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  1. You don't need to use Quirino's patch, just apply this one to a clean Japanese ROM.
  2. This is a patch to replace the script with a more direct translation from Japanese. It's not 100% finished but I'm pretty sure the main story is done.
  3. Great to see! These wide text boxes are quite the improvement. I bet a theoretical new Gaiden translation could benefit from them as well. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of the FE3 translation but it's still much better than the old patch. I saw in the readme you kept 黒騎士団 as 'Sable Order', so I'm guessing 白騎士団 was likewise kept as 'Whitewings', but since most other things are translated literally why not these as well? I.e. "Black Order of Knights", "Black Knight Order", "Black Knights" or something to that effect. The readme also transliterates it as 'ankokukishidan' but it should be 'kurokishidan'
  4. I'm not sure if you'd consider this a gameplay change or if it's outside the scope of a translation patch, but have you considered adding a way to view all enemy ranges like Project Ember?
  5. Assuming you're on Windows: Try running NUPS as an administrator (right-click -> run as administrator). In NUPS, click "Apply an UPS patch to a file" and make sure you've selected the rom in the first field and the patch in the second. It should look like this: Click "Patch" and then run the rom. If it's not working after that, you probably don't have a clean rom.
  6. The same thing happens with my copy except it's a black line instead of white. I wouldn't worry about it
  7. The thing about emulators is they are made with basically reverse-engineered source code from the original console (the GBA in this case). Even if the actual source code is publicly available (from leaks or whatever), which theoretically could allow for a perfect emulator, community emulators legally cannot use it since Nintendo owns it. Because emulators need to be made from scratch, it's pretty much impossible for them to be 100% perfect no matter how old or simple the original platform was.
  8. This game's entire OST is S-tier but this is one of my favorites
  9. On the Class Base Stats page for New Mystery of the Emblem, Falcon Knights are listed as having a base magic stat of 3, but it's actually 4. I was mistaken, please disregard
  10. Which game specifically? Shadow Dragon is generally quite a bit easier than New Mystery on equivalent difficulties, so if you want something like Binding Blade normal for Shadow Dragon I'd say maybe Hard 1 or Hard 2. For New Mystery, Normal or Hard 1.
  11. Is there any story-related reason why it needs to be where it currently is? Other than the Fire Emblem being "Bern's treasure". I haven't finished FE7 yet so if it has some significance in that game I'm not aware of it. Anyway I realize it's not exactly feasible considering all the stuff that would need to change to accomodate it, I was just throwing an idea out there
  12. While we're on the subject of Roy promoting earlier, I was thinking maybe a (somewhat) lore-friendly way of making that happen would be to move the location of the Shrine of Seals from southern Bern to maybe somewhere in eastern Etruria. Then Roy and the gang could stop there on their way to either Ilia or Sacae, and Roy promotes and gets the Binding Blade. But since the Binding Blade is so powerful in the base game it wouldn't be good to give it to the player that early, so I'd say nerf it really hard, and explain it by saying the sword hasn't unlocked its true potential yet, and then they restore its full potential (to its base game stats) after 21/21x. It would be similar to how Three Houses gives you the Sword of the Creator early on but you don't get its full power until later in the game.
  13. I feel for you. Hopefully the stick controls will be enough to mitigate the problem for you. Nintendo is so forward-thinking when it comes to creative game design but they're still stuck in the 80s in terms of accessibility and industry-standard, basic QoL options. They're a very traditional Japanese company in that sense. It's extremely frustrating, and I know doing better would be as easy as lifting a finger for them, but they just can't be bothered.
  14. I know it probably was unintentional but my headcanon is that he couldn't bring himself to actually hurt Melady so he just surrounds your units to make it look as if he were fighting and then allows himself to be killed. Though he does still fight back if you attack him, which kinda puts a few holes in that theory
  15. Wow, thanks! I knew about the number (which I believe is your # of complete playthroughs + 1), but I never would've known that's how you toggle fast movement off. Very weirdly implemented indeed.
  16. Found another minor misspelling, in the tutorial this time Edit: Also, you know how you get the ability to hold A after beating the game once to make units move faster? Would it be possible to make that an option that can be disabled? I generally prefer the default movement speed but you have to let go of the A button very quickly after pressing it to avoid moving fast. Usually my units will move fast for the first few squares they walk just because it took me a few milliseconds to let go of the button, and it gets kind of annoying. Isn't that what the "Game Speed" option should be for anyway?
  17. I really can't think of anything else that could be causing it... Are you sure you installed them in the correct order? Game, then update, then DLC?
  18. You can check in FBI. From the FBI main menu, go to Titles and wait for everything to load. Do you have "ファイアーエムブレム if" listed three times with these file sizes? One should be 1.7GB, one should be 3.66MB and one should be 653MB.
  19. The Team If translation can be applied to a Japanese cia or a USA cia, but you can only have one USA-region copy installed on your 3DS at once (I think). So if your version of vanilla Fates is USA, you need to use Japanese cias for the If translation. The translation patch doesn't replace any audio, so if you apply it to a USA copy you'll still have English audio, so I recommend using a Japanese cia anyway.
  20. Are you sure the DLC cia is for the same region as the game/update?
  21. It's seemingly been in limbo for quite a while now but the vast majority is already done. All three routes' stories are done, as well as all first generation supports and subtitles for all cutscenes. All the information is on the github page and the most recent update in their thread here on SF.
  22. This is a list of all FE1 characters' average stats by level. I made this for myself and thought others might find it useful with it being out on Switch now. The list assumes promotion at level 20. "CB" means class base, used for calculating promotion gains. Green numbers indicate a maxed stat. The luck stat is left blank at base level for recruitable units that start as enemies (Castor, Navarre, etc.) because their luck is randomized upon recruitment. I've included two versions, one with the stats rounded to the nearest whole number and one without rounding. FE01 Average Stats Rounded.pdf FE01 Average Stats.pdf
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