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  1. Yeah I love all her supports too! I've not gotten all of them yet as I'm halfway through Conquest currently but I really like her supports with Owain and Inigo so far.
  2. I'm just wondering what everyone's favouriite characters supports were from Awakening and Fates. I have not been able to go through much of the supports in each game and I really want and idea of the funnest or sweetest supports are since it'd take forever to individually achieve each one.
  3. Wow! It's amazing how true that is. Online you really do just imagine someone as their avatar rather than what the person could be like IRL. I've also found that people online are usually more accepting as it is a smaller group of people usually with similar hobbies and interests and you don't have how they look to affect your judgement of them. Sorry if this sounded weird but it was just how it seems to be online.
  4. @Garlyle I somehow got luck avoiding the reinforcements and then realised they only spawn in 3 turns in a row after my _th attempt and just defended for 3 turns then oneshotted the boss with Lillina. I got through the other chapter really easily at least on Friday.
  5. Though to be fair I doubt you are really going to get someone to argue against not liking Camilla though.
  6. Exactly the same for me honestly. Seeing people walking down the street naked would be too uncomfortable.
  7. He is probably one of my favourite fictional villains currently and probably my 2nd favourite character after Bakugo.
  8. Javelins were unironicly my most useful weapon type in my playthrough. @Shadow Mir
  9. Yeah I kind of hope that they do the Jugdral remakes well if they do them. I found the gameplay in 4 to be daunting but it has such a great story and cast of characters that it deserves to be given a modern remaster.
  10. Even if I legally could there is no way in hell i'd go around naked outside at all (don't even do it at home). I just won't feel comfortable at all and I'd definitely not leave the house if everybody else was.
  11. I was actually really enjoying it until Chapter 14 onwards. There were only a couple chapters afterwards that I actually enjoyed. I might like Chapter 22 because I absolutely love Zephiel and it is kind of an endgame map not counting the true end.
  12. I was playing blind until now but this was completely BS. I'm doing it now and the lack of reinforcements is great but the crappy hitrate against the Dragon masters is really racking up my turn count so I had to restart again. I want to finish the game so I'll just get through it. Are the chapters after this map even worse?
  13. There are too many wyvern knights to deal with and i'm finding it really hard to keep everyone alive as i'm jammed in the northeast corner and they reinforcements never stop coming. Also for 21x i'm supposed to complete it in 30 turns. Could someone give a general strategy to get to the boss without being destroyed?
  14. I realised that Niime has enough resistance to accurately avoid the staff. I didn't think of that before as Lillina dodging the staff was a hit or miss chance and it wasn't reliable. Completed the chapter with ease after wasting the staff. I think I will be prepared for the next few chapters since I still have my sleep and restore staffs.
  15. When I started GD I was honestly expecting to be indifferent towards her but I ended up loving her nearly as much as Lysithea and Marriane (another character I wasn't expecting to like but ended relating to her a lot and she went through great character development).
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