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  1. Thinly veiled, but the way Dorothea hesitates when telling F!Byleth that she lost her undershirt makes me think it was actually her bra. Which means Caspar was obliviously wiping her bra on his face.
  2. I didn't mean to say it doesn't happen, I just mean from the perspective of the audience it would feel like a downgrade. Imagine a Mario game where after the final fight against Bowser, you have to fight the Koopalings again. Or after beating Ganondorf in a Zelda game, fighting a random Darknut.
  3. Holy knight takes a lot of design cues from Paladin, so I say throw that in there.
  4. To be fair for CF, Rhea is entirely built up as the big bad, so jumping to Slither, portrayed as a mere nuisance in CF, would be really anticlimactic. Although Nemesis coming out of nowhere for VW shows that they're willing to do WTF stuff.
  5. With what resources? Claude is leader of the Alliance and has ties to Almyra, which allows him to keep Leicester under control, but what agents does he have within the Empire to pull off such a stunt? If you were arguing that they should stay out of the war, I could potentially agree, but they have no fealty to the Church of Seiros, and no real reason to join them. But I can already tell you hate Edelgard too much to see reason, so I'll stop now. Don't even bother responding to this.
  6. I'll do this in two steps. I originally chose BE for the girls, so I hadn't payed much attention to the four guys. While I did come to like all four, Caspar and Hubert get special mention for becoming two favorites. Caspar's a spunky fun little dude, and despite everyone shitting on him as a unit, for me he always became a great dodgetank. The game wants Hubert to come across as extremely intimidating, but in the vein of "so bad it's good," for me Hubert is "so scary it's hilarious." I was cracking up when I saw his Part 2 design. He's a goddamn vampire and that's hysterical. At the start I really didn't like Seteth for being so abrasive. At some point near the end of Part 1, I came to respect him greatly. I felt really bad killing him on my first run (CF) and once I learned you could spare him, I made sure to do so on every subsequent CF run.
  7. So he'd be exclusive to CF? That's my preferred route, so I'd be cool with it, but I can imagine people getting annoyed.
  8. Gotta love autocorrect.😂 M!Byleth and F!Byleth are considered the same unit for NG+ purposes. You still have your skills, class masteries, and professor level available for purchase. Even your supports are purchasable, making filling the support log that much easier. Even better, that effectively means Byleth can learn all the class mastery skills for genderlocked stuff. Want a War Master with Darting Blow or a Falcon Knight with Lifetaker? Byleth can.
  9. Support log will show you what A ranks you got, but I think that's as close as you can get.
  10. I'd considered giving Dimitri a horse so that all 3 non-weapon skills are represented, but I'm not sure Edelgard having magic would make up for being the only one without Canto.
  11. Even if they did, Claude gets free customized flying classes, so it's not like it's a fair fight.
  12. While I do agree that CF suffered because deadlines, I also don't mind Slither being on the back burner now that I've had time to digest the game. CF builds Rhea up as this horrible dictator that needs to be taken out, while Slither is treated as a mere nuisance. To go from taking down a literally insane dragon to fighting some mole people would feel anticlimatic. Also, while I can't speak for SS, all of the other routes still have Slither alive and kicking: Claude's ending explicitly states that Fodlan forces continued to fight them, losing until Claude brings in the Almyran army, and AM never directly addresses them at all, in spite of the fact that they caused the Tragedy of Duscur, aka the reason Dimitri went batty. So theoretically all 3 of these routes could benefit from a Slither-focused epilogue DLC. Yes, Thales winds up dead in most of the routes, but surely some enterprising bastard was waiting to steal his position.
  13. I've been thinking about it, and other than a flying mage of some kind, I'd honestly rather they rebalance the existing ones. And for f***'s sake LET ARMORED LORD AND EMPEROR USE MAGIC!
  14. Byleth (male, Crimson Flower): Interests: Sword training, board games, making friends Likes: Swordplay, collecting trinkets, having lunch with friends Dislikes: Being woken up, organized religion Closest allies: Dorothea (S), Caspar, Edelgard Also, mine has a alternate red version of his main outfit, and gets red class outfits (based on Ferdinand's outfits).
  15. I don't think they intended Outrealms to have an effect on the canonicity of character death. Yes, all of the possible pairings in Awakening and Fates are canon because Outrealms, but I imagine all characters survive in every "canon."
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