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  1. I'll still play them, they don't affect my enjoyment of the game severely; but I would say it detracts from the experience a bit. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't really like being pandered to by some of the fanservice the games have; it kind of just turns me off. There's just something really weird about being able to marry your students in three houses that I'm not going to be able to shake off, you know?
  2. I... I am dumbfounded. I need to play this. Sir you are a madlad
  3. Sick patch. Fun while it lasted for sure. It really was entertaining trying to feed Karel kills when there is a Jeigan in the early game that one rounded everything he touches in the early game. It also really made me start thinking how the base game has a lot of units that just join with underwhelming stats for their join time. Pretty much every character in this patch is viable in some sort and can contribute a bit in their joining chapter. While you could make the argument it also applies to the base game, I feel like it's easier to justify bringing slightly less optimal units compared to the original. For me personally, I always used Sue on hard mode even though Sin exists because she is a unit I can train that provides something interesting right out the gate; girl with a bow on a horse. By the point in time she joins there really isn't anyone worth training up anymore that takes investment: Alance is probably close to level 10, and so is Shanna if you've been feeding her kills every now and again. Most of the unpromoted units in this.. hack.. are viable and don't require too much special treatment to get going. This is especially relevant with the mid-late game prepromotes, as pretty much every single one of them are good, which is hard to say in the base game. Sucks I can't go to Sacae without training Bartre or Gwendolyn though. Sacae sounds way more tolerable and fun when you have a lord that is actually not benchworty, and those shitty pegasus knights can't compare to the chad nomads on the plains.
  4. There is a chapter in Tear Ring Saga that has an enemy saint use the warp staff (I believe its chapter 26)
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