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  1. Lame. I've occasionally seen people use it to call Edelgard evil, but if Bernie/the game don't even acknowledge it, it makes it hard to care.
  2. Back to questions: Gronder 2: I know when you beat Edelgard, she lights the central hill on fire. Which means if for some reason you walked past Bernie without killing her, she gets caught in the fire. Does she actually react in that event? I would imagine IS assumed people would take Bernie out first (not only is she much closer to your starting position, but she stays parked on a turret, pelting you all the way while you approach Edelgard), and didn't make a reaction, but I'm curious.
  3. Given some of the asinine garbage I've seen you spew in other topics arguing about the lords, you're not in a position to talk. No point in continuing this "discussion".
  4. The only way I would call things too quiet is were during tense parts of battles, usually after engaging the boss, all talking stops. Then it's too quiet. But normally, there's plenty of chatter.
  5. No luck at my store. I'll just hope that the website restocks soon.
  6. I stand corrected. I still think it's weird specifically in the context of this game, but I'll concede the point.
  7. I fucking hate when people say this. Just because it was the last route programmed doesn't mean the idea was last minute. There was NEVER going to be a version of this game, a game where Edelgard is front and center, the character who is the subject of the game's theme song, a character who they go out of their way to make sympathetic despite being the "villain", in a series full of cliche FOR THE EVULZ villains, where you can't side with Edelgard. To think otherwise is just stupid.
  8. This will sound weird, but...none. Why would characters switch sides just to fight the same enemy? Imagine this exchange: Ingrid: "Professor, I need to speak with you. Up until now I've been happy serving King Dimitri and fighting the empire, but now I think I should join you so that I can fight the empire." It doesn't specifically have to be Ingrid, but regardless, it just seems silly to me. In WW2 you didn't have American, British and French soldiers randomly jumping between each other's armies. Why would it be different here?
  9. While poorly executed, you could make it work. Rhea, in the state of mind she was in at that point, would not have been fine with you disobeying her order to kill for any reason, and likely accuse you of betrayal, at which point she would reveal herself as a dragon (just like the actual version in the game), at which point you'd probably be a lot more comfortable joining Edelgard, if nothing else than out of fear for your own life. Too bad the writers didn't think of that, though.
  10. The way she holds it in this shot: makes me think it's something similar to those folding fans that old-timey "proper" girls have.
  11. CF Edelgard isn't truly at war with Slither until after Rhea's death, so he presumably is awakened eventually, but we don't get to see it.
  12. Edelgard has some subtle moments where she discusses it with Byleth, but the fact that so many people were shocked by the reveal says it was either too subtle or just not enough.
  13. I had thought that was just Tara Platt trying to make her sound noticeably older, myself, rather than any change in character. I would enjoy confirmation in either direction, though.
  14. Out of curiosity, I feel like ClaudeXByleth is much less popular than Edeleth and Dimileth. Any idea why? Maybe I've just been looking at the wrong sites? Maybe Claude's relative lack of emotional baggage makes him less of a fixer-upper (that's a popular ship idea in any fandom)?
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