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  1. Cyril. I've been scrolling through this topic, and I don't believe I've seen his name mentioned, which is deeply surprising to me. Just briefly, I don't believe Cyril meets the category of "hated unit;" it's just that nobody really likes him (because he's all about that Rhea). Based of your initial impressions of him, it's hard to say Cyril even passes off as likeable. Being completely honest here, I don't like Cyril much either, but there are certainly moments where his character does shine (his Lysithea and Manuela supports come to mind), but ultimately the hate that he recieves is undeserved.
  2. I have a friend called Haar. I knew him before I was introduced to FE, and we're still friends to this day.
  3. Like, look at these designs. These are just so ugly, I just don't understand why people like this BS. Moltress looks... not absolutely awful, but still pretty bad. Articuno's going through its edgy emo phase (those laser beams though), and Zapdos... ugh. People are too easily appeased by anything. Also, for "new areas" in Sword and Shield (that probably should have been in the game beforehand) you have to spend money so you can unlock these and the Pokemon you can catch there. I mean this is just ridiculous; at least in literally every other Pokemon game you could catch 98%, if not all Pokemon within the game without some kind of stupid DLC. Sword and Shield -1/10
  4. I'm pretty sure a forum nearly identical to this already exists (ahem). Ok, I'll shut up now. I would appreciate a FE4 and FE5 remake, not 'bundled' together ofc. However, I would like a completely new FE game in a different setting, just to see where FE heads to next.
  5. @Fire Brand’s argument is my perspective here. Taking your argument into account however; sure, Elise may considered an adult in the Fates universe. However, when we’re looking at the original topic, Corrin X Elise (first brought up by @spiderbrush), just because Nohr views her as an adult doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. Most people see an 18 year old marrying a 15 year old, a teenager, who is part of his adoptive family. Just because Fates makes it OK doesn’t mean it’s OK. And stuff like this will never be OK.
  6. A very strange support in my opinion is the one between Renault and Bartre. It's also one of the best written and funniest supports in the franchise, which is a plus. Elise is 14/15 yrs old in the Japanese version, and maybe 16 yrs old in the NA version. The legal age for an adult is 18. She is not technically an adult. She is still a teenager. I wouldn't consider the Elise X M!Corrin support anything other than low key incest; same goes for the rest of the royal family. "Weird" is too nice of a label here.
  7. Mukmuk

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope everyone here at SF can spend some time today to connect friends and family, and to relax! Special shoutout goes to the mods; if anyone needs a break, they do. The community here appreciates all your hard work here at SF. And... Yeah. Enjoy your Christmas, guys!
  8. God, that's horrible... animal cruelty is always disgusting and abhorrent. This reminds me a lot of slaughterhouses. I visited one a year ago (for something.), and I have no idea how people can work there. I have no idea how people can run those sort of "buisinesses." Without losing their humanity. They probably already have. Also other sorts of animal abuse. Like how cows are stuffed in cramped stables, unable to move, just so we can have more tender meat. ... A lot of people are saying death penalty above, and I hope that's only an exaggeration (unpopular opinion?). Even though it is something as horrible as animal abuse, this guy doesn't deserve to be killed for it. He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. If this was a perfect world, things like this wouldn't happen, obviously.
  9. I couldn't disagree with this statment more. But, in all seriousness, welcome to SF. Glad that more people are joining the community.
  10. Happy Birthday! Wishing you well from Washington.
  11. I think adding Claude to Smash would be an excellent choice, and my top choice from 3 Houses. However, I would defenitely like a FE8 character to make an appearance in Smash. Top Choices: Seth and Ephraim. I've been wanting both in Smash for a very long time, and I hope at least one can be added. Seth may be a little bit of a stretch, but Ephraim would definitely be a very practical and good addition to the Smash universe. There needs to be a lance user. It's hard to think of any good axe user (for me) apart from Edelgard and Hector, but I think Hector is already in the game as a trophy, and if they add Claude I don't think Edelgard is going to make it. (Off topic: but Pheonix Wright should be in Smash.)
  12. Hi all, Today, we lost a very special person: Juice WRLD. I never knew him personally, but he connected with both me and fans throughout the world through the thing he did best: Music. His music carried me through some very difficult times a few months back, and to today. He had a seizure at an airport, and was found dead shortly after. This was only six days after his birthday. He was only 21. This is my general impression, but it seems as though most people here in SF don't listen to rap music. Which is completely fine. I don't care; I respect whatever music choice you want to listen to.I had to let this off my head (I recieved the news when it first came out), so that's why I'm posting here. To kind of inform all of you, but also to help me a bit. I'll try to keep it simple: I first got my taste of his music when I caught his song "all girls are the same," in 2018. That's when I really started getting into his vibe. He was so raw and pure in his emotions. I had never listened to anyone like him before. Then, as expected (and deservedly), he started blowing up, especially with "Lucid Dreams." A top 5 album soon followed. Then a #1 album. I listened to his sound mature and develop over the years. He was my second most played artist in 2019. I listened to him A LOT. And I could always vibe to his music, no matter how happy or shitty I was feeling at the time. I could feel him in his music. He was powerful. He reached out to me and a lot of other people out there. Even before his death, he was still in high spirits and having a good time. That's who he was, I believe. Despite rapping about his life's misfortunes, he always found the time to smile and appreciate life. Even though he was tormented by all these things happening to him, he still shone through all of it. He is one of this generation's greats. "Legend" can't describe him. To me, he was a fucking angel. My condolences to all his family, friends, and other fans out there. A thing that is not mentioned a lot in the media, when they offer their own condolences, is his girlfriend, Ally Lotti. Because of her, Juice had quit drugs, and was trying to move on because of her. It is clear that she loved him very much... I can't imagine the pain she must be in right now. A thousand blessings, and I pray that she can get through this hard time. And... that's about it. I don't think anyone expected him to go. Now I'm continuing to pray that we won't lose any more. Jarad Anthony Higgins. Born: December 2nd, 1998. Died: December 8th, 2019. R.I.P. Rest in peace, brother. I love you.
  13. For remakes: I really want to see a remake of Awakening. Maybe not in the near future, but defenitely in the future. There is just so much plot that can be fleshed out of the Awakening world that I think it qualifies it for a remake. Fe5: This would be my top choice for a FE remake at this point. Personally, I didn't like Fe4 that much, but if the remakes maintain continuity, Fe4 will come first.
  14. CLAUDE. Ok, all the characters in Three Houses are very well written. There are some I think deserve a special mention: Edelgard, Dorothea, Petra, Shamir, Felix, Ferdinand. And of course, Lorenz. What is special to me about Three Houses is that there were no characters I really hated - the devs truly did an excellent job in this regard.
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