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    Playing Fire Emblem games when i can. "Evaluating" Fire Emblem Waifus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). And overall just having fun both in the real world and online.
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  1. As someone who has never played any of Marths games or even watched a play-through on them im looking for a summary on it. Good/honest as well as funny/dumb answers are all welcome.
  2. Male for me, I always like how great the male avatars look. In Awakening Robin looks smart and sophisticated. Fates Corrin looks young and ambitious. And Three Houses Byleth looks sturdy and experienced. Don't get me wrong the females look fantastic as well but for first initial playthroughs its always male for me.
  3. Mine is fairly simple. Whenever i create an account on a site or anything else I consider myself "established" there. The 52 was my number during senior year when i played American football in high school.
  4. Hey Everyone, you can call me TheEstablished52. I made my account on here quite some time ago but the next day completely forgot even though this site is on my favorites bar LOL. i Hope my time here is well spent talking about one of Nintendo's better franchises.
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