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  1. Nice find man! Maybe we'll get one soon after friday's trailer(?). Trying to download it right now gives you an error, so I assume it wasn't meant to be unlocked so soon.
  2. Really? Think you could provide a link of the Ironman? Only if the latter condition applies (as in, only 1 unit of yours is in her range).
  3. Is it possible to have Seteth not join the party in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind? I was checking fedatamine.com yesterday and I noticed Seteth can actually refuse to take part in Rhea's plan for Byleth in the story if these 3 criteria are met: • The player isn't in Silver Snow • Byleth & Seteth's C-Support has't been unlocked • Byleth & Flayn's C-Support has't been unlocked Given how much stuff the game accounts for, I honestly believe this could be possible but since no one has reported on this before, I dunno if it's actually a thing that exists.
  4. Long story short, he forgot to adress some important points surrounding Edelgard's character (mostly her relation with Rhea and the faith), turned the "King of Delusion" bit into a whole new section and remade his criticism for CF since he didn't want anyone to misinterpret his thoughts. Seriously, go watch it if you can, specially if you got to see his previous Edelgard video and thought it had some room for improvement.
  5. The game isn't getting any more DLC so unless E3 catches everyone by surprise, the glitch's here to stay.
  6. At the very least, the Fire Emblem Wiki lists which battalions can be purchased on the Battalion Guild depending on the route. Also, every battalion the game has is listed on the site as well and all should have their respective locations/availability mentioned.
  7. Reportedly there's some unused text in the game -such as Shigure's sibling supports with Male Kana, and the "don't give up!" lines for the Birthright/Conquest final chapters from unavailable characters of said routes- which has never really been corroborated anywhere, so I've tried looking for a text dump of the game that might shed some light on these. Long story short, I have been unable to find such data online and the mega/dropbox links which once hosted some text dumps appear to have died a long time ago. Still, if anyone hsppens to know where else I could find the evidence I seek I would very much appreciate it.
  8. The amount of stuff the game can account for is insane honestly, and this is without getting into monastery dialogue. Some observations: These 2 examples go unused in the game proper actually! Edelgard/Ferdinand B can only be seen in Part 2 while Claude/Lorenz C- is Part 1 only. The only instances I think Lorenz would call Holst "one of the commanders of the Alliance" is if neither Judith nor Claude are around, which can only happen after the Gronder 2 battle in Silver Snow (Chapter 17 onwards) and after conquering Derdriu in Edelgard's story (Chapter 15 onwards). Since Hilda can't be recruited in Crimson Flower, only in the former scenario Lorenz should use this line (assuming I'm right of course).
  9. What skills in particular you can't get with renown?
  10. Um...does anyone know if there's a way to see Saizo in the Private Cuarters without his mask? Just noticed his 2D model was actually modeled with a mouth and there even are graphics meant for it when he talks, and I dunno if it's possible to see that or not...
  11. Doesn't Dedue automatically get +4 more levels when he returns in Azure Moon as of the last update? In my last run I swear he jumped from Lv25 to 29 for Chapter 16.
  12. I believe he returns with all of those but his battalion, which is transferred to the convoy instead if you want someone else to use it while he's gone.
  13. I dare say having a route deviate from the template Silver Snow provided did take a toll of sorts for the devs. I've noticed both Azure Moon and Crimson Flower make heavy use of CGs from the moment the story goes to do it's own thing (Chapter 17 onwards for AM, 11 for CF).
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