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  1. CLAUDE. Ok, all the characters in Three Houses are very well written. There are some I think deserve a special mention: Edelgard, Dorothea, Petra, Shamir, Felix, Ferdinand. And of course, Lorenz. What is special to me about Three Houses is that there were no characters I really hated - the devs truly did an excellent job in this regard.
  2. I think combatwise Eliwood isn't too terrible, even though he is (basically) swordlocked for the entire game. To me, Eliwood's As mentioned before by @eclipse, Eliwood can kill the Dragon in one turn. But in general, he's average. I really don't think Eliwood is a hated character at all in FE7, it's just that a lot people are either indifferent or don't have a real opinion of him. He's... average. He's definitely the most boring lord out of the three, both in story, personality, and combat. I mean combat as in, Eliwood is just that one lord with a sword. Lame. Meanwhile, you have Hector, the most badass character in FE7, wielding an axe and shitting on the enemies. And then you have Lyn, who I'm sure was every male FE player's first crush. Yeah. Eliwood is totally the middle child here.
  3. "To boycott means to stop buying or using the goods or services of a certain company or country as a protest; the noun boycott is the protest itself." To clarify: Yes, the word "boycott," as a noun is definitely not multiple people. Unfortunately, you seem unaware of the fact that "boycott" is also (or at least can be used) a verb used with an object, the defenition provided above (dictionary.com). The verb can be either singular or plural. Examples: -I have been boycotting so-and so's products. -I have decided to boycott Costco for whatever reason The verb was clearly what I was using. I'm pretty sure I didn't use the noun. I'm 99% sure I didn't mention an actual protest including just one person. Let me check. My quote: "I'm boycotting Pokemon for my own, personal reasons. I won't buy because I don't like it. I don't see how that's unreasonable. Don't think I'm delusional enough to think boycotting a major game series such as Pokemon would make any difference." Let's take a closer look at the detail that's important: "I'm boycotting Pokemon" Yep, I'm pretty sure that's a verb. Just if you're not sure, let's replace the definition in place of "boycotting:" "I'm [going] to stop buying or using the goods or services of a certain company or country as a protest" Let's have this relevant to the current subject, Pokemon Sword and Shield. "I'm [going] to stop buying Pokemon Games unless they get better, as a protest." Or something like that. Makes sense. Just to make sure you understand, let's look at another example of a word that can be used as both a noun and a verb. Our word: OBJECT Noun: a material thing that can be seen or touched Verb: to say something express one's disapproval of or disagreement or with something. Sure, now some examples: -That object is pretty. (Noun) -"I object, your honor!" (Verb) You wouldn't say that if I said "I object!," you wouldn't say "That's not proper grammar Mukmuk. You can't say I material thing that can be seen or touched" Don't think you're smart enough to try to make me look like a fool. You should feel embarrased right now. And I'm embarrased that I have to teach basic English grammar to a complete stranger who is clueless about basic grammar I learned in elementary school.
  4. I'm boycotting Pokemon for my own, personal reasons. I won't buy because I don't like it. I don't see how that's unreasonable. Don't think I'm delusional enough to think boycotting a major game series such as Pokemon would make any difference. (*you can just speed up the text speed to max) What would be some designs you consider bad? I'm curious. I mean, of course there are poor designs, but I wouldn't consider it a large number at all. Also, Gen 4 had its fair share of good designs as well.
  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield is trash!!! Thanks, GameFreak. Starter? Nah. MORE CHARIZARD??? YEAH!!! smh Also, can we talk about just how horrible the Battle Tower is? smh 100%. Count me in the same boat as you. The reason for Pokemon's sliding downhill rests entirely on GameFreak's shoulders. Pokemon was great up until X and Y (actually, X and Y was great. It had some problems not present in the older Pokemon games, but that was acceptable). Then S/M went downhill quitet a bit, but still was decent. Then Sword and Shield came, and they really did hit the rock bottom with this game. Nintendo needs to scrap GameFreak and get back on track. I really don't want one of my favorite childhood franchises to be ruined forever. I'm really sorry, man. I feel the same way too. But hey, we can always boycott the game and force matters into our own hands. Yeah. To say Sword and Shield is a dissappointment is to be grossly understating it. GameFreak now seems like that best friend that betrays you. Yo, Sword and Shield is depressing. I don't know how else to say it.
  6. Well, probably the #1 reason why they didn't add the Demonstone is because (actually, multiple): 1) The Demonstone is busted. Nobody can damage her, even with legendary weapons. Lilina at Max Magic can do like 2x2 to her. Even Apocalypse can't do enough to her. It'll do, like, 6 damage? Then your poor Druid will perish. 2) The Binding Blade can break. Thus meaning that Idunn is an impossible boss to defeat (this was mentioned by Mangs). So, I can see why they didn't choose to do this. At least they could have tried to make the Binding Blade a little less broken and increased Idunn's stats or something...
  7. TBH, most of the child characters in Fates were all awfully written, and only some could even rest on the border of "OK." Kana, Percy, Nina, Ophelia (but only because Odin is utter shit)... you name it. The child characters are mostly trash (Not Dwyer; he makes tea for his mother. 10/10). But Soleil... I fucking hate her. I don't. I just don't get why people like her. @Alastor15243, you've summed it up perfectly. Tharja, perhaps. I do think there is a lot more to her than "creepy stalker." But Camilla: Oh hell no. No. She is literally just fanservice for horny teens, with an extra cutscene added in. She acts, talks, and looks like a character from hentai. I don't get why these archetypes of characters exist in the first place. And no, she is not well written. Whatever qualities she was meant to portray... Loving? Sure. Nurturing? Sure. But the way she portrays these qualities is loathsome, abominable, disturbing, and just plain disgusting at times. At the very best, it's inaccurate. Also, while I'm on the subject of Fates (time to rant!), there is no good reason as to why any of the royals should have an S support with Corrin. (BTW, Camila's S support with Corrin would make a great intro for a porno). "Oh, but they're not related by blood." It's lowkey incest. M!Corrin can have an S support with Sakura (also Hinoka, but Sakura bothers me more). Great! Marrying an 14 year old? Sure! Related by blood! Yeah! Oh wait... she's technically not your sister because y'know... Time to make this seem perfectly acceptable and get married! Again, lowkey incest. Fates seems to like promoting incest at this point by aking this seem even remotely OK in a Fire Emblem game. What is even more disturbing is that people really do like to pair Corrin up with a member of the royal family. Stuff like this is horrible. Stuff like this shouldn't exist in any game. Technicalities don't matter here. Stuff like this is why I utterly despise Fates.
  8. Congrats on surviving so long
  9. (I mean, you can already do this in randomized FE8lol) Well, it's kind of like Corrin in Fates, when he flew into a temper tandrum and "unlocked" the beast inside of him. But any kind of monster? That's interesting. If that was the case, and there was some kind of mechanic which the MC could turn into some kind of nasty skeleton or something, hopefully they wouldn't go Green Unit or Beserk on me...
  10. Jill. Close second is Milady. Milady was probably the first female wyvern rider I was introduced to, and I can appreciate her character and the fact that she's absolutely busted. I have to go with majority opinion here and say Jill- what can I say? (She was taken off the Path of Racism!)
  11. Goddamn. I was honestly surprised there wasn’t a forum like this before in the fandom. Oh well. Some things: 1) People arguing that Mozu is a good unit. I honestly don’t know if this can be counted as a “little” thing, but nonetheless, it drives me insane. 2) Armored unit animations. I believe the pinnacle of these were in the GBA games, and then from there on it started getting worse. Other animations were OK, but I could never get over the utterly bizzare animations in Awakening. The armor units do a fucking belly slide or something. (I don’t recall what Fates or Echoes had) 3) Ambush Spawns. Obviously. 4) Every time you put a swordmaster into an arena and got a General as an opponent. I recall one particularly awful case- I was doing a “troll” run of FE8 and I sent Joshua into an arena in the chapter where you recruit Marisa, and got a general. Joshua did 1 damage per shot. The general had 42 HP or something. That kinda sucked. Yeah, that’s mostly bad luck but, whatever.
  12. I will get neither, as frankly Sword and Shield is terrible. I don't understand the hype surrounding Sword and Shield. The story, the antagonists, everything about the game, is just so stupid. Pokemon is on a decline ever since Sun and Moon, which is really disappointing, because Pokemon is still in my top 3 of favorite game series. They removed everything good about the game. Mega evolutions? Nah... Humongous Pokemon? Yeah! I know. I've been playing Pokemon since original Red and Blue. For us older fans, this game has been nothing short of disappointment so far. Also, the regional Pokemon look hideous. Also, to make fun of Game Freak, "improved Graphics." Yeah right. They removed everything good to have "improved graphics" that are still worse than BOTW's.
  13. Hi all. As the the title indicates, this is about overrated characters, which in turn goes hand in hand with one of my other topics, that I won't link because I'm lazy, also I don't want to be promoting my stuff. May seem stupid, and it probably is, but whatever. Anyways, when looking at tier lists for FE games, the general consensus is that there are "good" and "bad" characters, and others in between or other outliers, etc. After I finish a FE game, I look at the tier lists to see if what the "pros" say match up to mine. And, it almost never does. In this case, overrated characters. A basic definition of an overrated character is one that is proclaimed good by many people, but you find him/her/it to be... Not what was on paper. A good example for me was Boyd in PoR (And please, disagree with me). He was too slow, easily outclassed by other mounted units (that, conveniently, also wielded axes), and all around not very useful. Yet, he consistently placed (on the tier lists I looked at) at a High A or low A, and I think it's BS. Oh well, that's me. Anyways, I have nothing more to say. I'm always interested to hear opinions on the fandom, so, what are your overrated characters? Have at it.
  14. It's most definitely possible. If you want a hint: Yeah. If you read the hint, just know that it's technically better to rush than bunker up, because bunkering up on, let's say, the starting ship, you will lose a unit, technically. While, if you rush, you have more room to maneuver. Again, this is all technically speaking.
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