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  1. Oh the tier list. Right. I didn't even look at the bottom half of that comment. You didn't need to clarify anything, my bad. Yeah, Knoll probably doesn't deserve D. It's just that I have a deep animosity toward staffbots. The guaranteed EZ way to beat Vigarde is to have Knoll (or Ewan, if you must...) spam phantoms until the spear breaks. I have never done that. Ever. In my many many runs of SS. I'll clear it up later. You're still right about the rules.
  2. To be fair to all the people asking for FE4 remakes and the like (although I would prefer Thracia first because I never got to play an English version of it-or at best a poorly translated one that made life hell), it (in my humble opinion), is probably not going to happen in the next FE. Video game producers want to follow up on the heels of a successful video game with more fresh concepts and such that make the game more and more interesting, and then when interest has died down a little bit, they can consider doing something else. Just look at Awakening. After that, the producers went into a 3 year long think and came out with Fates, a jumbo-pack of...ideas! to say the least. Obviously the developers were on LSD or something, because they came out with Fates. But, they tried. Oh well. Anyways, following on the massive success of Three Houses, I don't think Nintendo and Intelligent Systems will pull back so quickly. The newer fans are hungry for more material, and they will not be denied their feast. Of course, a new game will also be devoured by older FE fans, so it is probably in Nintendo's best interests to release new games, not remakes. It's a win-win. Of course, this is all my opinion, and I am totally expecting someone to pull a Ben Shapiro on me, but ah well.
  3. What kind of Fire Emblem do you think Nintendo and Intelligent Systems should release next? Just curious about the opinions here. Personally, I want the next up-and-coming Fire Emblem to follow on the heels of Three Houses, with fresh ideas, design and the like, but that's just me.
  4. I think the tactician and lord being equals is the obviously the best dynamic. The only exception for me was in PoR with Soren. Soren could beat Robin in a tactical game while on drugs. Although no disrespect to Robin, they’re both brilliant in their own seperate ways. But...Soren. I would love to have another Soren in newer games. Soren’s just too dank.
  5. More characters or a better "recruitment distribution" would have solved this problem. Three Houses's cast is tiny, nearly as small as Sacred Stones's, excluding secret units in SS of course (Three Houses has like 32 while SS has 34 I believe). Three Houses needs more recruitable units in general; the characters shouldn't all be from or have ties to the university. Three Houses could have learned from Sacred Stones: although the playable characters in SS are minimal, recruitment is excellently distributed throughout the game. Three Houses needed that, but that's too late now, of course.
  6. There are quite a few appealing options...I wouldn't do Duma tho. I don't think Sakurai would look good with purple skin. In all seriousness, kudos to Sakurai. We don't deserve someone like him.
  7. Bizzare? Not particularily. Story-undermining? Kind of. If it was just House-exclusive units only then the game wouldn't be half as fun. 8 units + teachers doesn't seem very enjoyable to me.
  8. The rules are above. I really don't want to quote myself.
  9. Idk? I just felt like doing this for a while now. I do realize that there was another tier list posted a while ago but that one wasn't very good lol. Eirika, yes, you are completely right. I have no idea why I put her in C tier. Hell, she technically deserves F tier in Ephraim's routelol b/c she steals xp (I like to leave her at level 1 if I'm doing Ephraim's route). Dolza, not really. 16 con is pretty nice for sure, and with a beserker's typically high strength and the passive +15 crit, he does punch holes into the enemy. I just never found him to be a particularily useful unit. My main problem with him is that your party's probably gonna be full or close to full by his jointime, and next level Saleh and Innes join, two units (especially Saleh) that are much more useful than Dolza in the end. I always just didn't have the room for him, but I can see how he can be in C tier.
  10. Hi all, I just wanted to share my opinion on Sacred Stones's character tiering. This will be an Ephraim Hard Mode tier list for efficiency as Eirika's route is a joke. In fact, Sacred Stones is pretty much a joke difficulty wise, but at least in Ephraim's route there are some notable challenges (such as Phantom Ship). Lord Units are going to be tiered accordingly, because I believe it's important to do so and not dump them in "Lord Tier." So, Tiers: Since I'm utterly lazy, I'll be using Mariode's tiering explanation from an old forum, except for I'll be tweaking the colors a bit lol Seth Tier: Units that completely break the game. They're OP and can do everything. Using them renders the whole cast redundant. If they're not banned from use, they'll function as the main Lord.S-Tier: Units that contribute immediately and effectively upon joining. They have amazing availability, combat performance and/or utility. There are no reasons not to deploy these units.A-Tier: Units that contribute a lot in the course of the game. Some investment may be required, but it's easy to do and the reward will be worth it.They have outstanding availability, combat performance and/or utility. There are hardly any reasons not to deploy these units.B-Tier: Units that can contribute well, but they either require some investment in order to do so or join later in game. They have some weaknesses, but their strenghts outmatch them. Deploying these is generally speaking a good decision.C-Tier: Units than can contribute decently, but are hindered by either their jointime, combat performance and/or utility. Deploying these units can be useful depending on the situation.D-Tier: Units that can provide decent utility and/or fill a niche. They have huge negatives that hinder them from being effective, but they can pull off their job just fine. If you need a niche-filler you can consider deploying these.E-Tier: Units that can't contribute to anything meaningfull at all, except if major investment is put into them. They will usually be a hindrance, and raising them is extremely difficult or not rewarding. They have absolutely no utility and they are outclassed by other units. There are PLENTY of reasons not to deploy these. Rules: No arena grinding, no tower, no ruins, every unit has to survive, full recruitment. So yeah, here it is: Seth Tier: Seth Amelia S-Tier: Franz Vanessa Artur A-Tier: Gerik Tana Cormag Moulder Tethys Lute B-Tier: Garcia Saleh Ephraim Kyle Forde Duessel (Only on Phantom Ship) C-Tier: Gilliam Innes Joshua Natasha Myrrh Ross Dolza D-Tier: Rennac Colm Eirika Knoll L'Arachel Syrene Neimi E-Tier: Marisa Ewan Amelia Extremely Brief Explanations (I can do more in-depth if you guys really want) S-Tier: Franz: Yeah. Vanessa: First flying unit. She may fall behind both Cormag and Tana statistically (assuming all of them are promoted to Wyvern Knights for comparison), but her availability and level lead when both of them join put her in S tier. Artur: Artur gets S tier because he is a more consistent magic unit than Lute, his rival magic user in the beginning. Although you get a Saleh later on, Artur will 9/10 times be statistically better than him, and he has the entire game to be useful, compared with Saleh who only gets a few levels to be useful. Either Bishop or Sage are great promo options for him, but I'd recommend Bishop>Sage simply because of Slayer. Also best candidate for Ivaldi (but thats not really importantlol). A-Tier: Gerik: You really can't go wrong with Gerik. Great bases, good starting weapon ranks, and solid growths make him one of the best units in the game. Pretty simple. Tana: Your second flying unit, who does join later than Vanessa and noticeably weaker, but makes up for it with fantastic growth rates, and will almost certainly surpass Vanessa (but not by much, let's be fair to Vanessa) in the endgame if you put the work into her. Cormag: An extremely bulky wyvern rider whose combat perfomance is arguably the best out of the three (Syrene doesn't count). He gets nuked by magic, though. Moulder: Your best healer. Tethys: Tethys is a dancer, but I wouldn't immediately put her in S tier for a few reasons: one because she's locked at five movement and two because of a late join. She is the worst dancer the series has to offer. She is useful, sure, but not as useful as dancers in other games. Lute: Lute is an interesting beast. I would say she's probably the most underrated unit in Sacred Stones, for a couple of reasons. Yes, she is extremely frail in a game where enemy phase is everything. Yes, she gets screwed if she doesn't get a couple of speed growths in her first few levels. However, more often than not, she gets those speed growths (45% is not bad at all), turns into an absolute offensive monster, consistently one-rounding everything, and she can also dodge attacks at an acceptable rate. Mage Knight gives her +Con and Mov, further enhancing her effectiveness when she promotes. People who don't take good care of her say she's bad, but that's their own problem. B-Tier: Garcia: Extremely powerful (65% strength), incredible bulk (he'll probably max HP without even trying), fantastic starting Axe rank (C for a level 4 is no joke), and 14 con are his main selling points. but... he is crippled by his absolutely awful 20% speed growth. You could try giving him Amelia's speedwing, but that's the main reason why he's in B tier. Fun fact: as a Hero, at 20/20, he'll only have (according to average stats) 16 speed. And we all know average stats don't work in real life. That's sad. Saleh: He has good bases and great weapon ranks, but he's simply not as useful in Ephraim's route as in Eirika's route. Ephraim: Ephraim has great growths and easy availability, and to top it off he gets a mount when he promotes. However...forced promotion. Sorry Ephraim. Kyle: I firmly believe neither Kyle nor Forde deserve to be in A tier. Kyle has utterly mediocre growths and average bases (same goes for Forde), but he does have the advantage of being a horse unit in a game dominated by your mounted units. He will become your best Great Knight if you're not using Gilliam, but that's about it. Forde: Basically explained above. Makes a decent Paladin, but Franz and Seth both overshadow him. Duessel (Only on Phantom Ship): He has strength and HP basically unparalled by his join time, and he is invaluable in the Phantom Ship level. However, he isn't really that useful after that. C-Tier: Gilliam: A solid unit that would be higher up if not for his class. 4 movlol Innes: Innes is a good unit on paper, with decent growths and bases for a pre-promote. His powerful player phase offense is noteworthy, and he quickly reaches S rank bows to be your fastest unit to wield Nidhogg. Unfortunately, he simply doesn't have many opportunites to contribute much in his time in Ephraim's route. He's ok in Chapter 17 and ok for destroying the eggs in 18, but only ok.He simply doesn't have that much time to contribute, unlike in Eirika's route. Joshua: A unit that's basically your average resident myrmidon. He's not the greatest, however, due to swordlock and low strength in a game where lances dominate. Again, your average resident myrmidon. Natasha: She has much better offensive growths than Moulder or Artur (although 20% skill is a notable detriment), but she requires precious levels to catch up to Moulder, and you're trying to promote your clerics to Bishops as quickly as possible, so she's not the best for an efficient run. Myrrh: She is an absolute beast (no pun intended)...for 50 charges. You could try exploiting a glitch and giving her Shadowshots, but no. Ross: Your first trainee unit, and he has a massive advantage over other trainee units because of his early join time. However, he does take quite a bit of investment to start becoming good (and he will once the ball starts rolling), and many times putting that much investment into him just isn't worth it because you have other good units who join strong and require little investment, such as Garcia and Gerik. Dolza: Dolza is a solid pre-promoted unit with decent bases, along with the additional boons of 16 con and a passive +15 crit. Unfortunately, his late join time and "party issues" are all notable detriments to his overall usefulness. D-Tier: Rennac: Your main thief that you only bring around for stealing stuff. Colm: Your early game thief. You could try leveling him up, but he's basically a worse Joshua. Eirika: She re-joins far too weak (with a horrible absence between chapters 9-14). Knoll: Only useful for staffbot and skeleton abuse. L'Arachel: She's just a terrible unit. Syrene: Only good for taking out the eggs in chapter 18. I guess you could try giving her Metis's tome, but no. Neimi: Even if you don't bench her, she'll still cry. E-Tier: Marisa: She is a worse Joshua that joins wayyyy later. She doesn't even have good growths to make it up. If she had a 50% strength growth or something maybe, but... Ewan: E for Ewan. Amelia: Sorry, Amelia. I like you as a person, but no. Just no.
  11. Yeah.... Sand is painful. Literally all your units that aren't pegasi are clones of Anakin. "I hate sand its coarse and rough and gets everywhere" Yeah but 1 mov is pretty sad. You just have to suck it up in Gaiden. Good luck man. Luckily there are only like around four or five desert chapters. (I think. My memory's decent.)
  12. Based on the games you have played so far, Conquest and (potentially) Three Houses will be completely fine for you. So have fun delving into new FE experiences! That's really all I have to say. (I mean, I would hardly call Conquest an enjoyable game, but that's me.)
  13. Oh yeah, I can totally see what you're talking about. Yeah. Well, I mean, since she's relatively new to FE (or so she says), I don't think she'll mind the padding. But you're right, it does get painfully repetitive sometimes.
  14. But, you won’t be wasting your time. Every hour will be well spent and fun, notwithstanding the fact that 3 Houses is ridiculously easy. However, you can easily overlook the difficulty (something I can’t say for most games apart from Sacred Stones for me) that since it’s just a fun game. I think most people would agree that although you will spend, on average, over 80 hrs on just one route, it’s still a great experience.
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