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  1. QUESTION 1: Considering performance over the entire game, who are the two best beorcs in the game? Ike and Haar QUESTION 2: Considering performance over the entire game, who is the best unit that joins in part 1? Volug QUESTION 3: Considering performance over the entire game, who are the ten worst units in the game (they can be in any order)? Lyre, Fiona, Meg, Bastian, Oliver, Lethe, Kyza, Lehran, Ena, Pelleas QUESTION 4: What is the hardest Part 4 chapter and why (take 4-E as five separate chapter)? 4-4 because of the reinforcements (particularly the meteor sage, who can take down Heather+Rafiel if they aren't trained.) QUESTION 5: Who should get beastfoe in 3-6 and 3-13, and why? (Note: this is a trick question) No one. Beastfoe should not be used. QUESTION 6: Considering performance in part 2 ONLY, and excluding Astrid, who is the worst unit in part 2? Makalov QUESTION 7: Considering performance over the entire game, and excluding Zihark and Mia, who is the best swordmaster? Lucia. She is the only swordmaster. Edward is a myrmidon, Stefan is a trueblade. Zing! QUESTION 8: Considering performance over the entire game, who is the best tome user in the game? (Tome user is one who joins able to wield tomes immediately. So someone like Laura is not included). Micaiah QUESTION 9: Considering performance over the entire game, rank the royal laguz from best to worst. (The royals considered are Nailah, Naesala, Tibarn, Caineghis, Giffca, and Kurthnaga). Nailah, Tibaran, Naes, Cain, Giff, Kurth QUESTION 10: Considering performance over the entire game, who is the best unit in the CRKs? (The CRKs are the units who are available in 3-9) Keiran BONUS QUESTION: Is Danved really Devdan? No. Of course not.
  2. Is there anyway to make another character a lord? Like, if that character dies, it triggers a game over?
  3. Only deploy Jeff and Keiran. Give Keiran and Jeffs some good weapons+concotions/vulneraries. Just charge forward, hold a defensive positon for a bit and heal when you get to 1/3 health. There's a HorseSlayer at the shop, btw. It helps a lot.
  4. Rolf is 12 at the most. Seriously, he looks 9 in PoR.
  5. Does this tier list method assume Zihark and Jill stay in the DB? How does this method work in part 4, seeing how your group splits up. I'd say Sothe> Volug in 1-6-2. His extra movement isn't going to help him save Fiona any better than Sothe. For some reason, Fiona always seems to like to cross the bridge after all of her other units have, so she isn't saved instantly when Volug arrives to help. Saving Fiona is largely based on the RNG. Actually, whether Fiona survives or not is almost completely dependent on how the RNG Goddess treats her the first few turns. They're a few Knights who one round here. There is a myrmidon who has 5% chance to crit. Also, there's a bunch of fire mages up there that can really threaten Volug at this point. Sothe can OHKO some of the mages with a forged knife.
  6. EarthXEarth is completely overkill. EarthXWater is awesome.
  7. I'd say that Sothe is more of a main character than Elincia or Sanaki.... Sothe, Rolf, Soren
  8. Is this a common glitch when using nightmare? Theives are unable to unlock doors. I didn't alter the theif class data at all.
  9. Does anyone think this could be a cool idea for the next FE? There could be a bunch of unique and cleverly named skill points that are difficult to do but give a bonus at the end of the chapter (Like, Extra BEXP and stuff.) For an example, one skill point/ achievement could be called "Goldoa could not move!" in which you rush and defeat Dheg in 4-E-3 without anyone of the dragons moving. Another one could be called "Scratched Armor" in which you'd have to defeat the Black Knight in 3-7. These are just a few ideas, but I think it would be a cool new feature that challenges the player to do an odd task for some extra BEXP.
  10. Wisper

    Fire Emblem 8

    1. Is there any way to change a map sprite without going through all the crazy hex editing? I can't find a Map Sprite Editor Module. I'm only trying to change put my cursor on them they go back to normal. 2. I can't change enemy stats. In Fire Emblem 7, I could just change a random enemy's stats by going into the character editor and editing the generic units stats. This doesn't work with FE 8. Please Help, and I'd appreciate if you all could explain this to me like I was 5 years old.
  11. Mist's strength doesn't turn out average at all, actually. If she hasn't promoted by part 4 (which is possible since this is Hard Mode and she is a healer with crappy stats) then her offense is simply abysmal. She'll eventually promote if you don't give up on her, and she still won't even dream of one rounding anything except for the occasional odd and incredibly paper frail preist. Even with the florete she's doing little damage because of her low magic stat. Also, Mist shoudn't be coming to endgame either. We already are forced Micaiah, who can use Psychic right off the bat, So Mist's +3 move isn't that valuable. And we have Elincia, who is just a better version of Mist. Also, if you used Soren or another sage they can use Staves too, and can use Psychic right off the bat like Micky. What does Mist contribute during these chapters aside from pure superfluous healing utilty? Very little. She'll probably be around level 10 3rd tier here. She can double the generals, but she isn't one rounding anything aside from preists (and mages! Yay!) with a Silver Blade or Vague Katti. She can't actually damage generals without her florete. Her offense is still a lot lower then everyone elses. I can't even describe how horribly she fails throughout the rest of the endgame. She's OHKO'd (lol) by Dragon King, takes serious and usually lethal damage from the Red Dragons, and is still threatened a lot by White Dragons becuse of her low HP. So yeah, Mist doesn't really do anything aside from "Lol one of 2 healers in part 3." And her perfomance there is laughable, too.
  12. Mist should still be lowered, IMO. Someone shouldn't be at the top of middle just for being one of the only healers in part 3 (which, I repeat, is an incredibly easy part. Even on hard.) Once your GM's start hitting 3rd tier, I can see the value of healers becoming already lower then they were before. And she can't do anything in combat, as well. I think everyone is overlooking how horrible she is in combat. She's really bad. The only way for her to actually hurt things in the beggining is for her to use the florete. Her starting overall strength with an iron sword is 14...one point higher then base level Edward! She's weighed down by the Steel Sword for 12 levels, so she really shouldn't be using that, as her speed is already low enough. Also, the Florete has only 45 uses. By the time your done babying her, the sword will be broken and she's pretty much UNUSABLE combat wise unless you bought another Florete in 3-4. It also costs 9000 gold, I'm not sure if it's even possible to have that much gold at that point in the game but you can buy several weapons (or, lolvulneraries) with that amount. Also, you have another healer: Rhys. He isn't very good durability wise, but at least he has high magic and hits RES. He is a great healer, and he can take a good chunk off an enemies health. Mist has better averages then him (kind of) and she without a doubt is better once she gets a mount (which she will probably pretty late), but Rhys is still a better healer and combat unit all through all of part 3. So, while Mist is one of the two healers in part 3, and being a healer on a mount is pretty cool, but she DOES have a lot of things going against her. I also find it silly that she and Rhys are seperated by an entire tier. I think her position should be lowered, but maybe that's just because I like my healers to do something other then heal.
  13. That still isn't enough, in my opinion. Her stats are just so bad. Sure she can heal, but she starts at a base magic of 13, so her healing isn't that great. Plus, the GM's don't need a healer. Just give your units some vulneraries (you get several during part 3) and they're good to go. Come part 4, she's so pathetically outclassed by Elincia it isn't even funny. Actually, it is a bit funny. haha. She's horrible combat wise, and really mediocre healing wise until her level gets higher. Overall, a very mediocre unit that doesn't really contribute much besides her average healing.
  14. Why is Mist always ranked so high on tier lists? I don't see her contributing much except crappy combat and slightly OK healing. Sure she gets a mount after promotion, but her stats are overall very meh.
  15. I didn't train Micaiah at all, lol. I decided to pity Sothe and I paragoned him in 4-P. He got up to level 15 I believe. Nolan and Zihark are good, but training them BOTH is very difficult with the lack of EXP on HM. Jill...I don't know how you're supposed to use her in HM. She has a 60% hit on everything in part one, and is really hard to train there for other reasons as well. But I guess all of that is all personal preference. EDIT: Plus, this is getting a bit Off Topic.
  16. Astrid's growths are still mediocre with Blossom. You got lucky.
  17. Meh, you already have all the GM's and Haar. I didn't use any of my Daein units after that. They aren't that neccesary.
  18. The next two chapters they're in are almost completely defense based anyways. As long as you have two or so units that can take a hit, then you're pretty much set. And laguz are not easy enemies...not in this chapter at least. Everyone on my team except Aran was 1-2 shotted by Tigers.
  19. My strategy for this level was to move everyone in the bottom right corner of the level, and keep using vulnelries if they were hit even once. Try to form a box formation around Micaiah and Laura, who will heal any weakened units. Defense is the best way of staying alive in this chapter. Just wait five turns for BK to appear, then have him solo. EDIT: Also, IIRC Zihark has about a 33-40% chance of getting hit. Nolan's chance is probably higher. Don't overely on an Earth Support if you have it.
  20. Vendor> Merchant> Entrepreneur Caps HP: 50 STR: 24 DEF: 25 MAG: 20 RES: 30 SPE: 34 SKL: 30 LCK: 34 Unique class. They cannot attack, and they can hardly take a hit, but can be important. They can sell, store and buy items on the battlefield. They get EXP for selling and buying. For every promotion, you get 25% off from the shop.
  21. EDIT: While I made this post, an entire argument had happened. My argument was pretty much covered up everyone else's above posts, so you can ignore this if you'd like. I still feel Sephiran's bottom tier material. He's avaliable for one teensy tiny and very easy part of the game where you already should have a bunch of amazing units with you. He contributes the ashera staff, which is useful, but not enough to warrant a spot higher. And considering you're thrown a bunch of concotions and elixirs throughout this game, you don't really need a healer if you keep your units well-equipped. So yeah, he's technically the best "beorc" unit in the game (statistically speaking.) He does do pretty well in the chapter he's in, I admit, but it's just one chapter. No matter how well you perform in one chapter, it's just ONE chapter. I realize I'm being a broken record with Lehran's availability issues several times, but that is the reason he's in bottom. Good stats for one chapter. That's all. I might understand him deserving a higher place if the last chapter was gruelingly difficult, but it isn't. The only thing difficult about him is the ridiculous recruitment strategy you have to go through in order to get him, which is near impossible to do on hard mode.
  22. However, he's only avaliable for one chapter. That kills him. By that time you DON'T need him. Ashera Staff is hardly neccesary because you should already have fortify and matrona (if not, what did you use it on? Seriously.) I don't know the stats of the auras, but if he's doing 50 damage to Aura's, then he's taking 25. He starts with a base 50 HP, so that means he dies just by attacking two auras. Isn't the oppisite supposed to happen? Also, he's only doing two hits if both actually connect, and with Balberith's low hit rate, that's probably not going to happen. It's unlikely he'll even hit Ashera once with Balberith, let alone twice. So he's taking half his health from damaging an Aura, and can hardly hit Ashera with a strong tome. He can kill aura's, but everyone can. Even if he had completely godly stats all around he'd still be an awful unit because he comes at the last chapter and contributes VERY little. At least the dragons give those haxy stat boosts, so they can be useful.
  23. Lehran fails. Bottom of bottom. He shows up at the very last chapter with only a staff. Every enemy in that map has high resistance, so he's hitting for very little damage, and I believe on 3 on Ashera. And you have to TRADE him a tome, he doesn't come with one. Lehran being anywhere else but bottom of bottom is silly.
  24. I've been working on a rom hack for FE7. In the first part (Lyn's mode), you're one team. Then in the second part (eliwood mode), you work with another team. In chapter 15, I tried to make it so the two armies could collide, but I can't get it to work on Chapter Unit Editor. I keep getting two Kent's (well, he's hacked but he USED to be kent) one is one my side, one's on the enemies. Don't know why it's doing this. It seems like a pretty confusing question, but I'd appreciate any help. Also, if it's not to much to ask, could someone explain what the starting level archive does in the Chapter Unit Editor?
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