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  1. I had an idea for a game based around celtic culture, but it was mostly just the plot of macbeth. It would be really cool if it didnt revolve around a king and was a revnge story of sorts set in the cold highlands
  2. Reading these 2 i heavily agree with both of the ideas. I feel like the main conflict in the 2 games would be about magic struggling to come to terms with it irrelvance or it could tackle issues of discimination against magic people or something (unlikey due to the fact newer games has tackled racism in some form). however in general the idea of technological progression in an FE game sounds inevitable but hopefully we get a game that revolves around a plauge or something to explain why it all happened.
  3. I was thinking about it in my head but should the next fe foucs on a specific culture(s) or just carry on with a european medival setting. I would personally like and african based continent or maybe and iberean continent. Also i would like the next game whereever it takes place to link a previous world to it without the use of dlc ect. what would you like the setting to be?
  4. A list of my wants 1)Keep demonic beasts. 2a)More complex strategy eg adding back the weapon triangle and maybe magic triangle. 2b) Keep or develop the adjutant system(my idea is they could have a general system where different units provide passive buffs to the army, only a select few could be commanders and their buffs are active if deployed but to a lessr effect excluding lords and such. Think of the co system from advance wars but without the active buffs.) 3) more varied settings fire emblem takes place in a fantasy setting but that doesnt mean it has to all be european settings. Add african or idian themed settings with unique units to that area. heck they could still have a european setting but witha more suggestive tone to where it is eg spain. thats it i cant think of anything else
  5. If you could add a support for sain who would it be between? Sain is my 2nd favourite fe7 character after canas and is the reason why I decided to carry on playing the game as he was really ridiculous which i found funny however his supports suck and gets paired endings with his worst options(not even a bromance with Kent!) Anyway, I was wondering if I could add a support and paired ending who would it be between? Personally, if I had the power I would pair him with Florina as I would imagine their supports would be super funny with them being the complete opposite when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. As for a paired ending either Florina, Isadora or Kent. who would you pair him with if given the choice? i may do more of these on Reddit or on here if it's successful Ps. a 2nd option i would add would be Marcus and Sain.
  6. don't want to be that guy that says humanity should be extinct(kinda depressing imo)so probably mosquitos because they kill the most humans every year through diseases
  7. Yo so basically a while back I had an idea for a game that revolves around the black fang and I just saw this cool box art and it reignited my interest. So basically in this game, it would start off at around 5-10 years from lyns story, and before Nergals infiltration of the fang, it would obviously give some backstory between the members of the black fang, (such as why they joined their history ect) show the black fangs slow downfall by Nergal and how the members reacted and tie in some events that happened in elibe. one example I had is that Ostia recruited the fang to assassinate house Cornwell leader (raven and Priscilla's former houses) while the ostian troops destroy the soldiers. I think the game could work as a spin-off or something, there are certainly enough characters to have a balancedish cast and you could just fill out the blank spaces with characters, that got killed later on in the story.(probably by legault) anyway tell me what you think down below, i love making these kinds of idea threads
  8. Wave 3 free stuff: I like the free jeritza add on you can get, honestly surprised he wasn't the one in the paid dlc and not anna. l;looking forward to new supports, hopefully, they can get more BE members to have supports with other houses(some characters only have 1 not counting byleth). Wave 3 paid stuff: Not rlly intrested in Anna at all, (i would rather have the gatekeeper over anna) and the fact there are only 12 missions is kinda meh(we dont even know if they will have new maps) which sucks, as long as the jeritza paralogue involves Mercedes im fine. Im still prolly gonna wait for wave 4 news to see if im buying (prooly not as there are a ton of games i wanna play) but if the paid stuff was something like a short side story about jeritza i would buy it, not rlly worth the purchase for fucking anna
  9. the idea does sound cool but they kinda already made big units in 3h, there are demonic beasts and the giant mechs and golems. they could just make the big units commandable for certain chapters tho i guess but in 3h at least enemy units have a tough time killing demonic beasts and the mech units so either the mechs will have to be weaker or the enemy units will have to be stronger in all diffuculties in general. regardless if it works i think it would be cool but only in the later parts in the game
  10. Ok i have read all the replies and Ik the reply is short but I am pretty sure its either going to be a spin-off or a remake (releasing in 2021). I agree with many that they are going to find some way to reuse some stuff from the three houses engine soo if it is a spin-off its probably going to be set somewhere in the fodlan setting (cashing off of 3h hype and engine) what its going to be about could be entirely up to you but I am a particular fan of the idea of an Edelgard vs Agarthian dungeon crawler (basically free money IntSys imo). The other idea for a remake could be tying up loose ends for certain characters stories (like elibean nights) but the only problem with that idea is that. 1) it could annoy fans who want a specific ending, eg I imagine if F byleth isn't married to dimitri it would annoy a lot of ppl 2) it could annoy ppl who don't want canon pairings and or ending, a bad ending could lead to a fan outrage. in order to solve this, they could just say that each character story is in a different timeline, but that just removes the point of making follow up stories. anyway thats my idea for a 3h spin-off tell me what you guys think about it and i will make my ideas for a remake tmmrw, (if this thread hasnt died then i will make 2 new threads for this topic) im going to play some immortal sword now ­čśä
  11. Yeah i agree with the holy blood mechanic and time skip (to a lesser extent) i wouldn't be upset over an fe4 remake tho
  12. FIRE EMBLEM 2012 THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD> If there is a remake they will probably bank on the fe3h hype and set it in fodlan
  13. I am pretty sure we are either getting a fe6 remake due to the fact the team has shown interest in remaking it. Whatever game comes out next tho I want some connection to three houses s i am a big fan for connecting the game's lorewise.
  14. Now that you mention that, the idea sounds cool. The ending suggests they travel abroad, which could just mean Almyra or Brigid but i would like to think it means another continent. When they make the next echoes game (prolly fe4 - fe6/7) they could show up like midway or near the end of the story (as they would have to be promoted units) maybe. Also, none of Caspar & friends can die they just kinda run away like how pent and Louise do.
  15. yeah but he can also get a similar ending with Hilda and Ashe, but in the Ashe ending the book name was never mentioned it was just told as "legends" and with Hilda the legend or book is never mentioned. I will probably repost this in the future and give more thought into it, i barley explained it.
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