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  1. I'd say this definitely more touches the "Official FE Maker" side. Looks like it's still worth buying though. "If I've no choice, I'll resort to a worthwhile risk! It's my job as President!" I've heard rumors about SRPG but never actually thought the English version to be a reality (thank God it is). Sadly though, Steam is an unhealthy platform for my experience; I was hoping for it to be a purchasable self-purported program (like RPG Maker)... is it, at least alternatively? - My experience with Steam It made my PC run so slowly that I had to uninstall it. Maybe they made it less demanding, but until then, Knightley's armor lacks durability... ( "Worthless!")
  2. Let's begin this preamble with a disclaimer: Yes, I know I can hack a Fire Emblem game to create a new one, but I do not have time to learn coding. "People are different. I'm a below average detective, for one." Just like I'm naturally bad at coding. Now some of you may ask: "Since there's so many FE games, how can you possibly get tired of them?" You see, I'm very fond of story based franchises retaining their root, which Ace Attorney (keep that in mind) has managed to do even in recent years since its inception in 2001. Fire Emblem, meanwhile, has become more gameplay focused since 2013's Awakening. Now don't flame me just yet. It's true I don't like Awakening or its successors, but it's because of that I want to make my own Fire Emblem stories and chapters. I'm speaking in slight bias towards Ace Attorney because that series has everything I could possibly want. Their fanbase has created Case Makers, all free to use and user friendly (Ace Attorney Online is the one I use primarily). Fire Emblem's fanbase has created games of their own, but let's just say that my vision of FE as a story based game conflicts with these games themselves: while good, they're too hard. They make Thracia 776 look average in difficulty terms. I want to chase my dreams with any website (like Ace Attorney Online but for Fire Emblem), or program that makes it easy to develop your own maps and characters, with dialogue sections where you can modify background, characters, their movement, add custom characters, portraits and sprite palettes, custom music and background material, etc. Is there anything like an editor program, website, or other fanmade (or otherwise official) Fire Emblem Maker that exists? Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I'll step down from the court for now. I'll be happy to announce that my first Ace Attorney Online case, Turnabout Fate, is almost complete (Two notes to make: first, if Ace Attorney doesn't interest you, then ignore this announcement. Two, it doesn't have a demo) and will be released sometime soon (hint - it does have references and music from FE ). And for those who wonder why I don't like Awakening and its successors: a video on my petty YouTube channel is in the works. It'll be a long one, so stay tuned. Peace!
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