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  1. And the classes could have unique crit animations showing images of their dragon forms!
  2. I wouldn't give anything to AM because it already has the most playable units. The others need to be brought up to its level (that, and Rodrigue has to die for Dimitri's arc). VW: Is effectively short 2 units from AM (Dedue & Gilbert). Judith and Nader would be perfect. CF: By far the fewer units in the game, even with the addition of Jeritza. Unlike Rodrigue in AM, Randolph and Ladislava die abruptly, in absolutely no buildup or effect on other characters or plot. Randolph, Fleche and Ladislava would make up for losing Catherine, Flayn, and Seteth respectively (so I guess Jeritza is a substitute for Dedue/Hilda, just because?). SS: Haven't played it, so I can't really say who to add, but I wish Seteth was exclusive to it. It wouldn't make any sense, but SS has nothing to call its own (maps same as VW minus Gronder, technically the same final boss as CF even if different mechanically), and that's dumb.
  3. So ever since the latest update, my adjutants are no longer earning support points with people. Was that intended, or a glitch? EDIT: It's actually just the display of getting support points that's gone; they are still earning the points. Still weird, though.
  4. Yup. For the female, it's Ingrid (probably a kneejerk reaction to possible philandering because of Sylvain) and Manuela (she's just that desperate).
  5. One of the new DLC quests has a nameless student accuse you of getting too close with your students (I don't think the implication is sexual, but that's not important right now) and challenging you to a "proper conduct tournament". The accuser, the 3 randoms you fight first, and the 2 named characters you fight last all match your gender.
  6. I've seen a lot of complaints about Petra, in the vein of "How has her language not improved in 5 years of living in Fodlan?" Well...it did, just in more subtle ways. Compare lines that change after the timeskip: 1: When mastering a class: "My understanding has completion!" vs "My understanding is complete!" 2: One of her level up lines: "War feeds my body and mind!" vs "War fuels my body and mind!" Replaying CF (again) I noticed a lot of little ways her language has improved. She's not fluent by any means, but it's there.
  7. ...so Mercedes can't join Edelgard, but the Death Knight should leave her? Sure thing, pal.
  8. Literally just finished a VW run, was gonna do AM next to finish Dimitri and Dedue's supports, but that can wait. I need to try out Jeritza!
  9. I wouldn't want a whole game of it, but it at least serves the purpose of showing how bizarre the remnants of Agarthan society really are, so I guess that's a plus.
  10. On the subject of Sothis: I've haven't S ranked her yet (and won't for a while), but how does it work? Does she get a body? Is it just an imaginary friend scenario?
  11. I would assume space limitations were the biggest factor. While a better translation, "Flame who seeks through the Flow of Time" is quite the mouthful, and wouldn't fit on the end card.
  12. If they can only cover one route, the obvious choice is no anime at all. Any choice will invalidate 3/4 of the fans' opinions.
  13. Are there requirements for someone being eligible for the Goddess Tower after the ball (maybe needing the C support)? If so, what happens if no one is eligible?
  14. Once it's in the log, it's there forever. You're free to delete that file.
  15. That I don't know, I was afraid it would mess up who I was planning to S rank next, and so copied the save file before buying it. You can still watch it in the log, though.
  16. That's true. But I didn't have to marry Hubert/Ferdinand/Caspar at all to buy their S ranks at all, whereas Linhardt I will (planning to do so when I come back from Luigi's Mansion 3, then I'll have all the BE S ranks.)
  17. As far as I'm aware, all the NG+ items are contained to 1 save file, and you have to finish any runs for it to count. 1: If you start a game, get some supports, but restart the file without finishing that run, you won't have those particular supports for purchase. 2: If you have two separate NG+ saves, and start and complete a new run on one of them, the other file won't magically gain what you got on the first one. There is a trick to purchasing multiple S ranks. If you get enough support points past A rank with someone you can't marry as your current gender, their S rank will be available for purchase as the gender they can marry on your next run (I bought Hubert/Ferdinand/Caspar/Claude/Seteth's S ranks without actually marrying any of them). I believe this doesn't work for the bisexual characters, so Edelgard/Dorothea/Linhardt/Mercedes/Alois/Gilbert/Rhea/Sothis you have to actually marry.
  18. Loving it, too. The first half hour is a bit slow, but once you push through that, it's great. Gooigi's new mechanics are awesome:
  19. I would imagine Seiros wouldn't want people to know that it's been her the entire time, and she was already fudging details about the nature of Nemesis and the 10 Elites, so what's a bit more fudging, really?
  20. Um, no? Rhea's entire reason for doing everything she's done for the last thousand years is to revive Sothis, the one person she sees as having the wisdom to rule. If Edelgard hadn't declared war, she would just keep trying to get Sothis to take control over Byleth's body (reminder: Sothis' presence is the only reason Rhea cared about Byleth from the start). If and when she finally succeeded, she would turn control over to Sothis and probably as the enforcer of Mommy's will. Given that she couldn't tell that she was being infiltrated by the Death Knight, Solon (for a few years), Kronya, and the Flame Emperor, I'd argue that not being in complete control was due to her focusing on her mission above all else.
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