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  1. I would like a compromise between this system and the anyone can use any magic system. Like, every time a character would learn a spell, they unlock a new spell slot, and maybe 1-3 new spells, and you can pick and choose what spells they have equipped before a battle. I like the idea of each character having particular talents, but some flexibility would be appreciated. It’s especially sad when a character has great stats for magic but a lackluster spell list *cough*Annette*cough*, or lackluster magic stats but a surprisingly good spell list, like Bernadetta (seriously, Thoron, Fimbulvtr, Physic, and Rescue, but a 20% Magic growth? That’s a criminal waste).
  2. In my infantry only run, I made Petra a Fortress Knight and oh my goodness she was unstoppable. The fastest Fortress Knight you will ever see. Enemies could barely hit her, and those that did dealt no damage. She was doubling assassins and swordmasters. I did it as a goof, and now I’m convinced it’s 100% viable. Shame about that move speed, but with a march ring and an infantry only run, it wasn’t an issue.
  3. I should clarify that I’m not going to use dismounted cavalry/flying classes, that still doesn’t count as far as this run is considered, though it’s still an interesting idea.
  4. Wait, I was almost certain someone said that the Tragedy of Duscur was nine years ago... maybe I’m misremembering.
  5. I assume others have considered the possibility of doing a no-mount run, and probably done so themselves, so I want some advice, be it from experience or theory crafting. Basically, for my fourth run of Three Houses, the church route, the last path for me to run, I’m planning on doing an infantry only run. That means no flying units, no cavalry- on foot at all times. This means that for the most part, with the exception of Gremory, War Master, and Mortal Savant, I’m not going to be using many Master classes. In general, I’d like to hear advice and experiences from players who’ve attempted or considered a similar run: what are things to be careful about? Who would you prioritize recruiting? What worked well, what didn’t? Just an open discussion of a infantry only run, and what you would do, or what you did do if you’ve done something like this.
  6. It took me like 30 hours to learn you could open a map of the monastery and fast travel to wherever you wanted, as well as see where all the characters I was looking for are located. My first run would have been a lot faster had I known that.
  7. I tried to recruit everyone I could, and in fact in my current run, I succeeded: I have recruited literally everyone who can be recruited. But in terms of characters I actually used in every run... Felix, Dorothea, Lysithea, and Bernadetta. I made sure to recruit these four in every run, and they’ve been core members of my team every time. Dorothea remains my favorite character in the game, both in terms of her personality and dialogue and her usefulness as a unit.
  8. Currently going through my Blue Lions run, and while I still have a lot of Part 2 to go, I have some feedback on the parts I’ve already experienced.
  9. On the one hand, I really want a mage flyer like Malig Knight, and possibly a bow flyer like a kinshi knight. Problem is, I’m also kinda scared of that happening, because once that happens, this really will be Flyer Emblem, magic classes and Bow Knight are kinda the only reason to use non-flying classes atm, so I do worry that would destroy the class balance even more. That said, short of major buffs to the infantry classes and big changes to the maps, I don’t see anything unseating flyers from their lofty perch (no pun intended) so I still want flying mages. I’d also like an Oni Chieftain-esque class, something with axes and magic, something for Annette and Edelgard (with her budding talent) to use. Finally, some sort of martial artist class that uses magic and Brawling (and for once is actually usable by females so Brawling isn’t entirely male exclusive).
  10. I wouldn’t say it’s never an issue... I’ve had below 50% hit chances against the Dark Knight and other particularly tough bosses before. It’s rare, but it happens. Still, Axes are definitely not bad in this game.
  11. I got absurdly unlucky with Linhardt’s level ups during my BE run. I’m sure he can be good, but due to cursed rng, he had a pathetic magic stat in my run. As a result, I feel like I never got to see his full potential, and I eventually just replaced him with Lysithea after recruiting her.
  12. That would be cool, but honestly I doubt it. She seems much more magically focused. Then again, dragonstones are usually magic weapons in FE, so maybe.
  13. Hmm... well, he doesn’t have a weakness in axes or brawling... you could always try turning him into a war master for that +20 crit chance, which would also help his strength and HP growth... add in killer weapons, a crit enhancing Battalion... this actually has potential.
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