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  1. Well okay, but it is a second playthrough. its a bit like saying ‘the second playthrough of Radiant Dawn is a 0 chapter game, because I’ve played these maps before’ yes, that’s right, but... a bit obvious. Of course when you replay the game, you replay some maps. It’s a game with alternate routes, not 4 separate games. I do get your point though, it is pretty tedious to replay the game to get to the route split to see more content. But, I think it’s worth considering that we already finished the game once - we’re just replaying for the sake of completionism.
  2. Bear in mind that Ashe has deadeye, making him a very useful archer. That’s basically the main thing he’s got going for him. Both early game, when everyone’s range is limited, and late game when the extra range becomes good for picking off distant key foes (like people with effective weapons, or ballista users). But having bows/deadeye on a wyvern wouldn’t be a bad thing. Claude shows us how effective it is, and he doesn’t even have deadeye! if the Wyvern plan is to get in, attack, and canto away - arrows give you a much greater range of movement/retreat. Given Ashe’s general frailness, running away will be part of his plan. So yeah, I think Wyvern Ashe is a good idea, so long as Maddenning mode still offers the resources to class him as Wyvern while he’s still using his bows as well.
  3. I’m playing Edelgard’s route. I don’t like recruiting students from other houses, because I prefer to fight them after the timeskip (yeah, cruel, but I like the colour it adds to the maps!) is there a list anywhere of students/faculty who just don’t show up post-timeskip in Edelgard’s route? So I know they can be safely recruited?
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