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  1. So some of the boards have been having a problem regarding new users bumping topics that haven't had posts in 6 or more months, and basically saying nothing useful. Oftentimes the topic was asking about help with a level or boss in a game, having long since gotten the help they need, and then being bumped anyway. Or bringing up a long dead discussion and responding with fluff. And every time, a moderator inevitably has to take time out of their day to close it. I was thinking it would save you guys time if there was a way to autolock topics that haven't been posted in, say in 2-3 months.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    That still won't change anything, sadly.

    And I've stated that I dislike Felix anyway.

    You still don't seem to understand that they're mocking you for asking people to change their votes. You're better off staying silent on the matter.

    Anyway, looks like Ingrid and Dedue are next on the chopping block after Sylvain. Given how close the other 5 are, that's when things will get interesting.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    Could people please give more votes to Sylvain? Or change theirs to him? Other characters clearly don't need them as badly as he does. And he deserves more too, as I'd said. He can't actually be this hated/disliked.

    Though I guess if no one wants to help him before it's too late, then that's that... Good thing SF is only a small portion of the fanbase, I suppose.

    ...dude, come on. Just live with it.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Flere210 said:

    I just don't think that Rodrigue did anything really wrong either. He knew that Dimitri and Felix were going trough hell and so he tried to put on a stoic facade because he tought it would help. I don't think that he did not murn, just that he only did when he was not seen. Is a common think for fathers to think that their role is to keep their cool even in the worst times.

    I don't even blame the code for Gilbert. He has a massive case of survivor guilt and i feel that his own issues stem more from that than on some perceived "Honor". Changing your name and leaving your family are as unchivalrich as it can get, and yet he did it.

    I understand where both Rodrigue and Felix are coming from. Rodrigue, in his grief, is desperate to find meaning in his son's death. Knowing that he died a knight's death is about all he has left. But when he said that to Felix, who was like 8 or so at the time, what Felix apparently heard was "Your brother dying was a good thing." Felix clearly idolized his brother, and hearing that his job was basically to die would've ruined him.

    I'd have more sympathy for Gilbert if it wasn't for the fact that we see him interact with Annette in the supports. She's literally BEGGING him to come home, saying that she and her mother don't blame him for what happened to the king, and she's literally spent years looking for him. But he's all "but muh guilt" and fucks off. He's so busying worrying about his failure as a knight that he completely ignores his failure as a husband and father.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Etrurian emperor said:

    That's fine on a personal level for them. Edelgard not regarding Dimitri with as much importance as he does to her is fine. However in the grand scheme of things Dimitri is still the biggest obstacle to Edelgard overthrowing the church, he still leads the strongest nation opposing Edelgard and he's likely the strongest warrior Rhea has to offer. Onesided as they might be their ties do remain, and Dimitri's execution makes it clear Edelgard has has a little lingering fondness or at least pity for him. With all of this Dimitri should have at least some presence in the route as an antagonist. 

    That's fair. Unfortunately the impression I got was that having to protect Rhea forced Dimitri into a more defensive position than the other routes, so making him appear would be tougher. Not impossible, but tougher.

  6. 30 minutes ago, Etrurian emperor said:

    For all their buildup Claude and Dimitri both get taken out in a single battle while their nations only take two stages to conquer. Dimitri especially feels like a complete afterthought despite his relation to Edelgard.

    That's kind of the thing with Dimitri: their relationship is incredibly one-sided. Dimitri clearly had a HUGE crush on Edelgard that continued right to the end of the story (those feelings being warped into hate made Feral Dimitri all the more dangerous). Edelgard, however, quickly got over it, and while she does call him her first love, she doesn't even remember that it was Dimitri. That's where the whole "Your obsession with me is appalling" line comes from: Dimitri basically made Edelgard his whole world, and yet to her, he's just an ex-crush.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Darkmoon6789 said:

    Edit: I have seen friends pointing out to me that the hegemon husk actually resemble a hybrid between Edelgard and a dragon, which makes sense given the nature of the crest stones. Even those glowing eyes are actually quite similar to those of The Immaculate One, but red instead of yellow. In fact, these eyes are present in all demonic beasts, meaning that the transformations are due to taking on Nabatean physical traits due to the nature of crest stones and how they were created.

    One thing I would've liked to see (if they'd had the time and budget) was more unique designs for Demonic Beasts. Granted most of the ones we see use Artificial Crest Stones, but even so, Miklan (using the stone of Gautier's Crest) and Maurice don't look all that different from the generic ones.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Slyfox said:

    The writers don't outright spell it out for us, but their intent is as clear as day to me. I'd have a hard time believing that Dorothea, who heavily dislikes nobility and violence, would commend him going down fighting. Giving up your life and being executed, in exchange for the lives of others, is most definitely a sacrifice. I can't see the opposing militaries going easy on his army if he went down fighting.

    It's not clear. At all. He could've signaled to his men to flee while he held off the enemy, in which case they would still be fighting him and just kill him normally. An execution is a more formal affair.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Darkmoon6789 said:

    I do consider Edelgard quite cute in both personality and appearance. Despite all her confidence in her role as Emperor, Edelgard has turned out to be rather shy in her personal relationships as she has been very closed off for most of her life. She has difficulty letting people get to know her as a consequence and is very easily embarrassed. This sort of thing adds a lot of humanity to Edelgard and makes her seem like a real person to me.

    Yeah, some of my favorite moments of her are when she gets to be a little silly. The thing with the portrait, doing impressions, wanting tons of sweets, etc. It's those fleeting moments where she gets to take a break from being the Flame Emperor and just be, well, Edelgard.

    Sorry, trying not to take up too much of this topic gushing about her.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Darkmoon6789 said:

    Well, Edelgard does have really appealing character design. 


    Just look at her, her appearance just screams elegance, but appearance isn't the only reason I think I was drawn to her. First impressions of her personality is that of a very refined but competitive young lady, she seems to have been very no nonsense attitude, but can surprisingly relax and show great amounts of compassion and understanding. It quickly becomes obvious that despite her noble status, does not consider herself superior to commoners or those without crests. She also states in very early supports that she has a distaste for the nobility system. So overall, she does make a very great first impression. 


    One thing that should be mentioned about her post time skip appearance, this outfit contains all kinds of visual clues to her character. First and foremost, why is her colour scheme, primarily red and white and not red and black like the colour of the Empire? I believe this is to reflect the contrast between her true nature and the actions she feels are necessary to take. The white part of her outfit is displayed primarily on the inner side of her cloak, and the inner layer of her dress. Representing her good intentions and in the noble character, but this layer is hidden from most observers like not all could perceive her well-meaning intentions through her actions. Which brings me to the red representing the bloodied path she walks to bring about change. She is a literal crimson flower, a white rose stained with blood. 

    The Crown representing her position as Emperor, the horms attached to it, the inherent corruption that comes with absolute power. The axe, made by the Agarthans represents how she will use the Agarthans as a tool to accomplish her goals. I also notice how she has hearts all over her outfit, one pair which are crossed out, perhaps representing her sense of empathy and perhaps how she's trying to suppress it in order to do what she feels must be done.

    Do you think I am overanalysing or do you think at least part of this was intended in her design?

    I'm sure it was intended. I forget were I read it, but supposedly Edelgard was the first character they designed, so they would've had lots of time to incorporate symbolism in her design.

    And yeah, I gotta admit her being cute did play some factor in my liking her. Agreeing with her beliefs got me to stay, but her (and the other BE girls) being cute got me in the door in the first place.

  11. I will never understand shipping Dimitri and Edelgard. I wouldn't shame anyone for it, but their relationship would absolutely 100% be doomed to failure, and I feel like if you like either of them, you wouldn't put them through that heartbreak.

    I guess most of my ships would be unpopular just because I generally lean towards straight ships, and I know gay pairings are super popular, seemingly to the point of eclipsing everything else. But the specific one I'll point to is CasparXPetra. A scrappy guy like him should absolutely be with a warrior chick like her, and I like how they learn to overcome their insecurities about their fathers being enemies to get together.

  12. 2 hours ago, Quillmonger said:

    I'm not really comfortable with that idea. It feels like it's supposed to happen in the middle of the larger story somewhere. 

    The problem with it is that in CS, Rhea willingly offers up all the information about Sitri to Byleth, but in the main game, everything about Sitri was a closely guarded secret, even from Seteth. There's no reason for Seteth to be suspicious of Rhea after Chapter 10 otherwise, and no need for the infodump in SS.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Flere210 said:

    Let's not forget that Edelgard needed to have Ferdinand Von Aegir telling her that maybe public education is a neat idea. 

    That's why real politicians have advisors: to get ideas they may not have thought of themselves.

    As for Crests themselves, their value is a self-perpetuating cycle: people value them because they give rank, and people with them gain rank because they are valued. Cut off that rank, and they will no longer be valued. Yes, those with Crests will fight tooth and nail to keep their power, but they no longer have inherent power over everyone else just for having Crests.

  14. 45 minutes ago, Flere210 said:

    Edelgard by destroying the best tool they have in Fodlan. Crests. 

    I thought this was a serious discussion. Why you trolling?

    43 minutes ago, omegaxis1 said:

    And Rhea is the one that held back the metal mold printer, something that would have revolutionized the printing press. 

    And the telescope, don't forget the telescope. Rhea certainly wouldn't want people to say "Hey! You said the goddess was watching from above! I don't see any goddess up there! What else have you been lying about?"

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