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  1. Thanks! About that specific AM event, we do know now a small story event with Felix was meant to go along with it. As far other routes go, SS was definitively meant to punish you for letting any BE fall in Part 1 Classic Mode by make them defect to the Empire in Part 2 (meaning you get to see them as enemies later) and Claude has an unused battle convo vs an enemy Lorenz in VW Chapter 16. The NIWA wiki and The Cutting Room Floor has more info about them if anyone's interested.
  2. Is it possible to see Hilda's Goddess Scene in the Black Eagles route? I''m aware she can't be recruited there unless you go Silver Snow in Chapter 11, but I haven't found any info about her Goddess Scene being doable there.
  3. And that would be a win for the Agarthans if Hubert actually underestimated them like Edelgard. He only does in AM because their leader kicks the bucket in Derdriu and thus lose their missiles, 'cause apparently no TWSITD member ever thought one dude being in charge of the nukes was a bad idea. (like seriously, most of the Molemen's dumbest choices can be traced down from their Hubris).
  4. I've always found that aspect of the plot intriguing, because once you've done all 3(4?) routes you realize the Agarthans are entirely reliant on Edelgard and her army to get anywhere, and the same does not apply in reverse. Like, while Edelgard is a pawn of sorts, she's also fully aware of her status and is actively milking it for all it's worth to abuse TWSITD's resources (the missiles bombing Fort Merceus, for example). And the Slithers still get to have someone destroy as much of Fódlan as possible, so it's still a win in their eyes. In spite of this, if Edelgard kicks the bucket first, the Slitherers end up literally as a sitting duck if an enemy army just so happens to casually invade their hideout. If Thales dies first however, Edelgard remains fully in charge and can freely abuse their resources (sans the missiles for obvious reasons) and provide a competent counterattack to an invading army with only her own troops. In that regard, I don't believe Edelgard's at the mercy of the Agarthans because: not only she's far more autonomous than you would think, whether she ends up doing what the Shadesteppers want or not won't matter in the long run as they'll be unable to enjoy the spoils of their manipulations when their pawn casually drops her army on them once everything's said and done. (Honestly, Edelgard would probably have more problems doing it if the game bothered to clarify what kind of handicap the "Javelins of Light" actually have, but I digress).
  5. Yep. The sheer amount of White Beasts in the map eat the game's framerate like breakfast.
  6. Maybe's a mythology gag of some sort? In the same way he has the Paragon skill as an enemy in some maps even though he can't make use of it?
  7. Possibly. Silver Snow would need a bit more than just more unique chapters though. By design, the route strips away the BE exclusive characters midgame while offering as compensation content (the church guys) the other routes already get while not having to lose anything, so I simply can't see anyone (BE fans in particular) being happy with that. Another thing: knowing how ISIS do their stuff, for them to go the "Crimson Flower as DLC" route they would most likely need to share that info waaaaaaay in advance, similar to how they announced back with Fates how there would be paid DLC for a third route. Otherwise, if Edelgard's route didn't make it during development, I find very unlikely ISIS would've added it later post launch just like that. Also IMO CF having few chapters is gonna be a very contested matter regardless if it ws sold as DLC or not.
  8. ...that sounds like Silver Snow's endgame, allright. First things first, you want to clear the lower half of the map as soon as possible and put someone sturdy enough in marked tile at the bottom of the map so the White Beasts can stop spawning. If you don't do that, Rhea will heal herself as soon one of those things get near her. After that, clear the left & right side of the map and slowly make your way to Rhea while accounting for the stupid high range of her AoE attack. Once you get near her, start focusing on breaking her barrier so your units can make actual damage and take her down eventually (breaking the whole thing is very difficult to do so however, as she has an unique skill which repairs it as soon she gets to attack during enemy phase, so if you wanna go for it then save as many of your gambits as possible). Other tips: * As @Gleenstavos said, most monsters deal magic damage rather than physical (the only exception being Rhea herself), so you might wanna account for that. Also, while the White Beasts get Miracle when they're weakened, they also have a ton of weaknesses so anything effective to monsters/dragons/flying units should take care of them quickly. *Watch out for every enemy called something like Crazy Church Boss/Cardinal; those guys are really tough and will most likely have brave weapons, powerful spells, and Miracle so if you have any unit that could conceivably lure them while avoiding damage can help a ton with taking them down later. Edit: Long story short: you lack a lord character and their broken battalions, there are a ton of enemies with miracle, many minibosses are disguised as normal enemies at first glance, the White Beasts can overwhelm you quickly if you don't block the tile which makes them spawn and the map has so many enemies it legit makes the console lag in hanheld mode. As far the final boss goes, Rhea pulls a bait-and-switch and appears to be far weaker than she actually is at the beggining of the battle, she has stupid high stats and a charm stat which is gonna make most of your charm-weak units miss their battalions, she has an exclusive skill which not only allows her to pull her AoE attack in her turn without having to charge it, it also heals her barrier as soon she attacks in enemy phase, she has another skill that heals her health whenever a White Beast gets near, AND lastly, she also happens to have Miracle (because of course she does). When the devs said the Silver Snow route was made with being the most difficult route in mind, they weren't bluffing.
  9. As far route ambience goes I agree Blue Lions is arguably the saddest route. Azure Moon captures pretty early in Part 2 a sense of melancholy no other route has, in particular due to Dimitri's current situation and the toll the war has taken for many of the Blue Lions. By comparison, Verdant Wind is too cheery, Crimson Flower is kinda bipolar and Silver Snow feels hollow in spite of the circumstances being more depressing.
  10. Nice. Does this mean 3Hs has finally outsold Fates?
  11. Did you get Jeralt's ring while exploring during Chapter 10? You need it if you wanna marry someone at the end of the game.
  12. I've always found this argument quite odd since in Chapter 4 the game provides evidence for the opposite by having Arundel/Thales unintentionally slip up Nemesis was just a glorified thief to her face, which makes Edelgard go like "I'll pretend I didn't hear that. ANYWAY..." Edelgard works best as a bad guy only in AM where she is Dimitri's antithesis IMO. In both Verdant Wind and Silver Snow she's far too absent to be effective, which works against her once the death cutscene kicks in for different reasons. In CF I don't think she's bad since it makes sense she's that way in-context, but I do think they could've done more with her.
  13. IMO she's more controversial than hated. People hate her as much they love her, and usually for pretty much the exact same reasons (her methods and ideology) Gotta disagree here. If anything, I think the writers did a wonderful job in making sure conflict was inevitable. In order to defuse it, you need to get past: 1. the very akward situation Edelgard is in resource/information-wise, 2. Edelgard & Rhea's character flaws and 3. Edelgard & Rhea's ideologies.
  14. Crests by itself are not inherently right or wrong, but it's human nature 101 to exploit anything lacking active regulation of any sort for their own ends, which is more or less the issue the game has with them. In that regard, I think Edelgard had the right call of devaluing them and punish their abuse. As for whether that's enough excuse to set the world of fire though, that's up for each person to decide.
  15. It's fairly possible. Not only she is the only student whose hair color in the concept art matches with the one shown during 2018's E3, there's also this line on the interview which hints that was the case:
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