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  1. So I was going through another playtesting run and this is apparently fixed??? I have no idea why or how, but I no longer have this problem, so I guess this post is no longer needed... Would a mod be able to delete this post now, as it's not really offering anything of value?
  2. Heya ~ Using FE8, FEBuilderGBA So I've returned to my hack after a while because I couldn't fix an issue with Chapter 9 (Distant Blade). I have edited the unit spawns but they seem to still appear in their original positions for the map (with one unit spawning on top of another). When in preparation you can move almost all the units back to my chosen spawn points (with exception to lord units), but that's not really a fix. My immediate assumption was there are some route split shenanigans to deal with.. Like I said it's been months since I was working on my hack so I'm rusty on most things atm.. be kind ^^ Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Interesting idea but remember the differences in AI. FE can often be exploited via baiting individual units to take down a scary group, XCOM has enemies behaving somewhat unpredictably (between attacking, support actions, fleeing, etc). If the change you discussed about increasing HP would be considered, it just extends the amount of time each baited unit would need to be dogpiled upon. Same for bosses. There's obviously some maps where either time is a factor, or reinforcements force the players hand in moving faster. These situations often require great move economy to pick off as many units as possible to prevent casualties. Assuming 2xHP you take out half as many, and the enemy AI will proceed to dogpile your most vulnerable units (as per their AI). These are just my immediate thoughts on the matter. AI can greatly influence the balancing of the game, which balance can be thrown off completely depending on what changes are made. Maybe I'm overreacting and the changes could work well, but as I'm currently working on a romhack I'm very familiar with the delicate nature of balancing haha. Some changes do sound cool, perhaps imitating the will and panic features would be quite interesting for "added realism". Or having units become wounded after battles would definitely up difficulty! FE and XCOM are two of my favourite series so finding ways to improve each other is real cool! Thanks for sharing your ideas!
  4. No worries at all! While it can be challenging at times, they're still just games! After you teach yourself the game, then you can consider if you want to add challenges to it, the most common being Ironman (or no resets). Just make sure you're having fun!
  5. Easy answer, play however you find the most fun. Longer answer, resetting and playing through perfectly without losing anyone is the best way to learn and improve. Mage just one shot your knight? Find a higher Res unit to take the hit first then close in if the mage is still alive. You don't know all the tricks without trial and error. This series rewards patience and a desire to improve. I have more fun with the units I like and I enjoy growing weak units into powerhouses. Is it the "best" way to play? No. Units like Nino can be pretty challenging to keep alive and train, but I found it fun to keep trying until I succeeded. If you're aware of the various handicap methods of playing you'll know the game is beatable under very harsh circumstances. As for order of playing them, I'd recommend watching Chaz Aria LLC's "Your First Fire Emblem". The TLDW is that it doesn't matter, but if you're really worried then there are games that teach you good habits better than others that he brings up. Hope that helped somewhat, good luck and have fun with the games!
  6. The ones I mentioned, "SVAL MemorySlot.." and "SET_STATE Character.." like in the ch15 sequence. Thanks for your help once again! 😀
  7. I've already worked on ch8, but the rejoin on ch15 is still there for me to see. So I just completely winged it and copied the ch15 event more closely, adding the SVAL and SET_STATE codes in that occur after the REVEAL and it worked??? Obviously I'm happy I got it working, but any explanation about why it works or what the codes do would be appreciated!
  8. I haven't seen anything like that in my chapter events so unless it happens in between chapters in some sneaky way I don't think that's it. I've also tried a "character rejoin" code just in case and it doesn't seem to change anything.
  9. Heya! Using FE8/FEBuilderGBA So I'm pretty sure I fixed this before, but it may have become un-fixed? Regardless, in chapter 6 I have just "Eirika" deployed at the start, and another unit rejoins at turn 7. When you open up the unit info menu and scroll through your units the new unit isn't shown up (unless you select him first, then he disappears when you scroll), and if you move "Eirika" first it skips to end phase without letting you use the other unit. It's kind of a pre-existing problem that I've been able to avoid until now. I've only been able to have player unit reinforcements if they were joining in that chapter, not units already on the roster, or I would find similar issues. Would love to be able to understand why these issues occur and how to fix them in the future, thank you for your time!
  10. Ah wonderful! Just what I was looking for! Thanks for your help!
  11. Ah, I've discovered a "Supply unlocks at chapter 5x" patch amongst the patch list in FEBuilder! It doesn't fix the money being split but it's a more minor issue than before, any help on this would still be appreciated!
  12. Heya, it's my first post in the forums so apologies if I do anything wrong. Basically I would like to get around the issue of the party change from Eirika to Ephraim (in chapter 5x), in that the supply convoy and money are both separate. I have a handful of weapon drops etc, and would like for them to not be stuck in an inaccessible convoy for a while should the players inventory get full. I tried to find this amongst the forums but to no avail. While I'm on the topic, I haven't gotten further than 5x yet, but can I assume there are some common difficulties in the party split later on (when you choose Eirika/Ephraim route) or is it quite simple? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time ~
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