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  1. ok now will everyone accept that Edelgard is the most popular Lord in the game and the haters are only a loud minority? Really the amount of hate she gets cannot compare to the amount of love she gets from her fans.
  2. I think Golden Deer was the easist one by far. Having Lysithia on your team early makes the first chapters much easier. Late game she also destroys all enemies. I even managed beat the whole game on hard without losing anyone and without using any permanent boost. On the other hand, on the Crimson Flower path I lost Ferdinand on the last chapter. Even though the Crimson Flower route is shorter than the other routes, the last 2 chapters are the most challenging of all maps in the game in my opinion. But again maybe it was not as easy for me because I didn't abuse of Edelgard's weapon skilll. Maybe next time when I do the path may be much easier
  3. I wonder if after the Crimson Flower route, how are they going to fight TWSID without Byleth's power of the progenitor god and without the use of the full power of Sword of the Creator(or maybe even be unable to use at all). It is funny how Edelgard wanted to get rid of the goddess and her minions, but those are the ones who gave the power to Byleth. Still she used Byleth to her heart content until she got rid of the church. The real question: is Byleth still useful to Edelgard after this? Maybe if you S support her, then it makes sense, but through all the story of the game she only wanted Byleth for his special abilities that would help her achieve her goals. However, she still needs to beat TWSID, and Byleth is not the same after the Crimson Flower route. How are we going to face them? Hopefully some DLC in the future shows a little bit of info regarding that
  4. Well, that is what I at least think. Sorry my boi, I didn't want to anger you or anything like that, I only thought that this is a plausible motive for Byleth to go to the Crimson Flower route. Sorry if my response was not adequate or appropriate.
  5. Wow, I am new to this conversation, and I haven't read everything because it is too much info, but I got some info of people saying that Edelgard is on the wrong side, that even though her ideals are good her methods are wrong. And in the end you guys might be right. She did a lot of things that are morally wrong, making her definitely a villain character. However, we need to consider that siding with her makes total sense, especially if you are going for the S support with her. We know that Edelgard won't change her mind even with you side with her, so the only thing left for Byleth(avatar) to do is to join forces with her and walk down this dark path with her. We see Edelgard dying by the lance of Dimitri in the BL route and Byleth didn't even care. We see Byleth killing Edelgard in the Church and in the GD route with some hesitation, but in the end he did what must be done. However in the Crimson Flower route, we can definitely see that Byleth is too fond of Edelgard, and so is she with him. The chemistry between the two is so strong(much stronger than with Dimitri and Claude in their routes) that siding with her makes total sense. That happens because, If you can't change the mind of the one you love, so join her in the path to hell. At least that is what I think, and that is why I find this game so good and tragic at the same time. I played the Crimson Flower path first, and I grown too fond of Edelgard. To me it does not matter if she is good or evil. But not having her as my lord and having to face and kill her in the other paths makes the other paths much harder for me to play.
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