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  1. The interruptions break up the monotony of the map. And I was mainly talking about 3H there, in the others the instrumentation I found to be often weak. Imo there's no such thing as too intense, and FE music has never even come close to intense enough, though music is pretty subjective. Most FE map themes I find kinda dull, honestly.
  2. I strongly disagree. I loved the old style battle themes and the return of them in echoes, whereas the ablaze and calm or whatever they call them I found really boring. Makes you have to listen to the same song for ages, and the different versions tend to make them go for dull and dreary and then weird intense but skipping half the melody. The old battle themes I found really catchy on the other hand. I thought RD handled battle themes the best, with different themes for each team changing during story events
  3. Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem: Navarre/Phina Gaiden/SoV: Saber/Celica Genealogy Gen 1: Arvis/Brigid Genealogy Gen 2: Arion/Julia Thracia 776: Pan/Lara Binding Blade: Klein/Thea Blazing Sword: Raven/Karla Sacred Stones: Innes/Tana Tellius: Naesala/Sanaki and Nasir/Lucia Awakening Gen 1: Gregor/Cordelia Awakening Gen 2: Gerome/Severa Fates Gen 1: Shura/Beruka Fates Gen 2: Shigure/Nina Three Houses: Felix/Hilda Heroes OCs: Bruno/Laevatein
  4. Micaiah and the Black Knight, and Eirika and Innes.
  5. Just cancel the cheat. If that doesn't work, you can override it. Lots of those lists are jumbled, I was in the process of compiling a more accurate one a while ago, it's not your fault at all. I've never actually attempted to remove a pairing, though, so I can't say for sure, but perhaps you could try pairing Noish with someone else? If all else fails, you still get another brave Sword in chapter 7.
  6. Funny, the Tellius series also had a large scale yet pulled it off much better. Though that was largely due to PoR's solid setup, RD alone wasn't great for fleshing out the world of Tellius. Fire Emblem stories are generally pretty bad, I wouldn't consider FE4 Gen 2 the worst but I'd certainly consider it terrible. I also agree with the Eirika > Lyn opinion, I find Eirika a very overhated character and don't see the problem so many have with her decisions in the story. I believe the reason Lyn is so much more popular is thighs and jiggle physics, however. This is the FE fandom we're talking about.
  7. I have a similar opinion, imo the only the first half of FE4's story is any good, and the second half is awful. Definitely an overrated story, I think it's because a) large scale so distracts, and b) so few people actually know the story well and just go off what they've heard and a desire to sound like a "proper" elitist FE fan.
  8. Meh, they're all nothing special. Being cliche or not does not determine whether a story is good or bad, but regardless, FE has always been lacking in the story department. PoR was probably the strongest story overall, the though.
  9. Defend maps arguably boost cavalry and fliers as they're just kill boss with a time limit.
  10. I like the Naesala archetype? I'd count characters such as Lifis under this. They're only out for themselves, but will fight for the right cause in the end. Least favorite, well, the lord archetype. Chrom, Seliph, Leif, Eliwood, Sigurd, Alm, Eliwood, Hector, etc. The only lords which I'd exclude from this are Edelgard, Celica, and Micaiah. Though of those three, I only like Celica.
  11. All this talk of Genealogy not being picked because it would be difficult to remake when the previous remake was of Gaiden, arguably the hardest FE game to remake full stop.
  12. Not being able to skip paralogue intros in 3 houses.
  13. See, imo GBAFE is the one in need of a graphics rehaul. I love the graphics and sprites of the Judgral games; they have a really nice retro feel, with a kinda dark fantasy vibe that fits very well. Also, some really nice animations. Whereas GBAFE looks like someone vomited a bunch of colors onto a screen. Idk whether it's nostalgia or this weird anime obsession everyone seems to have nowdays, but the sprite animations are really nothing special. And the overall colors are blindingly bright. I've played Kirby games that use color more sparingly. Though, that said, Three Houses looks like an early Wii U game, so graphics aren't really a priority, it seems. Echoes looked far better imo. Also, this obsession with getting rid of all the quirks of games to make them 100% pure standard gameplay, "trimming the fat". Quirks and oddities are what makes a game unique, gives it a soul. Remove them, and you have the a lifeless, generic series of identical games churned out on a conveyor belt. Think 2d Mario. GBAFE already steered far to close to this, imo.
  14. Much as I love the Judgral games I hope it isn't Judgral; the internet has clearly proven unable to handle complex characters who do morally questionable things, see the Edelgard/Rhea discussions. Can only imagine what the discussions on characters such as Travant and Arvis would be like. Not to mention MaedaFE's bad habit of writing character quirks rather than characters. That said, though, Echoes had an excellent cast of characters, so I suppose it would be possible they would be done justice. Though I shudder to think of monastery exploring and all those gimmicks making a return. Honestly, at this point my faith in the FE series has been so crushed by Three Houses I no longer care. Whatever it may be, I don't mind, I just hope it manages to restore some of my faith in the series moving forward.
  15. You are not alone. Three Houses alienated me too. To the point to which I avoid much of internet out of fear of being a killjoy.
  16. I feel this is definitely the time to bring up Nephenee. Everyone raves about her, but her performance is pretty mediocre in RD, and awful in PoR. PoR doesn't need much explanation so I'll talk about RD. She barely damages enemies and contributes less than most units in part 2, with the only exceptions being Astrid and Lethe. Then in part 3, she's outclassed by most GMs. Her combat isn't good until tier 3, and that requires considerable effort to reach, especially when you have far better units who could use that experience, such as Boyd, Mia, etc.
  17. The fire emblem series is about dragons and demons. Removing them would be really weird.
  18. Well, Eyvel in FE5 is your Jagen who could very likely be removed from your party for the rest of the game. And that worked well, imo.
  19. I really like scripted deaths in Fe. Adds more weight to the story, and if you trained them, requires you to think on your feet as to how to replace them.
  20. To put it simply, reverse all the changes 3H made. Remove the hub world, class system, school gimmick, magic/staff system, grinding-heavy gameplay, etc. Instead, I'd like to see the weapon triangle make a return, as well as third tier classes from Radiant Dawn. But no reclassing, or avatar, and definitely no divine pulse. Also, I'd like more varied map objectives. In particular, the return of Thracia or Conquest style "Escape all" with a minimum deployment. Also no "choose your own path" nonsense. If you must have a route split, do it GBA or Thracia style. And have switching between parties and perspectives done Radiant Dawn style. A return of character recruitment. The wackier, the better (think Hannibal, PoR Shinon or Lehran) And hidden events and secrets, such as the Brave Axe Lex event, and such. No weird dating sim stuff like that tea party or the face petting. Character pairings are fine, but tone it down. Tone down the character gimmicks too, and remove supports and replace them with Talk and Base Conversations. Gives the characters more chance to react to the story and have memorable events in it too.
  21. I agree with nearly all of your list, except I love the Tellius series. Edelgard's a boring character and her story is unfinished and unnecessary. However, I would love to see villain campaigns in future FE installments. Even potential remakes.
  22. For me: Top Tier: Radiant Dawn Path of Radiance Great Tier: Genealogy of the Holy War Fates: Conquest Shadow Dragon New Mystery of the Emblem Good Tier: Echoes Thracia 776 Fates: Birthright Binding Blade Mediocre Tier: Fates: Revelation Awakening Bad Tier: Three Houses Boring Tier: Blazing Blade Sacred Stones
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