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  1. Jotari’s issue with Brave weapons seemed to be accuracy though, not weight. I find this game to be very player phase focused. You can do a lot on player phase. You can clear out groups of enemies on player phase so that you don’t have to worry about them much on enemy phase. A lot of abilities benefit the player a lot more on player phase than on enemy phase. There are powerful CAs that can only be used on player phase, including the previously mentioned Encloser. Abilities like Death Blow and Darting Blow only work on player phase. In many ways on this game, the best defense, is a good player phase offense. Enemies can’t kill you if they’re dead (or Enclosed). Impregnable Wall is a very useful and versatile ability that makes it easy to keep your units alive on enemy phase, so they can be ready to kill the enemies on player phase. Extra mobility abilities like Stride and Warp also increase your options on player phase and make it easier for you to do whatever you need to do. Brave weapons themselves increase your options and ability to kill enemies on player phase. Basically I’m saying that I don’t see higher weight to be a huge deal anyway, and Brave weapons double automatically so it doesn’t matter for that either. Accuracy might be an issue though.
  2. Fortress Knight only has 2 more Def than Great Knight. Great Knight has 3 more Move and Canto. I see it as a huge improvement. 4 Move is just too low. Not that I’m a huge fan of Great Knight or anything. One of Great Knight’s biggest issues is that it requires high investment. I don’t like armors much in general though. Especially since Fortress Knights look ridiculous. Then used to look really cool. Most of the characters geared towards armor classes can just be a Grappler or WarMaster for much better offense which I find more useful most of the time.
  3. I love Impregnable Wall. That skill comes in clutch in so many situations. It’s definitely possible to overcome the Riding weakness, though it takes more investment. Even if you want to make him an Armor Knight, you’ll want to train his Riding to make him a Great Knight eventually. Or you can train his other weakness, Flying, and make him a Wyvern Rider. Vengeance is so strong that I don’t know if he needs Lance Faire, especially if he masters Death Blow first which is easy for him to do. WarMaster/Grappler definitely have great killing power, but less mobility than the mounted classes, particularly Wyvern.
  4. @Jotari I’m trying out Vengeance on Bernadetta for the first time in my current playthrough, so I’m no expert on the strategy. So far I’ve been able to pick which enemies to have her fight in order to get her weakened without dying. She doesn’t get ORKO by most enemies. I’m on Ch 6. Once you get her damaged enough, she consistently one shots every enemy, including the Death Knight. I don’t know how well this will work going into the time skip. I have heard of a couple strategies for getting her injured without dying. Giving her a Guard adjutant apparently prevent her from getting ORKOed, leaving her at 1 HP instead. And of course the Miracle Gambit (Blessing I think it’s called?) does the same thing.
  5. I also like Encloser, but why stop an enemy from moving for a turn when you could stop them from moving permanently? Vengeance Bernadetta is super strong. I only discovered this recently but I’m really impressed by it. Encloser still has more range though, especially if you make her a Bow Knight. She may also be pretty good at killing things as a Sniper since Hunter’s Volley is a good CA.
  6. There is here: https://imgur.com/a/dSnk6C9 Credit to Pewpewblaster Bernadetta has Vengeance. Sylvain has Swift Strikes. Dimitri has his Vantage/Wrath combo. No of these units need to double to be good as a Wyvern. Well there’s Ashe, but he’s generally considered one of the worst units. The fast units like females with Darting Blow are able to double a lot of enemies pretty well, and like I said earlier, they need to be weaker than other classes in order to be considered not outright superior.
  7. Losing dismount and canto wouldn’t make fliers useless. They would still have better mobility than most classes.
  8. I wouldn't use a team full of Wyverns and nothing else, or at least I haven't tried that yet. I usually use a few fliers per playthrough. I recognize that other classes do have advantages, but I think that fliers (specifically Wyvern Lords most of all) are the best class overall. Being the best class overall, doesn't mean that you should make your entire team one, nor does it mean that it's the best option for every unit. Just in general. I'm actually surprised to see you say that Felix and Ingrid were doubling "all enemies". Aren't there some enemies that are so fast that they're basically impossible double? Anyway, I do think that fliers can double a good number of enemies, and they can use Brave weapons when they can't. You can also make Ferdinand and Sylvain into Wyverns and have them use Swift Strikes, so there are ways for Wyverns to 1RKO a lot of enemies. They also don't necessarily need to 1RKO to be as good or better than other classes. Like I said earlier, other classes need to perform better in combat (or have some other utility) in order to have a purpose over fliers at all, but even if that's the case, fliers still always have their great mobility advantage. But more on that in the following paragraphs... First of all, I disagree that there aren't many side objectives where flying is useful. Wait, you said that "don't involve combat". Well there are a great many situations I found myself in where high mobility and flight saved my behind. There are many scenarios where flying is useful. It doesn't matter how strong grounded units are if fliers are still strong enough to get the job done, and there's plenty of evidence of that being the case. You can look up video playthroughs of people clearing chapters very quickly using fliers. It also doesn't matter how strong grounded classes are if they can't reach the enemy. Again, there are many chapters where flight is extremely useful for bypassing terrain, getting better positioning, getting somewhere quickly, killing an enemy quickly, saving an ally, etc. Grounded units wouldn't be able to do these things no matter how strong they are. There are certain paralogues that I don't know how I would have won without flying. But also, on a turn by turn basis, fliers have more options. On any given turn, fliers can reach more enemies, have more options, and be more versatile. They may be able to reach enemies that grounded units can't, they might be able to position themselves better for the following turn, between their higher Movement, and their ability to go where grounded units can't, and with Canto they can go on spaces that wouldn't be safe for a grounded unit and then move off afterwards, or just use Canto to position themselves better for the next turn, being able to reach enemies next turn that a grounded unit wouldn't be able to. Even if the flier doesn't perform as well in combat, two fliers with the weakest flying Battalions may be able to reach an enemy that two WarMasters with the strongest ground Battalions can't reach. The two Wyvern's could work together to kill the enemy even if they can't kill it alone, while a WarMaster that can't reach an enemy is useless for that turn. Even with the supposed diminishing returns of having multiple fliers, a WarMaster can't help the first flier to finish off an enemy if they can't reach it, but a second weaker flier could. Higher mobility units are better team players.
  9. Yes, please feel free to share your thoughts! 🙂 The two people I tagged were discussing this topic on a different thread was meant to be about something else, so they were getting ‘off the topic of that thread’. Instead of replying to them there, I figured it would be better to create a new thread specifically for it. Anyone can join in if they want. I only tagged those two because they were already talking about it. Flyers don’t have beast weakness. They are only weak to arrows. Different classes have different strengths and weaknesses, but that doesn’t make them all equal. Some strengths outweigh others.
  10. @Benice @Shadow Mir Your discussion intrigued me but you were off topic, so I’m creating a new one here. This might be a first for me, I usually argue Flyers over grounded units. I do consider Wyvern Lord (WL) the best class overall in 3H, with Falcon Knight and Wyvern Rider not far behind. But this time, I’m actually going to be arguing in favor of grounded units, at least a little bit, Flyers still will always have advantages that make them competitive with other classes no matter how much they fall behind in combat or other areas. But to argue that WL will only have 1 less Atk than other classes if using a weaker Battalion, that isn’t quite accurate, or at least, there’s more to consider than that. I would agree that the Battalions on their own wouldn’t be enough to make grounded classes better than flying classes, but stronger Battalions are one advantage, among others, that grounded classes have over Flyers. And those advantages do add up sometimes. I won’t be arguing in favor of Swordmaster, Assassin, or Warrior, but other grounded classes do have advantages over WL that went unmentioned in that other topic. Snipers have Hunter’s Volley (HV), which is a very strong Combat Art (CA). In Maddening mode, it can be hard to double most enemies, so HV can be much more effective than normal attacks. Snipers also have long range. Grapplers have Fierce Iron Fist (FIF), one if, if not the best CA in the game, which gives them possibly the best killing power of any class. Bow Knights have very long range and have longer link attack effect range than other classes. That, combined with their high Move and Canto can make them very useful, not to mention Bow Faire. Bows are good in this game so that’s nice to have, especially for units that learn Point Blank Volley (PBV). WarMaster doesn’t only have 1 more Str than WL. They also have +20 Crit. This can make them very likely to get a Crit with two attacks with Killer Gauntlets or by using Smash with a Killer Axe. Smash adds +20 Hit and +20 Crit. That alone brings the Crit rate up to 75. +10 with a Crit Ring, +10 from S rank Axes, and +10-20 from a Battalion, can bring your Crit to 115 before adding your stats which should mostly counter the enemies’ Crit Evade. In other words, WarMaster can reach 100% Crit rates against a lot of enemies with Smash, which is a level of reliable killing power that WL simply can’t match (until they master Defiant Crit, but that takes a while). Paladin has Lance Faire which means more damage for Swift Strikes and Vengeance. All of these advantages are combined with the stronger Battalion advantage, and also a few other advantages, like grounded Battalions being able to use Guard adjutants, which is particularly good for a Vengeance build. Now to be clear, I’m not saying that grounded classes are better than flying classes. Like I said, I still consider WL to be the best class in the game overall, but grounded classes can have more killing power than flying classes, for more reasons than the stronger Battalions. And to be clear, they need those advantages in order to compete with Flyers. Flyers need to be weaker in order to not be entirely superior, and even then, the much greater mobility of a WL is a very strong advantage on its own that makes them very versatile and gives them a lot of options. Even with less killing power, I still think WL is arguably better overall, but they do have less killing power than many other grounded classes, for reasons beyond the weaker Battalions.
  11. 3H on Normal and even Hard modes are indeed very easy and one of the easiest games in the series. I don’t know if it’s easier than POR though. POR is also very easy. I’ve never actually played 3H on Normal, I started on Hard and found that very easy. Maddening mode is a whole different story though. If we include Maddening then 3H is far from the easiest in the series. I haven’t played enough of the games in the series to say, but I’d think 3H Maddening would be at least in the middle in terms of difficulty, if not harder than most. Maddening is a huge step up from Hard. - Whether or not this is a good thing is a much more complicated question and depends on a number of factors. Difficulty, balance, and fairness are all separate things but can all sometimes get a bit conflated. Sometimes they do go hand in hand. A game can be hard for unfair reasons, and to an extent that is the case in 3H Maddening. There are so many examples of unfair ambush spawns in Maddening mode. I think they’re among the worst in the series. But that wasn’t really the question. Can it be a bad thing for a game to be too easy? Well, as long as it isn’t so easy that it’s practically impossible to lose, then in general, no. Newer or less skilled players could prefer easier games. It would be nice to have higher difficulties as an option though for people that prefer the challenge, especially in repeat playthroughs. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Low difficulty isn’t inherently a bad thing for the most part, just something that a lot if people wouldn’t prefer. But low difficulty can mess with a game’s balance and reduce variety. The weaker the enemies are, the less your stats matter, the less variety there is between units if they can all kill dozens of enemies. This makes mobility more important than combat power (and it already is most of the time even on higher difficulties). The easier the game is, the less exciting it is to grow stronger and get upgrades and new weapons etc. The game is already easy, you’re already killing enemies without problem. There’s no incentive to growing stronger and it doesn’t make much difference when you do. The difference between various upgrades of sorts becomes smaller. All of your decisions can matter less, what class path to progress your units through, what abilities you use etc. All of this variety can be reduced if a game is too easy.
  12. I don’t really know what that term means though. Some people call FE7 Marcus, Seth, and Titania ‘jeigans’ too.
  13. Gunter just can’t catch a break huh? Maybe we should send him against Jeigan then.
  14. Oof, that’s not a good match up apparently. What if we try to give them closer opponents? Gunter vs Frederick Largo vs Hawkeye
  15. Yes, it happens in B route too. I think it’s worse because of the narrow corridors that make it hard to reach Tate without killing her squad.
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