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  1. Mystery of the Emblem and Binding Blade both had the player go through a few extra hoops to get to the true conclusion of their stories. These amounted to game long collectathons in practice, some would say. Did any other games have this mechanic? Should other games have this concept? Did you personally enjoy the extra challenge or is it just another thing you don't want to have to worry about? For my money, I think Fates would have been better if that was how it was handled. Birthright and Conquest would have extra challenges players would have to overcome to reach a true conclusion with Anankos and happier endings overall. Revelations could still have been kept as a shorter, straight to the source, here's all your units campaign.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. General consensus likes to put Lions and Eagles first. Is there any big gameplay gimmicks attached to the later routes? On another note, I find it weird that people keep putting the Eagles before the Church route. By the game's own design, the Church is one of the defaults, so someone would ordinarily end up playing it first. Everyone seems to be saying it is a weak route overall, but this is a thread for giving a newbie a good first impression.
  3. Hello there, I've seen this topic on other sites but couldn't find one here on THE Fire Emblem site. This is just a thread to talk about what order someone should play Three Houses routes for maximum story, gameplay and spoiler-free enjoyment. What order would you reccomend to someone considering the game? Spoilers allowed here, should have put that down the first time.
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