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  1. Yep, she's recruitable only if you bought the DLC pass.
  2. Jeritza's free DLC though, so as long you have access to Wi-Fi you should be able to get him with no problems.
  3. We don't know yet. The update notes does mention some text has changed, so it's safe to assume Manuela's convo that mentions him has been changed accordingly. At the very least, I can confirm he comments on the upcoming/past events like everyone does on the monastery and has his own batch of lost items to find.
  4. Can confirm Jeritza has a vs convo with Mercedes on Crimson Flower: It's just as heartbreaking as you would expect.
  5. REDACTED joins automatically after the timeskip, similar to how Gilbert does in Blue Lions.
  6. Jeritza joins you no matter where you are in a pre-patch Crimson Flower file. I was about to do chapter 16 and the man himself poofed into existence at level 33 both in my team and in the monastery (he also has lost items). Also, by mastering the Death Knight class you get this:
  7. In Verdant Wind/Silver Snow during the Embarr invasion chapters, checking Edelgard's army will reveal about 1/3 of her goons are Agarthans/TWSITD members, with their 3D models even having pale white skin similar to the important members fought during White Clouds (same thing applies for the army fought in the Shambhala map).
  8. The thing about that is Edelgard is just now dropping from the list, almost 3 months after the game's release. It's likely most people with NSO are finally trying other routes instead (that, and the fact she's the 2nd most S ranked character in Famitsu's poll gives me the feeling very little people actually went with Silver Snow at first).
  9. Now that I think about it, the whole Holy Tomb setup in the Black Eagles route feels incomplete by comparison. In BL and GD, the event gets a small buildup where the whole house wonders what and how it will be, Flayn acts a little suspicious and eventually one of the students gets the hunch something huge is gonna happen down there, all of which seemingly never happens in BE because the cutscene starts with everyone already in the Holy Tomb. Could it be possible a similar scene was planned for them but was cut out at the last minute? That's at least how everyone sans Flayn end up following her to the imperial fort, but then later Edelgard asks them again if they really wanna join her cause after seeing the whole tomb raid + "Rhea was The Inmaculate One" fiasco. From what I remember, Caspar doesn't really elaborate why he stays, but in the fort + monastery he states he's not thrilled with having to fight his family, which explains a bit (Randolph doesn't count since he barely knows who he is). Petra wants Brigid to be in good relations with the Empire so she's willing to support her cause. Also, monastery dialogue in VW after the timeskip heavily implies her C support with Edelgard is canon so make of that what you will. Bernadetta is conflicted about staying to fight but the others persuade her that she'll be safe with them. Ferdinand stays because he believes it's his noble duty to prevent Edelgard from going crazy, in particular because his family wasn't on board with her plans. Lindhart knows opposing Edelgard after ditching the monastery with the others is a very bad idea so he'll stick around even if he doesn't like it. Lastly, Dorothea is the only one who flat out states she'll stay because the professor's with them.
  10. Likely that + the fact she's the main bad guy of the game and her justifications for starting the main conflict can be either pretty sound or downright idiotic depending on who you ask.
  11. It does become common knowledge in the monastery after chapter 11 that Edelgard was the Flame Emperor tho. By association alone they can easily figure out she's involved in pretty shady stuff, yet they'll never defect unless recruited otherwise. Heck, after the timeskip you can see Caspar in Fort Merceus reporting back to the Death Knight like it was no thing AKA the same guy who he onced wanted caught 5 years ago.
  12. Crimson Flower was the first route I did and at no point I felt Edelgard and co. were the "good guys", so when I saw people complain about how she's painted as an unambiguous heroic figure there I was like "Did we play the same game?", and I didn't quite figure out why would anyone end up with said impression until I recalled how the game...kinda forgot to adress properly she was the Flame Emperor. I get why the crew forgets about it, but at the same time I've would've loved to see a scene where after the whole "Rhea was a dragon all along" incident the other students call out Edelgard for allying with cartoonishly evil dudes when she could've easily tried to tell her classmates why she distrust the church so much. Other than that, the character motivations for the core cast joining her don't bother me that much since not only it's implied outside her route they aren't recruited willingly - for the most part - but also because 1. Rhea going crazy isn't that surprising when you remember she's canonically absolutely livid during the Holy Tomb raid in all routes (remember when she tried to stop Dimitri from decapitating Edelgard in BL? me neither) and 2. Rhea revealing herself as The Inmaculate One opens a huge can of worms due to the church claiming in-universe the dragon is a "messenger of the goddess" who punishes people when they're bad, who also happens to be unrelated to Seiros. I do agree the cast feels very underutilized compared to Silver Snow, and I get the feeling that route being worked on last or a low priority hurted its potential a lot. I honestly get the feeling both routes were fused together at some point, so I find very hard to pinpoint exactly which one copied which. Verdant Wind's chapter with Fort Merceus is the best example of this since it uses 2 cutscenes clearly meant for separate routes (GD and Church respectively).
  13. Even if Silver Snow's reveals could've been handled better in Golden Deer IMO and in my opinion both deserve to have distinct gameplay and plot, the route itself needed to exist. One thing is empathizing with Edelgard's past and ideals and the other is supporting her actions, in particular because her being the Flame Emperor is meant to be a huge twist. It makes sense why it's the default Black Eagles route in that regard (that doesn't mean Crimson Flower deserved to be shafted so badly tho.)
  14. Not him, but it's the same from Crimson Flower but with a different gimmick and a new song that fits the context of the fight better.
  15. Isn't Crimson Flower called BE because it's the only route of the 2 that keeps the Black Eagles shield for the save slot? Anyway, about my thoughts about if the Church route is worth it: I...don't really know. I mean, it's very much appreciated you're not forced to side with Edelgard if you disagree with her way of doing things, but the fact the post-timeskip map and story (exclusive reveals notwitstanding) plays almost exactly like in Verdant Wind but without any lord killed any motivation I had for playing that route when I could easily play Claude's instead. That, and I've heard the Church's last map is pretty hard for all the wrong reasons.
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