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  1. It's fairly possible. Not only she is the only student whose hair color in the concept art matches with the one shown during 2018's E3, there's also this line on the interview which hints that was the case:
  2. Someone has finally translated the full interview it seems.
  3. It's possible she was going to have a presence in Cindered Shadows at some point (maybe as one of the phantoms the Umbral Beast spawns?) Another thing I forgot to report about; the chances of the paid DLC content being sold separately in the future are looking pretty low unfortunately:
  4. I think there are still some questions left to be translated. I would love to point out exactly which pages but sadly my knowledge about the japanese language is nearly non-existant.
  5. Conspiracy can be defined as planning alongside more people to do a negative act against someone, and since the narration mentions Dimitri and Rhea are preparing an unified front to fight Adrestia, it still counts in the end for me. (besides, there's also the surprise attack the church launches against Garreg Mach in an attemp to take it back). I do agree it would've been cool they had gone more in-depth with their relationship. Not exacly, but I found the whole interview in digital format, which is the next best thing.
  6. Dimitri and Rhea do team up against the Empire in Crimson Flower to be fair, and Manuela even says that after the Garreg Mach invasion the Church moved its headquarters to Faerghus.
  7. Someone dumped the full interview online, so hopefully we should be getting a more accurate translation in a few hours. Also it seems to talk more about Dimitri than it was previously reported.
  8. Rhea going bonkers in Silver Snow still comes out of nowhere though, in particular since the game never remotely hints the Nabateans can succumb to some sort of insanity/degeneration prior to the event. That, and the fact it never happens in Verdant Wind despite going through almost the exact same events makes the whole event even more jarrying (and the same can be said for Nemesis being nowhere to be found in SS). Speaking about the article, I'm interested if there's any mention about how they handled the Gronder Field Battles and if there was at some point the intention to make the 2nd battle happen for the Black Eagles, as they're only house which never gets the "Blood of the Eagle and Lion" chapter.
  9. You sure? I recall Rhea in my first CF playthrough throwing me an Agnea's Arrow in Chapter 17.
  10. Some confrontation of ideals in CF would've been neat to see IMO, mostly for consistency's sake as it does happen in Azure Moon and to some extent in Verdant Wind as well. The other stuff makes no sense as the other routes do make a good job showing how Edelgard's flaws end up causing her death in the long run (and the same can be said for every other important player in the plot).
  11. Maybe? It is mentioned the whole coronation was a huge secret to the point Duke Aegir and Ferdinand didn't know about it, so there's a chance. Edelgard believes Seiros' family has been ruling Fodlan, so with that knowledge it's plausible to assume the current archbishop (Rhea) is one of the Children of the Goddess.
  12. it would be a good start. What still perplexes me to no end is that in the other routes Edelgard (as the Flame Emperor) does provide an explanation as for why she's raiding the Holy Tomb, so having Edelgard not tell you anything in her own route is really weird to the point I legit wonder if it was done on purpose. (and the fact there's a scene the other routes get before said event which never happens in BE for some reason does little to help). EDIT: Yep, and she even gives a different answer depending on the route. IIRC in BL at least she claims to go there to remove some power residing there that would let anyone conquer the world or something.
  13. They did admit the game ended up being far bigger than initially estimated, so it's fairly plausible that is the case.
  14. Well, at the very least we got confirmation in February that the 4 routes were always planned to happen. As to why CF got screwed so badly, that would stricitly fall into speculation territory. (I'm from the camp it as set as a low pritority dev-wise, which explains some things yet it creates more questions such as why it has only one animated cutscene, but that's neither here nor there).
  15. While the Romance of the World's Perdition is obviously heavily biased in the slitherers' favor, it also corroborates and complements many of the info Rhea provides about them in VW: "In the land of Thinis, where the old gods are said to live, the False God has awakened. Its looming, heteromorphic vessel was resurrected to sink the world to the depths of the ocean. It will bring extinction to all children of men, and salvation to all beasts of the land, sky, and sea. For the children of men who spilled too much blood of life, it promises only cruel retribution." The agarthans were fully aware Sothis' human form is not her real one, and only took it after she arrived in Fodlan. The last sentence also heavily implies she started paying attention or showed worry towards them due to how much bloodsheed their shenanigans were causing, which in true agarthan fashion, they never seem to regard as a bad thing to do. They see themselves as the only humans (or "children of men" in this case), while pretty much everyone else is simply a beast, and this mentality continues in the present game as they regard the surface humans beasts as well. What exactly this implies is anyone's guess (are there different human breeds and the molemen are just racist? Or are the humans that came after their people actually Sothis's creations? ) Also Sothis may or may not have called herself a goddess, which didn't go so well with the agarthans who already lived in the land and likely workshipped something else (assiming they actually did have a religion of some sort). At the very least we know Rhea and the other nabateans see her as a god-like being. The False God must be defeated before the world sinks into a watery grave. To this end, the children of men have erected pillars of light upon the land. Thinis, Malum, Septen, and Llium were utterly destroyed. Those lands have vanished from this world. Yet even still, the False God stands. And soon, a flood aptly named Despair will drown this world. Both Rhea and the Agarthan text agree the slitherers made the first strike, and from their own account, they did so as a premeditated strike as they feared Sothis would try to meddle with their affairs. For this purpose, the pillars of light were made and they wasted no time in employing against her and the lands her children lived in. Despite the destruction, Sothis survived and retaliated swiftly with some "flood". The Agarthans also see themselves as the center of the world. The children of men fled to the depths of the earth, beyond sight of the False God, beyond the embrace of the sacred sun, and beyond the reach of the waters of Despair. They swore a fervent oath of revenge against the surface world, ruled by beasts, and against their tormenter, the False God. The survivors hid themselves underground (likely in a glorified bunker that later became Shambhala) and swore revenge against Sothis, and they hate everyone in the surface as a proxy of being protected/workshipped by her.
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