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  1. Sorry, I'm not following. What do you mean that Three Houses is missing?
  2. I worked on the Fire Emblem wiki to add a lot of quotes I found around and I'm still working on it. Please If you interested go and see it, I'm working till the bone for that.
  3. I agree. In the Italian version (I don't know the others) Flayn refers both Indech and Macuil as "Ancient One".
  4. I like Azure Moon the best. Verdant Wind is second. Crimson Flower kind of disappointed me (still nice nonethless). I didn't play Silver Snow yet.
  5. Dedue People are often intimidated by you at first glance, whether it’s your looks or how you present yourself. You’re a little shy and socially awkward, but only because you don’t have much experience with these sorts of things. When you do warm up to someone, you’re inevitably lovable. Close friends describe you as soft, a good listener and caring, which is why they often end up coming to you when they have problems. Incredibly loyal and trustworthy, people always seem to trust you with their deepest secrets, but sometimes, you need to get things off your chest too, even if it’s hard. I don't know about the "deep secrets" part, but the rest is kind of accurate.
  6. I'd like a route where all characters can survive and they team up to defeat Thales and Nemesis, and after that that'll be peace. It's cliche I admit, but it would be nice. Plus "new playable characters" doesn't mean that NPC won't become playable characters, in fact if characters like Rodrigue or Judith become playable that would be nice. And I think that a lot of people want Jeralt to live. They'll never do it, but hoping doesn't cost anything.
  7. Probably Hubert vs Dedue vs Claude (me). It's just... strange i guess.
  8. I like all playable characters, especially the Blue Lions ones. But my favorite character in game is, and will always be, Sylvain. If I didn't regularly change character at every battle he'll always be in my team. His backstory is sad. Born with a brother that hates him, a father that cares only for his Crest and women who only want fortune from him, but still with a cheerful attitude and a big-brother personality, I just can't dislike Sylvain. I always refuse to give back the Lance of Ruin because of him. I just adore him. Forever in my heart.
  9. In Petra and Bernadetta's paralogue I found a quote but there may be others. Petra vs Hubert (I most certainly got something wrong).
  10. Last night I completed Marianne's paralogue. Here's the quotes I found. Marianne Byleth Claude
  11. For people curious about Indech boss fight. Leonie Linhardt (I most likely got something wrong since Linhardt speaks low)
  12. Byleth is born in 1159. The events in the game before the War Phase happens in 1180, making Byleth 21.
  13. For those curious about Caspar vs Randolph in chapter 14.
  14. Here's Alois and Shamir quotes with the boss in their paralogue. Alois Shamir
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