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  1. The fire emblem series is about dragons and demons. Removing them would be really weird.
  2. Well, Eyvel in FE5 is your Jagen who could very likely be removed from your party for the rest of the game. And that worked well, imo.
  3. I really like scripted deaths in Fe. Adds more weight to the story, and if you trained them, requires you to think on your feet as to how to replace them.
  4. To put it simply, reverse all the changes 3H made. Remove the hub world, class system, school gimmick, magic/staff system, grinding-heavy gameplay, etc. Instead, I'd like to see the weapon triangle make a return, as well as third tier classes from Radiant Dawn. But no reclassing, or avatar, and definitely no divine pulse. Also, I'd like more varied map objectives. In particular, the return of Thracia or Conquest style "Escape all" with a minimum deployment. Also no "choose your own path" nonsense. If you must have a route split, do it GBA or Thracia style. And have switching between parties and perspectives done Radiant Dawn style. A return of character recruitment. The wackier, the better (think Hannibal, PoR Shinon or Lehran) And hidden events and secrets, such as the Brave Axe Lex event, and such. No weird dating sim stuff like that tea party or the face petting. Character pairings are fine, but tone it down. Tone down the character gimmicks too, and remove supports and replace them with Talk and Base Conversations. Gives the characters more chance to react to the story and have memorable events in it too.
  5. I agree with nearly all of your list, except I love the Tellius series. Edelgard's a boring character and her story is unfinished and unnecessary. However, I would love to see villain campaigns in future FE installments. Even potential remakes.
  6. For me: Top Tier: Radiant Dawn Path of Radiance Great Tier: Genealogy of the Holy War Fates: Conquest Shadow Dragon New Mystery of the Emblem Good Tier: Echoes Thracia 776 Fates: Birthright Binding Blade Mediocre Tier: Fates: Revelation Awakening Bad Tier: Three Houses Boring Tier: Blazing Blade Sacred Stones
  7. Since I can't seem to find the glitch topic, I decided to make a topic for it. Please move it if needed. Anyway, if you change the bgm, then use the turnwheel to go back to before you did it, the song will revert back to the original song, yet the menu will display that it's playing the song you set it to.
  8. Byleth to me makes 3H worse in every way; it feels like none of these characters would exist or live without professor-senpai-sama-senpai-sama. You start to wonder how they even managed to live this long without constantly having to collapse in professor-senpai-sama-senpai-sama's arms. Am I seriously supposed to believe that Edelgard is able to accomplish anything when she's so weak and utterly dependent on professor-senpai-sama-senpai-sama? I wouldn't be surprised if she spent the entire timeskip building a Garreg Mach sized shrine for them. Byleth is a dull, emotionless entity I wouldn't even call a character, and is stuck in this strange area between silent avatar and generic self insert. Also known as the worst area to be in.
  9. Radiant Dawn's tower. It's not even close. Honestly, I just wish it was longer, and maybe a bit harder on hard. It just ends too soon! I also really love Path of Radiance's endgame. Has a great aesthetic, charging straight through the castle gardens. As for endgame music, Twilight of the Gods and God Shattering Star.
  10. Um, what? Jill is widely considered the best character in RD, or at least on par/second to Haar.
  11. While I'd like to see a Genealogy remake, I also fear they'd ruin it. The game has a lot of retro charm as well as writing which could be ruined very easily by new Fe tropes. While we could get a really amazing remastered soundtrack, I'm still cautious about a Genealogy remake. Fe warriors 2 could be interesting, but honestly, I'd most like to see a third Tellius game, set far in the future with Lehran and Ashunera's new hero. Who knows, perhaps characters like Kurth, Nasir and Ena would still be around? Of course there would be an entirely new cast, though. Fodlan's story has ended, imo. I view it as a kinda "Magvel 2.0". I would also hope the mechanics from 3H stay far away from the inevitable FE4 remake, but alas, that is unavoidable. Ah well.
  12. New Mystery of the Emblem or Path or Radiance, the former has casual mode and the latter is probably the easiest in the series.
  13. Lucia in Tellius, in fact most low tiers in Tellius. I find it more enjoyable to play those games with the worst characters, for some reason. I also really enjoy using Kliff in echoes, especially Dread Fighter Kliff, who's SPD gets pretty ridiculous.
  14. In terms of character, he's the same as all the loyal retainers before him. However, he differs from them in that Dimitri is not a heroic Marth character; thus I would consider him more of a Camus than a loyal retainer. If Corrin ordered Jakob to do anything which Dedue did, I have no doubt he would.
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