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  1. I really can't think of anything else that could be causing it... Are you sure you installed them in the correct order? Game, then update, then DLC?
  2. You can check in FBI. From the FBI main menu, go to Titles and wait for everything to load. Do you have "ファイアーエムブレム if" listed three times with these file sizes? One should be 1.7GB, one should be 3.66MB and one should be 653MB.
  3. The Team If translation can be applied to a Japanese cia or a USA cia, but you can only have one USA-region copy installed on your 3DS at once (I think). So if your version of vanilla Fates is USA, you need to use Japanese cias for the If translation. The translation patch doesn't replace any audio, so if you apply it to a USA copy you'll still have English audio, so I recommend using a Japanese cia anyway.
  4. Are you sure the DLC cia is for the same region as the game/update?
  5. It's seemingly been in limbo for quite a while now but the vast majority is already done. All three routes' stories are done, as well as all first generation supports and subtitles for all cutscenes. All the information is on the github page and the most recent update in their thread here on SF.
  6. This is a list of all FE1 characters' average stats by level. I made this for myself and thought others might find it useful with it being out on Switch now. It assumes units get promoted at level 20. Blue numbers mean the promoted class's stat is higher than the unit's at level 20 on average so it'll get raised upon promotion, and green means the stat is capped. Also, any unit that starts as an enemy before you recruit them (Navarre, for example) apparently has their luck stat randomized when you recruit them, so their base luck stats are listed as blank. FE01 Average Stats.pdf
  7. Yeah, and with FE6 in particular it's really a shame because I know a lot of people get scared away from even giving this game a try because of all the negativity thrown around about it. But those people may not realize that a lot of people's negative opinions of FE6 are based on its hard mode, and they may actually really enjoy it on normal. Moreover, if someone unfamiliar with FE6 is led to believe that hard is the standard difficulty, they may try to play their first playthrough on hard, which will almost certainly be a terrible experience.
  8. On a somewhat related note, why do people treat hard mode as the standard difficulty by which to judge the game? And this also applies to most other FE games as well. The devs locked FE6 hard mode behind completing normal mode once for a reason. It seems to me that FE6's normal difficulty is the standard experience that the devs intended and hard was just added in as a way to add some replay value for skilled players. So I feel like discussion around this game should assume normal difficulty, not hard.
  9. Thanks, that must be it. I didn't know that was a mechanic at all haha
  10. Okay so I was looking through my old SoV save file from 2017 and while looking through my units' stats I noticed that some of them had maxed stats that don't match with what's on Serenes Forest. Faye, for example, is listed there as having 41 max atk and 39 max luck, but in my game she has 42 atk and 41 luck. Below are screenshots from my game of the characters I noticed discrepancies with. I haven't actually played SoV since this playthrough in 2017 so I could just be forgetting something but I definitely didn't cheat or anything like that. Any idea what may have caused this?
  11. I'm playing through FE6 right now and last night I dreamt that Lilina missed 5 times in a row
  12. Sorry to nitpick but I found this little typo, I think it's right after Chapter 16 when you get the Fire Emblem. It should be "Its power", not "It's power". Btw thanks for your work on this translation. I'm currently playing through for the first time and loving it.
  13. (Sorry for the long post, but this just seemed like a good opportunity to call attention to an overlooked game I like) So I played this PS4 action JRPG (it's also on PC) earlier this year called "Crystar". I was kind of wary going into it because it had gotten mostly mediocre and negative reviews, but I'd had my eye on it ever since it was released in Japan because I thought the story and aesthetic were intriguing. When it finally got localized and released in the US it was $60 and so I passed on it for a while, but one day Best Buy put it at 50% off and I decided to take a leap of faith. I'm glad I did, because despite the fact that most reviewers didn't like it and literally no one I've ever spoken to in person or online seems to know it even exists, it ended up being one of my favorite games of recent memory. I'm about to talk about why, starting with the story, and this game is super story-driven. I'll avoid spoiling much, but I will talk about the first 30ish minutes. So in case you think you might play this and don't want the beginning spoiled, I've marked it as a spoiler. The characters are also very well written, and by the end of the game I had completely fallen in love with the cast. I wish I could talk more about them but that really would be getting into major spoiler territory so just take my word for it. The game was written by Naoki Hisaya, one of the founding members of Key and the author of the Kanon visual novel, if that tells you anything. Personally I'd say the story also takes some inspiration from Gen Urobuchi's works. Aside from the story, the art and music are both deserving of praise. The artist is Riuichi, who is in my opinion an extremely talented artist with a unique style that works perfectly for the tone of this game, and he really hasn't gotten as much work or recognition as he deserves. That link goes to his Pixiv post of the cover art of Crystar, but a lot of his other art is also there on Pixiv so do check his stuff out if you're interested. The music by Sakuzyo is also a highlight. I couldn't do it justice by trying to describe it but the whole OST is on Spotify so you can take a listen for yourself. The one thing that can potentially bring the game down a bit is the combat itself. Gameplay-wise most of the game is a hack-and-slash dungen crawler, and most people feel it gets repetitive pretty quickly. That said, it is always engaging even when it is repetitive and I think it's actually a pretty well-designed combat system that can be a lot of fun when you master it. It is also annoyingly easy for the first several hours, but trust me it does get quite a bit more challenging and fun as the enemies get stronger and you unlock more moves and stuff. If you can tolerate repetitive gameplay as long as the story and characters are good, or you just really like hack-and-slash Action JRPG combat and won't get tired of it, then I don't think you'll have any problems with loving this game. If, on the other hand, you feel that you can't enjoy that kind of gameplay, this game might not be for you. One final note: the game is entirely voiced in both English and Japanese and you can freely switch between the dubs. I played through with the Japanese audio, and all the performances were 10/10, even from minor one-off characters. I can't speak to the quality of the English dub since I haven't played it, but it has a lot of talented actors with a couple of big names. For example, the main character Rei is played by Brianna Knickerbocker (Est, Sakura, Charlotte and Ninian in Fire Emblem; also, Rem from Re: Zero and Dana from Ys VIII); Cassandra Lee Morris plays one of the demons (Sothis in FE3H, Morgana in Persona 5, etc.). Personally, I recommend you play with the Japanese audio because the translation is somewhat literal and I imagine it would sound kind of unnatural with English voices; however, you should understand some spoken Japanese because there are a couple of cutscenes that don't have subtitles even if you play in Japanese, so if you don't understand any Japanese you should probably stick to the English voices. If it's not clear by now, this game has my highest recommendation to anyone who thinks it looks even a little bit interesting, but it's probably a good idea to wait for it to be on sale. Despite how much I enjoyed it, I don't know that I can say it's worth $60 especially if you're unsure about the combat. But it seems to go on sale on the PSN Store every time they do a "Big in Japan" sale, usually for about $30 or $20, and at that price it's absolutely worth it in my opinion. There is also a physical version but it's pretty rare since it went out of print after only one shipment. Because of that all physical copies are the "Day One Edition" which includes an artbook.
  14. Dimitri, but only when he's not in psychotic murderer mode
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