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  1. Well, yes, but when I say that, I mean people who are trying to make Edelgard look comically, impossibly stupid. Yes, there are things she doesn't know or understand, but she's still mentally competent.
  2. 1-5 are all irrelevant to what I said. And where in-game is it stated that he died during the war? I've seen multiple people propose the idea of Agarthan interference without any proof, and while I'm not trying to turn this into yet another Edelgard vs Rhea argument, it seems like the idea was born of Edelgard haters trying to make her look as much of a Slither puppet as possible to justify their hatred.
  3. While you could make a build around Vantage/Wrath/Defiant skills, that requires the unit to take damage to work, and you're better off not taking damage at all if you can.
  4. Come to think of it, it's entirely possible that someone at that wedding reception saw Wilhelm hug Seiros (not an unusual occurrence at a wedding) and said "Wilhelm and Seiros hugging? I bet they're secret lovers" and the gossip got around to the book writer. Sometimes people change their minds about their beliefs. Until we get actual evidence that Slither implanted the idea in the royal family's heads, I will not believe it.
  5. Seiros and the 4 Saints (well, except Macuil) gifted their crests to certain nobles who aided them. I mean, Cethleann never had children, but Linhardt has her Crest. Cichol only has one known child (Cethleann) but Ferdinand has his Crest. On a semi-related note, something I've been wondering is why, if Wilhelm helped Seiros take power, he still spread his version of history through his descendants. Did he at some point become disillusioned with her, and the social order she brought about?
  6. This. Plus in CF chapter 17, Rhea refers to Edelgard as "his scion". Presumably if her own flesh and blood betrayed her, especially given her mental state in CF, it would've been something more personal. Not to mention Dorothea explicitly mentions the possibility of future writers adding sexual tension to a story in both CF and AM.
  7. Correct. Seiros is her actual name, and Nabateans is the proper name of their race. I'm annoyed by the name "children of the goddess" because we don't get much lore on them, so people might interpret that name literally.
  8. Annas are the FE equivalent of the Gerudo. Ernest was their Ganondorf, the only known male of the entire race. Done. =P
  9. Not to mention that, instead of saying "No one else likes Flayn!", he could be saying "I don't have to share Flayn with anyone! I get her all to myself!"
  10. It seems to be standard. Miklan, Maurice, and the random students from Chapter 9 all return to normal after defeat.
  11. I guess I should say that I do like Ferdinand, I was just picking on him.
  12. Final round! DOROTHEA! KICK THAT SMUG NOBLEMAN'S ASS! Sorry, Edelgard, you were my second choice.
  13. Yes, Blue Lions only. On a semi-related note, it bugs the hell out of me that the game considers him a Church Unit. He was a knight of Faerghus, not the Church, before his self-imposed exile, he only joins in AM, and when they added Jeritza, he was considered a Black Eagle. IDGAF what the game says, Gilbert is a Blue Lion, and nothing anyone says can change my mind.
  14. Thank you. Didn't think to mention it before, but yes, it bugs the hell out of me, too. And she's the only one; every other character's lip flaps look natural (if a bit generic) except hers.
  15. I've grown numb to people calling characters they don't like Hitler. I've heard it so many times over the years, and it's usually because they can't actually explain what they don't like about them.
  16. Fair enough. Also kinda bummed that the Ashen Wolves don't have Goddess Tower scenes. But at least they can be dancers.
  17. It's kinda tricky. The battalion itself is great, so I'm very inclined to use it. Which means, strictly speaking, that yes, I'm using the gambit. But the opportunities to do so will be very few.
  18. Not that I've seen. People probably underestimate how much one little thing can change a person. I could totally see non-CF Edelgard reacting to Byleth not joining her as: "That's what I get for trusting someone. Never again will I be so foolish," which is when she closes off her heart and becomes the ruthless Edelgard of those routes. That or they're just looking for reasons to justify their hatred.
  19. What the hell? I just got to Part 2, and watched the Edelgard/Constance A support. I heard someone on here say that Constance's Part 2 hairstyle was "Part 2 Mercedes" levels of awful, and...no? Constance's hair is just fine.
  20. Frankly, I had always assumed that was why they picked those 3.
  21. I actually thought that Edelgard declaring war on the Church specifically was a political move. It gave the Kingdom and Alliance lords a chance to decide their loyalties before joining the fight, knowing that those who oppose the Church would likely join her, or at least stay neutral. It's still Byleth's influence, but without their physical presence. Knowing that the professor, now missing, supported her before allowed her continue on without descending into the darkness.
  22. Didn't they specify in an interview that they purposefully saving Roy and Ike for a potential sequel? And I don't think calling it FE3H Warriors would actually prevent outrage. I think the "3 games at a time plus a couple randoms" was the right idea. I'd go 3H/Binding Blade/PoR, Alm, one or two more SD characters, and either Sigurd or Seliph. Plus all FEW1 characters obviously, decloned as much as time as budget constraints allow.
  23. Impotent nerdrage. Oh, you mean predict CHARACTERS! No idea.
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