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  1. Hey kuromiko and welcome! Just wondering, how is your favorite FE Radiant Dawn if you've only played Awakening and 3H?
  2. So I recently got into using CFW on my Switch, which lets you use mods (among many other things). I'm doing a New Game Maddening Crimson Flower run right now and to try out modding I've been using a no-outlines mod and a 60fps mod for Three Houses. It's great, and it's made me wonder if there are any other similar mods for Three Houses. I'm not interested in anything to change the gameplay or hack in characters, just QoL stuff for an otherwise normal playthrough. Any recommendations? (I read the rules and didn't find anything about discussion of modding, so I assume it's okay. Sorry in advance if I'm mistaken)
  3. So my first playthrough of 3H was with English text and Japanese audio, and I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the time, the English localization has some significant changes compared to the original, either because something was changed or just cut. I couldn't find anywhere that has a direct translation of the Japanese to compare the localization against, so I decided to translate some myself, starting with M!Byleth and Edelgard's C support. Let me know what you think. It ended up taking a lot longer than I expected, but I might do more if people want it. M!BylethEdelgard C.xlsx
  4. Mercedes is one of my least favorite students in 3H plot-wise. I find her English voice really annoying and she's just generally pretty unlikable imo.
  5. So far I've played through once (Edelgard route) in Japanese, but I'm going to try the English voices on my second route. Judging by what I've heard of the English voices so far, it seems to me like the Japanese voices play more toward anime character archetypes whereas the English voices are mostly more realistic. Bernadetta, for example, is really over the top in Japanese which was annoying at first, but I got used to it quickly and it was actually pretty funny and endearing after that. Petra's Japanese voice was really interesting because she speaks in broken Japanese just like her English counterpart and I'd never really heard Japanese spoken that way before. Caspar is great in Japanese, he really reminds me of shonen anime protagonists like Eren J├Ąger which really fits his personality and fighting style. From what little I've heard of his English voice, it's way too high and whiny. Haven't heard Dorothea's English voice, but her Japanese voice sounds suitable for her character.
  6. cluesagi


    Hi everyone. I've been playing Fire Emblem for a long time but I've rarely had the chance to talk about it with anyone, so I figured I'd join up here. Favorite game is SoV, although Three Houses might take that spot once I finish it. I'm currently playing the Black Eagles Empire route.
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