly viable to march right into lagdou ruins straight out of endgame. You can grind if you want to, but it's not necessary. On the other hand you have awakening and echoes, where although it's not necessary for main game, you don't stand much of a chance taking on the post game without grinding. That's the stuff I don't like, I've still never beaten the post games for though because I hate grinding in these games. That said, whether it's a world map or not, I don't think they're ever making another FE that is grind free (remakes excluded, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was added).
  11. Let's see if I actually stick with my theme Avatar: Steve, the first pirate Lord in the series. The character creator must have enough space for "Steve the Pirate" to fit. Lord: Claude (for real though imagine Barbarossa in any other game) Myrmidon: Joshua Fighter: Dorcas (can't resist) Thief: Lifis Archer: Niles Cavalier: Makalov Priest: Saul Mage: Heather (I'm counting it) Wyvern rider: Beruka Dancer: Tethys I'm extremely convinced I missed some obvious ones but there's so many characters.
  12. Quick critiques: Does "different pov" mean Elwood/Hector style stories or radiant dawn with different parties? I couldn't decide what I thought it meant. Not having fates as a separate choice in the weapon triangle feels wrong to me. Only game in the series where every single weapon is subject to the triangle. Random thoughts on results: always interesting seeing those. Most of them are expected but certainly some odd (to me) ones. Surprised so many are in favor of weapon arts; I find them far too skewed in the player's favor. I always thought people didn't care for third tier promos, guess that was wrong. I don't know how you used Kaze as an example of story death and got more yes than no. That whole deal was one of the dumbest things in the series; zero heads up or hint that you need to hit an arbitrary rank or a character dies forever. Equally surprised "fe4 gen 1" wasn't the example. I wonder if anyone thought "best form of canto" meant like a ranking, because fe9 (/3H) super canto was incredibly busted. Stamina was a great idea and I wish it'd return, especially in the recent era of juggernauting heavy entries in the series.
  13. Incidentally I believe this is the last chapter without the prep screen. I think it's also the last chapter with ambush spawns but I may be off on that. The beginning is the hardest part of fe7 ironman, once you get to noble lady of caelin the game just starts handing you great units (and Lyn) in almost every map.
  14. Is that a Ross solo until Amelia? Phantom ship in my run took me the entirety of Marvel Civil War to beat just now, that was miserable. Ephraim's low strength (12 at level 16) and Ross's truly unimaginably bad skill (literally 4 base as a level 16 pirate, gave him both secret books) made it so much harder than it needed to be. Also not sure if it would have been possible without pure water, that stuff is way too good.
  15. Changed it up, I think it looks a lot better now, thanks for the help.
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