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  1. @AnonymousSpeed Alright, I was doing a playthrough of Sacred Stones to prepare for this debate, I was planning on finishing it but I don't have enough time right now and don't want to make you wait any longer to start the debate, I can always finish the playthrough and add more to the debate later. So, here's my thoughts on Garcia thus far: (When referring to a unit’s stats at a certain level, I am referring to their average stats, I am putting this here so I don’t need to specify “on average” who knows how many times throughout this analysis) Garcia joins in Ch 2 with the following base stats: Garcia HP: 28 Str: 8 Skl: 7 Spd: 7 Luc: 3 Def: 5 Res: 1 Con: 14 Those are actually pretty good base stats. Good bulk with his high HP. Pretty good offense, 7 Spd isn’t bad, it’s the same as Franz (though Franz could have more by now). Vanessa only has 5 base AS with a Javelin while Garcia doesn’t lose any AS from a Hand Axe. I think Garcia is easily one of the strongest units for the early game, even if that is mostly due to a lack of competition. You don’t get a lot of strong units early on, but regardless of the reason, Garcia definitely seems worth using early on, but may have a hard time keeping up with your other units throughout the game with his 20% Spd growth as your units gain levels and you get more stronger units later on. Chapter 3 These are the most common enemies in this chapter: Lvl 3 Brigands: 23-24 HP, 7-8 Str, 2-3 Skl, 5-7 Spd, 0-1 Lck, 3-4 Def, 0-1 Res Garcia can’t double them and won’t 1RKO most of them, but most of your other units won’t 1RKO them either. Erika isn’t strong enough to 2HKO them. Franz probably won’t double any of them and probably won’t even 2HKO them. Even Gilliam will only 2RKO the weaker ones but not the stronger ones. Garcia can 2RKO even the stronger ones at base level making him offensively stronger than other non-Seth units. It might be worth mentioning that if your other units aren’t strong enough to finish off an enemy after Garcia has weakened it, then his higher damage output might not matter as much as you would think since it could still take 3 units to kill the enemy anyway. But of course there will be opportunities for his higher damage to come in handy such as countering a couple of enemies on EP and then being able to finish one off himself on the next PP. One of these Brigands has a Steel Axe weighing it down, which means that Garcia can probably double and 1RKO it, unless it rolls its highest possible Spd. There’s also a couple Brigands with Hand Axes, Garcia might be able to 2HKO them with a Hand Axe but even if he can’t, having the option to counter them on EP is nice, and he’s more effective in doing so than Franz or your other non-Seth units with a Javelin. Same thing with the Archer. Garcia will have Hit rate issues against the Merc but is otherwise still offensively superior to most of your other units. Erika and Vanessa fail to 2RKO. Defensively Garcia is also stronger than most of your other units with his high HP. Brigands will have low Hit rates against Erika and Colm, but if they do get hit they’re taking a lot of damage. The only units to not get 2RKOed by Brigands are Seth, Gilliam, Garcia, and Franz. The steel Axe guy will 1HKO Ross and 2HKO Franz, while Garcia, Gilliam, and Seth are the only ones that can survive more than 1 hit from him. Chapter 4 The most common enemy type here are Revenants, which Garcia 1RKOs at base. Franz needs to be around level 6 in order to 1RKO them reliably. Gilliam is too slow to double them, even if he gained a point of Spd already, he will only be able to double about half of them. Garcia is about equal to Franz defensively, with only Gilliam and Seth being better. He can also 1RKO Mogalls with a Hand Axe at base. Franz and Vanessa can also 1RKO them at base with a Javelin, so Garcia is tied with them but still pretty good and can take more hits than Franz. Garcia isn’t good against the Bonewalkers since they use Swords though. Garcia can even 1RKO the boss at base level by using a Steel Axe, the only unit that can do that besides obviously Seth. I’d say he’s probably your 2nd best unit here. Chapter 5 The most common enemies are Soldiers which Garcia is great against, 1RKOing them at base level and being stronger defensively than anyone except Gilliam and Seth. Franz can also 1RKO them at base, but probably no one else can yet (besides Seth). The Fighters are similar to the Brigands from Ch3 in that most units won’t be able to 1RKO them but Garcia has an easier time 2RKOing them than most units since he can do so at base (he needs to gain a point of Str in order to do so with Iron, which he probably will have but even if he hasn’t yet, Steel axes are already available). Archers, Garcia can’t 1RKO but can counter them on EP, and it isn’t easy for other units to 1RKO them either, especially on EP. Joshua is better offensively against some enemies but is weaker defensively with lower HP and has no 1-2 range. Chapter 6 Soldiers are again the most common enemy type which is good for Garcia. Franz is the only unit (besides Seth) who is arguably better than Garcia, and he’s generally considered the 2nd best unit in the game after Seth, so it’s really not bad to be behind him. There’s a Fighter with a Steel Axe that Garcia can 1RKO at base (so can Franz and Joshua). Garcia is better than most units against the Armor Knights, possibly 1RKOing them if he gained a few points of Str, while no one else comes as close except Erika with the Rapier (and obviously Seth) but she’s weak against them defensively, even Artur and Lute probably won’t without more investment. He’s probably pretty good against the Cavaliers too as long as they use Lances. Chapter 7 Garcia is pretty good against Steel Axe Fighters, but won’t double the Iron Axe ones. Franz and Joshua are probably the only units better against them (Seth), and Joshua may need to use his Killing Edge to 1RKO them (not with a Crit). There’s still a few Soldiers in this chapter too. Garcia can counter Archers with a Hand Axe, and most other units won’t be able to 1RKO them, probably just Seth and Franz. Maybe Joshua, but even he would have a hard time 1RKOing the ones that roll high HP and Def. Garcia is still bulkier than most of your other units too. Garcia isn’t good at killing Mages since they’re frail enough for other units to 1RKO and too fast for him to double. If he’s high enough level he could 1HKO them with a Steel Axe but I don’t know if he’ll be that high level at this point. He also needs to watch out for a Crit from the Thunder Mages, but so do most other units. Garcia can probably 1HKO the boss with a Halberd so that’s cool, as long as you get him to switch to his Javelin. Also worth noting, you can get an Energy Ring here which generally helps other units more than Garcia. Chapter 8 On the north are a bunch of Armor Knights which Garcia might be able to 1RKO. Franz won’t be able to unless you promote to a Great Knight. Erika can with her Rapier or a few other units with an Armorslayer, but they are frailer than Garcia and would have WTD. Artur and Lute have the same problem of being frailer, and actually require about the same investment as Garcia. There’s still several Soldiers and Garcia can 1RKO the Archers that weigh themselves down. He can 1RKO Shaman with a Hand Axe, but Mages are too fast for him, and he’d need to be pretty high level to 1HKO them with a Steel Axe, and again, Thunder is scary but that’s also true for other units. There are also a few Cavalier reinforcements that appear on the west side that Garcia can 1HKO with the Halberd if you send him in that direction. Route Split Conclusion Overall, pretty solid. Garcia has been probably one of the better units available right up until the route split. Most enemies that he fails to double, most other units aren’t strong enough to 1RKO either. There have only been a few units that beat him out offensively and even fewer defensively. Even when he can’t 1RKO at least he has 1-2 range and good bulk. If the game ended now, I’d definitely call him quite good. Let’s see if he can keep up. Erika Route Chapter 9 Well we’re already off to a somewhat rough start because there are a lot of enemy swordsmen which Garcia has poor accuracy against and might get doubled by some. He’s not bad against Pirates but isn’t great either, some of them are too fast for him to 1RKO, there are a few units that are better, but also some that aren’t. Garcia can double and 1RKO the Steel Axe ones, and can counter the Hand Axe ones. There are still more Soldiers and Garcia can 1RKO them, but by this point in the game they’re getting easier for a lot of units to 1RKO. He can counter Archers with a Hand Axe but probably won’t 1RKO them while a couple units might like Franz, maybe Kyle. By this point in the game you have 1 of each promotion item except for a Hero Crest so most of your other units could potentially be promoted which gives them an advantage over Garcia. I also haven’t mentioned yet that Garcia is foot locked and has zero out of combat utility. Several other units obviously have advantages in those regards. Also worth noting, you can Steal a Speedwing from Amelia in this chapter, which can benefit other units too but is really nice for Garcia. Chapter 10 The most common enemies are again Swordsman, a combination of Mercs and Myrms this time. There’s a lot of Soldiers and Garcia is pretty good against them, but again, most units are by this point. Archers that Garcia can’t double. You get Gerik and a Hero Crest in this chapter so Garcia can finally promote and gain +2 Spd and Swords, but doing so prevents Gerik from being able to. Joshua is also a contender. The Swords are nice against the enemy swordsmen for better accuracy and he also won’t get doubled as much. The Spd increase from promotion (or Speedwing) will allow him to double some more of the Archers and Axemen but there are still some that he won’t (unless you give him both the Hero Crest and Speedwing). Gerik can actually double some of the swordsman if he promotes to Hero, but most he won’t. He can 1RKO Archers at 1-2 range as a Hero, and also the Hand Axe enemies. He can already 1RKO Axemen with an Iron Sword un-promoted. The +2 Str for Joshua also helps him to reach more 1RKOs. Chapter 11 Bonewalkers are the most common enemy here and whether or not a unit can 1RKO them kind of just comes down to whether they’re promoted or not. This applies to a lot of units including Garcia and Joshua. Between the two of them, Garcia has the advantage of extra bulk and 1-2 range. Gerik can 1RKO them un-promoted. The Archers are a bit weaker and easier to kill, Garcia’s 1-2 range is more valuable here, as would be Gerik’s if he promotes. Garcia can 1RKO Revenants and Mogalls un-promoted. Gerik needs to be promoted to 1RKO Gargoyles which are hard for most other units to 1RKO. Also, Garcia will get doubled by the boss if he isn’t promoted (or used a Speedwing) and maybe the Deathgoyle. Chapter 12 Gargoyles are the most common enemies which are pretty hard for most units to 1RKO. Saleh can 1RKO them at base, and Gerik at 10/1 can 1RKO them with an Iron Axe. Garcia is one of the better units against them defensively but is too slow to double most of them, even with both the Hero Crest and Speedwing. If we are including stat boosters, then most other units are better at 1RKOing Gargoyles than Garcia, and some units are really good against them without stat boosters like Saleh and Gerik. Garcia can be pretty good against the ones that use Steel Lances, but most seem to use Iron Lances. The Mauthe Doogs are too fast for most units to double, probably just Joshua and Vanessa can. Garcia might be able to 1HKO them, but some other unit also can, and with more accuracy. Better than some other units but not particularly great. Mogalls are strangely weak and very easy to kill with 1-2 range. Most units are not strong enough to 1RKO Baels, Garcia might struggle to double them if he doesn’t use a Hero Crest or Speedwing but with one of those can be pretty good. Gerik and some other units are obviously good too and access to Axes make it easier for Gerik. Dozla actually seems better for this chapter than Garcia since he’s barely fast enough to double most of the Baels and any small Spd advantage Garcia could have by being promoted doesn’t allow him to double many extra enemies here. Swords aren’t a huge deal here either but do increase his accuracy. Garcia can 1HKO Tarvos with a Halberd, and so can Dozla. Other units aren’t incapable of 1RKOing them either though since they’re easy to double. Gerik and some other units can do so at base, including Erika with the Rapier. Another thing to note is that you get another Energy Ring here, which is generally more beneficial to other units than it is for Garcia. Chapter 13 You can get a second Speedwing from Amelia here if you Stole one from her the first time without recruiting her (or killing her). This is good for Garcia, he benefits quite a bit from Speedwings, though he’s not the only unit that likes them. The most note worthy enemies here are Rangers, which are hard for most units to double, and hard for the few that can to reach high enough Atk for a 1RKO. There’s a lot of Cavaliers and Arhcers. Garcia probably needs both the Hero Crest and a Speedwing in order to reliably double the Archers. He’ll struggle to double the Cavaliers even then but can 1HKO them with a Halberd (as can Dozla at base). He might even be able to 1HKO the Rangers with a Halberd, but you have to be careful because he’ll get doubled, and he needs to be pretty high level to have that much Str (or use an Energy Ring). Dozla can also at base. You need them to switch to Bows for this to work. Gerik can be effective at countering Archers and Rangers if he’s promoted, and the promotion (at least to Hero) would make him more effective against Cavaliers (which he could 1RKO with an Iron Axe at 10/1). He’s better against the Archers than Dozla I guess, but only if he uses both the Hero Crest and Speedwing, and you can just use your Paladins against those. Flyers need to be extra careful here because of all the Bows including 3 Ballistae, The Armor Knights aren’t a big deal but Garcia is pretty god against them. The Later Chapters I'm not sure what else will change moving forward, the Brave Axe eventually becomes available which would be good because it basically negates Garcia's low Spd. He's not the only unit who's good with it though. Duessel and Dozla are both good with it as well, probably even better actually and with less investment. Same goes for the Garm. Garm adds +5 Spd which is great for Garcia, but it's also great for other Axe users if you can reach S Axes with them. Dozla might take longer since he starts with B, and Duessel because he joins late (on Erika's route), but weapon rank can increase fairly quickly in this game. There's only one Garm and one Brave Axe. Maybe you could trade between units, but I don't see Garcia being made particularly more useful because of these weapons, it's not like they're personal weapons for him. Being able to use them is a plus for him sure, but it doesn't come without the cost of those other units not using them. Just like how using the Hero Crest on Garcia comes at the cost of not using it on Gerik (or Joshua). A 2nd Speedwing is now available and at some point you can even get a 3rd one, but these aren't freebies for Garcia, and there are fast enemies that most units can't double so giving those Speedwings to other units instead might be better. Using them on Garcia just catching him up to most other units, but giving to other units could allow them to do things that otherwise might be impossible. Tentative Conclusion I do feel that Garcia has been falling off recently. He's not bad, far better than the actual bad units. But I do think there are a quite a few units better than him. He would definitely be struggling to double even the relatively slow enemies at this point in the game if I hadn't used a Speedwing on him. Even with that, He's not outperforming my other good units in much of anything anymore. If a Speedwing is basically a requirement for him, then anyone else we compare him to can also get a stat booster for basically free. I don't like that he takes the Hero Crest from Gerik and think that giving Gerik access to Axes and 1-2 range is more useful than anything Garcia can do. Gerik is just a better version of Garica basically. Not entirely fair because Gerik is good, being worse than him doesn't make him bad, but what is Garcia doing for my team that I can't do with other units, and who require less investment to do it? He was pretty good early on, and up to the route split, but he's not super important either. Not that anyone else really is either aside from Seth and maybe Franz, but I'd argue that it might be better to just invest more into the other units like the Cavaliers, Vanessa, Artur and Lute, even Erika. You get one of each promotion item before the route split, except for a Hero Crest, which you get the first one when you get Gerik. Ephraim Route You get the first Hero Crest in a Village in Chapter 10 in this route before Gerik joins, and Gerik still comes with his own when he joins, so promoting Garcia doesn't prevent you from promoting Gerik. Compared to the other contender, Joshua, Garcia has more HP and 1-2 range with Hand Axes. He is also arguably more versatile after promotion with better control of the WT being able to use both Swords and Axes. Joshua is Sword locked and has a weaker enemy phase with lower HP and no 1-2 range. He faces WTD against Lance enemies and may struggle to 2HKO enemies. However, I'm not prepared to call Joshua worse than Garcia. Joshua is offensively superior against quite a few enemies. There are lot of enemies that Garcia does struggle to double, while Joshua can double even really fast enemies. Garcia can double more enemies with a Speedwing, but then we'd have to give Joshua an Energy Ring to be fair, which increases his kill range as well. As long as Joshua has access to the right weapons, he can be quite impressive offensively, including being able to 1RKO enemies that almost no one else can realistically double, allowing Joshua to do basically impossible things. Duessel also joins much earlier in Ephraim's route, which gives Garcia some tough competition as a strong Axe user with high Str and benefits a lot from a Speedwing. Oh yeah, and you have Ephraim instead of Erika who is better than Erika, and also better than Garcia. Rough-Draft Comparison Like I mentioned earlier, Garcia isn't bad. He's a lot better than the worst units. He's far from the bottom, but I think he's far from the top too. I think he falls somewhere in the middle, making him pretty much just average, which is fine, but it isn't particularly good. I think this game gives you a lot of really good units that Garcia just isn't worth the investment he needs to keep up with better units. Here's a rough-draft list of units I consider worse than him - Erika, Gilliam, Ross, Neimi, Amelia, Marisa, L'Arachel, Ewan. Here's a rough-draft list of units I consider roughly equal to him - Natasha, Joshua, Forde, Innes, Dozla, Syrene. Here's a rough-draft list of units I consider better than him - Franz, Vanessa, Moulder, Artur, Lute, Ephraim, Kyle, Tana, Gerik, Saleh, Cormag, Duessel, Knoll, Myrrh, Units whose unique utility makes them too hard to compare - Colm, Rennac. Units who are Seth - Seth. Some clarification on those lists - Knoll pretty much sucks in combat, but he has some pretty unique utility as a Summoner which is quite useful. He can also immediately be promoted to Summoner for this, making him low investment, and he has some Staff utility too. Myrhh joins late and has limited uses, but she is low investment and has certain things that she is very good at. I put Forde as roughly equal, but I like that even if his combat is lacking at least he has high Move and Rescue/Drop utility so he is more versatile than Garcia. Innes, Dozla, and Syrene are all basically zero investment units. Syrene isn't great for much, but flyer utility is always nice. Dozla can do a lot of the same things Garcia can do but without needing investment. Innes is Bow locked, but he is offensively quite strong and often help out in picking off enemies, he is good against some enemies that are hard for most units to kill, including Draco Zombies in the final chapter. And this is with little to no investment. Erika does have some advantages over Garcia but has enough weaknesses that I'm okay with putting her below him. Natasha isn't actually bad, but there's really no point in using her with Moulder being better. Still, as a secondary Staff user early on, in case Moulder dies or something, I think there are more people that can fill in Garcia's role than Natasha's. Garcia is just a combat unit with zero utility, while Natasha is a rarer type of unit that can be more important in the right context. I wouldn't call her better than him, but if anything I might move her to the utility section with Colm and Rennac. - Sorry if this is a bit unorganized but hopefully you like the analysis. I look forward to seeing your response!
  2. I mostly agree with your overall point, but you didn’t mention that Gremory gets x2 Magic Uses which is really useful for a few units, such as Dorothea for double Meteor, or Lysithea for double Warp (and Luna, Hades, and Dark Spikes all have very limited uses as well). I made Lysithea a Dark Knight in my first Maddening run, and really appreciated having the high Move and Canto, but those x2 spell uses is a really nice incentive for some units. Annette on the other hand, I actually think is one of the units to benefit the least from x2 spell uses. Her spells generally have more uses already, and her Crest can help give her a few extra uses. Her Faith list isn’t very good anyway. I would definitely include Annette on the list of units that prefer Dark Knight.
  3. Yeah, I hated that skill that in POR. When I first saw it on Ilyana, I tried it out and she got killed anyway, so I immediately wrote it off as being useless. What the heck is the point in a skill like that in a strategy game if there’s no way to plan a strategy around it. If the concern is for it being too OP then it could have limitations, maybe it only works if you’re at full health or something (on top of other units needing to be in range obviously), but it needs to be consistent. I haven’t actually used it 3H, but I’ve heard that works reliably and I think that’s really cool. At first I didn’t trust it because of my experience in POR.
  4. The first thing that came to mind was that Bows are possibly at their best in this game, as others have already said. Everything about them is great, Close Counter, extended range, Hunter’s Volley and Point Blank Volley. They’re great, and they used to suck in most FE games. They were also good in Echoes. Super Canto is back from the Tellius games which is great. Mounted units have generally been good with or without that but it definitely helps. Flying classes are really good in this game, but they were never bad, and have also been really good in some previous games too. In general, I much prefer Combat Arts over the unreliable chance based skills from previous games, but Astra is just really disappointing as someone else already mentioned. Stealth is more reliable in this game than it was in POR. 1-2 range weapons like Hand Axes and Javelins seem a lot worse than they have often been in previous games. In regards to the crit rates, I agree that you can reach much more reliable Crit rates in this game than in most previous ones. I’ve seen builds that reach 100% Crit rates with Wrath but not Defiant Crit, so you don’t need to master a Master class for it. You can also reach 100% Crit rate with Smash as a WarMaster. You can also reach pretty high Crit rates with Hunter’s Volley and Fierce Iron Fist, since they give you multiple chances. Killer weapons have had various amounts of availability in previous games, but they are often buyable at some point so depending on the game, They’re plenty available, but ~30% Crit rate is pretty unreliable. You can go higher than that in some cases but generally won’t be nearly as high as you can go in 3H with the right set up.
  5. I think you misread what I said. I said it’s important for tutorials to account for different types of players, because different players learn at different rates and have different preferences. That’s why I said it’s important for tutorials to allow players to play through them at their own pace, like the Banjo Kazooie example. I don’t think the LM tutorial is bad, just that it should have the option to skip it. But we weren’t talking only about FE games, we were also talking about tutorials in general. Yeah, I’ll agree that it should probably hint at how to unlock it better. I remember there being dialogue at the end of Ch22 about the Devine Weapons shining towards the dragon shrine, but I suppose that only happens if you have all of them and not if you don’t. Something like that to hint that you need all of them would have helped. I don’t see what this has to do with recommending the games to a newcomer though. I really don’t see how this is fair criticism. It’s available from the menu for people who want it. If you want to jump right into the game without seeing what the options are that’s fine, but don’t then complain that there was no tutorial when you didn’t look for it. This is hardly fair either. Lugh joins at chapter 3, thats pretty early. And how complicated is Magic damage? Pressing R on the stats page and going down to Res will tell you that it reduces damage from Magic attacks. There’s a discussion to be had about whether FE games should give players more information regarding calculations and such, but that’s a separate topic from this and has nothing to do with the FE6 tutorial specifically. I’m not sure what you mean by this. Again, there a separate discussion to be had about if FE games as a whole should give players some more explanations about calculations and formulas and stuff, but that would apply equally to FE7 and every other game. Should it give some more info? Maybe. But does it give enough info for players to understand the basics and be able to play the game? Yeah, I think so, and I don’t really think a tutorial needs to be or even should be any more than that. They aren’t guides, and there should be room for players to improve and figure things out on their own too, they shouldn’t tell players everything about the game. I really don’t see how this is related to the topic at hand. Why not? I think it’s a common thing to look at what options the game allows you to change for your first time playing it. Obviously this depends on the player, but players that don’t want to jump right into the game should probably look around to see if there’s some sort of option for extra info or a tutorial? It isn’t hidden, it’s just in the extras menus. Sure, it could be on the main menu, but this seems a really small criticism. And if we’re talking about recommending the game to someone, then we can also tell them to play the tutorial first. I guess the LM tutorials basically seem like an example of a ‘show AND tell’ sort of tutorial. I don’t remember those boat maps. Out of curiosity, in what way do they “show not tell” and what are peoples’ problems with it? Honestly I think you’re exaggerating a bit about how complex SRPGs are. Moving the cursor and pressing A isn’t any more complicated than pointing and clicking a mouse. The game should explain the rules, and controls, how the game works, and what your objective is, but I don’t think explanations are hard to provide. Saying “enemies are harder to hit in forests” is really all you need to explain that forests boost avoid. Just one short line of dialogue. And pointing the cursor on a forest will tell you that it gives 20 Avo and 1 Def. Being able to press R to give additional info about a lot of stuff in FE games is a great thing. That and the battle forecast telling you exactly what damage you deal and what your Hit rate is. Being able check enemies stats. I think FE games actually give you a lot of info. More than a lot of other games. There are still some mechanics that could/should be explained better, like I don’t think the games really tell you what Con actually does, but for the most part they’re very good at giving players information. In FE1 you couldn’t see weapon stats which makes me feel limited in my information in that game without looking it up, but the GBA games give you a lot of info. I’ve always liked that FE games give you such detailed info compare to a lot of other games where you might have to guess how much damage you will do, which makes it hard to make informed decisions. I still feel like you’re exaggerating the complexity of SRPGs. Pointing and clicking while reading the prompts that come up isn’t complicated. And then there’s an arrow originating from your unit showing where they will move to within a highlighted grid field, which seems pretty intuitive to me. When you click, the unit the. moves to that location, and if you don’t want to commit to that move, you can still go back before confirming. The specific mechanics are more complicated but like I said, FE games tend to give players a lot of info so I don’t see an issue. And I think just about every FE game gives players advice through dialogue in the first few chapters. You’re also sort of downplaying the complexity of action games. The same button can have different outputs depending on the situation you’re in in action games. Especially factoring in combos and stuff. Fighting games are arguably more complicated than FE. Yeah, I don’t think it’s too unreasonable for players to think that they could talk to Rutger with Clarine. I’d also add that he’s an optional recruitment. You aren’t punished for not recruiting so much as you are rewarded for recruiting him.
  6. I feel like I should clarify, I never said the FE7 LM tutorial was bad, just that it should have been skippable or playable without the tutorials. In general I don’t think it’s necessarily better for a game to have a dedicated tutorial rather than explaining things during the game. Games can, and often do provide brief explanations of things during the game through just a few lines of dialogue. It doesn’t take much to say “enemies are harder to hit in forests”. And when you put the cursor on a forest it says “Avo 20”. I don’t know why a game would need to have a more detailed explanation of that. Also, FE6 does have a dedicated tutorial, so what was wrong with that? It was an optional extra outside of the main game that players could choose to play or choose to ignore it and jump right into the game if they’d prefer. FE8 has Easy mode which I never played but I think that acts as a tutorial, and again is skippable since you can choose whether to play on Easy or on Normal or Hard. Most FE games explain some things and give players some advice if you visit the houses in the first few chapters. I’m not saying information shouldn’t be available for players that seek it, in fact there are some things that probably could be explained a bit better, but different players learn at different rates and have different preferences for what they want explained to them and what they would rather figure out on their own, so I think that players should not be forced to play through a slow super detailed tutorial with no way to skip it. That’s why I think something like the Banjo Kazooie example is basically the perfect tutorial. A lot of it, I think just comes down to the specific game and what the developers want the player to know. Some games may be made with the intention of the player going in blind and needing to figure things out on their own, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing if the game is designed fairly and in a way that facilitates players being able to learn whatever they need to know to play through the game.
  7. Several people have now brought up “hardware limitations” or such, but I’m not sure it’s relevant here. We’re talking about the GBA, not the 8-bit era. I have to agree with OriginalRaisins on this one. It’s basically the secret ending, people shouldn’t expect to get it on their first playthrough, let alone be frustrated at the game for letting them not get it. Don’t pretty much all FE games warn players about this? How much more do you want them to do? Obviously players aren’t going to purposely get units killed, but mistakes happen. And I’d be cautious about warning players to not waste weapons, as a lot of players seem to have the opposite tendency of never actually using the resources available to them. I wouldn’t want the game to encourage players to hoard items. It’s a difficult balance since obviously you do need to manage your resources, but that’s why I would leave it to the player to figure it out for them selves. The game shouldn’t tell the player the best way to utilize their items, when and when not to use them. It’s a tutorial not a guide. You’re still supposed to solve the problem on your own. Same thing, of course a player isn’t expected to play and to utilize their tools in the most optimal manner possible on their first playthrough. Fire Emblem games have plenty of room for mistakes and still have the game be beatable. You don’t need to play FE games perfectly without making mistakes to beat them. I’m especially confused by the bolder part of your post. Do you expect the game to tell you which units to use? Which ones are better than others? Again, this is something I’d expect the player to figure out on their own. In my first playthrough of 3H, I made plenty of mistakes in raising my units, they weren’t close to optimal, and that’s okay, I learned from it and know how to make more optimal builds of units now. If you want to look up a guide or online advice, you can, but tutorials are not meant to be guides. Yes, of course first time players are more likely to make mistakes and not know the most efficient way to utilize their tools and resources. Heck, people still have debates to this day about the most optimal way to play these games, so of course a first time player couldn’t be expected to know that. And why would you want them to, and not leave any room for improvement? Should it be easy to play a game perfectly and optimally the first time and not be able to play it any better a second time? That’s somewhat true but I also think you’re exaggerating. FE6 allows for plenty of room for mistakes and still being able to beat the game. Even if you do waste the Durandal early on (or worse, hoard it forever) the game is still beatable. In my first Ironman run, I got several of the best units killed and still beat it. Clarine doesn’t get attacked by enemies in that chapter so that can’t happen. (The fact that she can’t get attacked is unintuitive in itself but that’s a different matter). I think the only thing it would need to improve it is having Clarine have an extra line at the end of her recruitment saying something along the lines of “I should try to find that swordsman so I can talk to him”, or something like that. That way players would know to have Clarine talk to Rutger.
  8. How is this a remotely appropriate response when I literally said the most important aspect of a tutorial is to account for different types of people? I’m so confused. Where do you draw the line? Tutorials can always be more detailed, at a certain point the developers have to decide that what they have is good enough. And tutorials have a limit to how detailed they even can be before they start crossing the line into being a guide. Tell players what they need to understand and play the game and leave some room for players to figure out the rest and keep improving on their own. The Super Smash Bros tutorials are pretty great. First of all, they’re optional and entirely skippable for people who either already know how to play or want to figure it out on their own. Then the tutorials themselves explain the controls and shows what it looks like actually being performed (because some people learn more from visuals). They teach the basics of the game, what players need to know to start playing and be able to keep improving on their own. Do you think this tutorial would be objectively better if it explained competitive level mechanics and taught advanced techs and combos, etc.? I think this is actually a pretty complex topic and the answer will often depend on the situation and be a case by case kind of thing. I’m not convinced that games even need tutorials rather than being able to show players how the game works and facilitate players’ learning the game through its level design. Megaman really only needs to teach players that they can jump and they can shoot, let them figure out the rest on their own, but show them through the level design how new things work in a fair way such as by having new platforming challenges introduced in a safe environment so that players can figure it out without dying if they mess up, and then put them into more difficult scenarios after they have crossed the first safer obstacle. I personally think this is a far better approach than having a super detailed explanation of how the obstacle works. I already said games shouldn’t throw things at the player that they couldn’t reasonably be expected to figure out on their own. Some explanations are good, but ‘more detailed explanations is always better than less’ seems way too simplified.
  9. I don't agree with this. I recommend watching the Sequelitis video on Megaman vs Megaman X. It's a good video and makes some points that help with the points I'm trying to make here. Part of the video is him complaining about how modern games have a tendency to hold players' hands more, halting the flow of the game to explain everything to the player instead of letting players figure things out on their own. Older games tended to encourage players to learn the game through how the maps were designed, and Sequelitus says that Megaman and Megaman X are both very good at doing this. They basically take a "show don't tell" approach to teaching players how to play the game, which is an approach that I personally prefer. I like to figure things out on my own. I think that tutorials shouldn't explain to players more than they need to. They need to explain the controls, the rules, and the objective, but they should not explain the solution. Players should be encouraged to figure that out on their own. Problem solving and figuring things out is kind of the point of games isn't it? Games should be designed in a way that facilitates players' learning, they shouldn't be unfair and throw things at the player that they couldn't possibly be expected to know, but they shouldn't spell things out for them either, they should give them the tools they need to figure things out on their own. I think that the most important aspect of a tutorial is not to be as detailed as possible. The most important aspect of a tutorial is to allow players to get through it at their own pace. Not only because of players replaying the game again, but also because different first time players will learn things at different paces, and also will have different preferences for how much they want things explained to them or if they would prefer to just jump right in and start figuring things out on their own. It's been a long time since I've played Banjo-Kazooie, but I think that game takes an approach to its tutorial like this. Having obstacles the player needs to traverse to complete it. If they already know how to do it, they can quickly and easily traverse the obstacles and move on, but for players that don't know how, an optional explanation is provided to help them out. Another big thing that a tutorial should not do is giving them bad advice, and teaching them bad strategies. Such as telling the player to have a unit attack a boss when doing say would put her at risk of dying if the fight wasn't scripted for the tutorial. Telling players to take a risk of death for no reason in a game with risk management as a huge aspect of it is definitely a point against the tutorial in my book. Overall I don't think the Lyn Mode tutorial is bad, at least not for first time players, I just think players should have the option to either skip LM entirely or start on Lyn Hard Mode (which should also clarify what it actually is, it isn't actually any harder than Lyn Normal mode, the only difference is that it removes the tutorials and scripted events).
  10. Hmm, I’m not sure who my favorites are from each game, I like quite a few characters. My favorites might be tentative to change for some of these but these are what I’ll go with for now: FE6 Binding Blade - Dieck FE7 Blazing Sword - Pent FE8 Sacred Stones - Joshua FE9 Path of Radiance - Captain Haar FE10 Radiant Dawn - Captain Haar FE11 Shadow Dragon - Jeigan Echoes SoV - Alm Three Houses - Ferdinand Von Aegir - Jeigan recognizes that the younger generations have surpassed him and proudly surrenders so that he can finally retire in peace knowing that the land will have strong warriors to defend it when the time comes. Dieck and Pent shake hands before the battle starts but agree to not hold back if they end up fighting each other. Joshua flips a coin to decide his opponent between Dieck and Alm in order to test his Swordsmanship against them. It lands heads which means he fights Dieck. He lands a few blows against Dieck since he’s faster but Dieck has had plenty of injuries before and it’s going to take a lot more than a few grazing blows to take him down, he draws the ultimate weapon available to him, the Durandal and prepares for a killing blow against Joshua. Joshua barely manages to dodge and then gets a lucky Crit against Dieck. meanwhile, Ferdinand Von Aegir charges Alm. He prepares a Swift Strikes while Alm prepares Double Lion. Ferdinand Von Aegir has the advantage due to Sword Breaker while Alm is surprised to learn about the Weapon Triangle. Being a noble, Ferdinand Von Aegir feels that it is his responsibility, nay, his privilege to fight fair and with honor. He sits down and teaches Alm all about the Breaker Skills. Pent blasts Joshua with his Magic but Joshua manages to survive by wielding his Audhulma which protects him from Magic. He then picks up Dieck’s Durandal and rushes Pent with it. He lands a blow but doesn’t get a Crit and Pent manages to survive though badly injured, he finishes off Joshua who is no longer protected from Magic. Upon finishing the lesson about skills and the Weapon Triangle, Alm and Ferdinand Von Aegir clash against each other, but understanding the Weapon Triangle doesn’t mean Alm can beat it and between that and Ferdinand Von Aegir’s personal ability boosting his Avoid, he is unable to land any blows, and Ferdinand Von Aegir defeats him with Swift Strikes. Ferdinand Von Aegir sees Pent in the distance and recognizes his nobility. He salutes him before beginning his charge. But as he closes the distance he begins to feel very drowsy. He looks forward and notices Pent holding up a Staff while chanting. Ferdinand Von Aegir falls asleep and falls off his horse. Pent is now the last man standing and is declared the winner. Captain Haar and Captain Haar wake up and arrive to the battlefield but are disqualified for being late. They are in shock at how there could be another version of themselves but decide that it isn’t worth worrying about and decide to take another nap.
  11. First of all, please break up your thoughts with periods. I’m not saying this because I care a lot about grammar, I’m only mentioning this because it was distracting while reading your post and made it a bit confusing at times. Anyway, having a unit bait enemies and then having your units kill them is a common strategy. There’s no reason Pegasus Knights wouldn’t work for that, but they should be one of the units attacking afterwards, not the unit baiting the enemy. As a couple people already mentioned, Pegasus Knights are generally pretty fragile to balance out their high mobility, but that high mobility can also be used to make up for their fragility. With their high Movement and ability to fly over terrain, you can keep them safely out of enemy range and then have them swoop in for a kill when it is safe to do so. You generally shouldn’t throw them into a group of enemies and expect them to survive, but their ability to air drop a powerful unit into the action can be great. They’re also able to get to villages quickly or Rescue units out of danger. In this sense, they can be good support units. In some cases, Pegasus Knights actually can be pretty decent in combat as well, you just usually have to be a little more careful with them to not put them in range of Archers. For 3H, any unit can be any class, aside from gender restrictions which is relevant here because Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight are female only classes. There isn’t anything particular frail about Pegasus Knights in 3H, so yes, they can be pretty tough. Stat wise, I think Pegasus Knight is the best Intermediate class in this game. They don’t have a penalty to HP or Def so they aren’t any frailer than most other classes, and they have +3 Spd and +10 Avoid, which actually makes them better at surviving attacks than most other units by not getting doubled and being more likely to dodge. You still have to be careful with enemy Bow users, but this game also has a new mechanic that makes that less of an issue for Flyers, Dismounting. You can put a Pegasus Knight in range of an enemy Archer and then Dismount to remove your weakness to Bows, so that isn’t even a big deal. Pegasus Knight is a great class for a lot of female units including Byleth, Edelgard, Petra, Hilda, and Leonie. At level 20, Advanced classes become available. There is no Advanced version of Pegasus Knight. Wyvern Rider is an Advanced class and is a really good class for a lot of units. The units that were good as Pegasus Knights should usually become Wyverns Knights when available. It has all the same advantages and some more including extra Def which should be something you would like. At level 30, Master classes become available which includes Falcon Knight and Wyvern Lord. Wyvern Lord is a generally better class and is recommended for most units over Falcon Knight, for a few reasons including +4 Def, making them pretty durable, which sounds like what you want. Still, if you prefer Falcon Knights, they aren’t a bad alternative and aren’t particularly frail, having only a few points less Def than most other classes, while having extra Spd and Avoid. Spd is nice to avoid getting doubles so they actually are possibly better at surviving attacks than a lot of other classes while still having the high mobility to make them better at staying out of danger and swooping in when the right opportunity presents itself.
  12. I think FE7 is both easier and harder than FE8. FE7 ENM is easier than FE8 NM, and FE7 HHM is harder than FE8 HM.
  13. In general, I’d consider Binding Blade to have better maps than a lot of other FE game. Which aren’t nearly as bad as people claim. The game often gives you warnings about them. Being able to skip ambush spawns is often a reward for playing fast. There are some particularly unfair ambush spawns in the game that would be very rough in a blind playthrough. But there are also some unfair ambush spawns in other FE games that you won’t be expecting if you’re playing blind, including FE7. I’d say 3H has the worst ambush spawns out of any game I’ve played. If you aren’t playing blind and have played Binding Blade a few times and are familiar with the ambush spawns, I actually think ambush spawns add to the game rather than hurting it. Playing any game blind and on the hardest difficulty isn’t easy. What do you mean low cast quality? Quality is relative. Enemies are stronger and the game is harder. That doesn’t make the units bad. Besides, Binding Blade has plenty of really good units. Including ones that you get mid to late game. You don’t stop getting good units throughout the game so I don’t understand your complaint. That are plenty of good low investment units (or even zero investment pre-promotes) that join later in the game. There are some under-leveled units that aren’t worth using, and other games also have those too. Why are we talking about BB HM, but not FE7 HHM? If you want to talk about lower difficulties on FE7 then we should be talking about BB NM. I think FE7 has a lot of issues actually, especially for a blind run or an Ironman run. In Battle Before Dawn, you can literally lose the entire game in an Ironman run just by getting unlucky even if you use a perfect strategy and play super fast. In FE6, not playing fast enough usually results in losing out on additional optional rewards rather than losing the game. Why? It’s a good game. Playing it blind would be hard but that applies to a lot of other games too. For someone who’s familiar with the game, I definitely think Binding Blade offers one of the best ironman experiences of the games I’ve played. Bosses in some cases can be somewhat tedious, but not a lottery. And it’s always bothered me that people say you pretty much need to promote Rutger with the first Hero Crest in HM. Early promoted Dieck can handle bosses just fine. In my very first HM playthrough, I thought “do I really need to promote Rutger, is the game really that imbalanced that I won’t be able to beat it if I promote someone else?”, then I promoted Dieck, beat the game just fine and was like “well guess that claim was a lie”. Besides, some bosses in Binding Blade are tedious at worst, they’re really not as bad as you’re making them out to be. All of the lords in the GBA games get late promotions. In SD, Marth never promotes. The lord is the only unit that can seize in every game that has seize. The escorting complaint applies to most FE games. You have to escort Hector who is locked to 5 Move for the whole game and has a high Con so he can be hard to carry. You have to escort foot locked Ike in POR, a game with really large maps. You have to escort Marth in SD, a game that doesn’t have Rescuing (though it does have infinite range Warp). Binding Blade has some really good maps. I don’t know why you think they’re bad for being “long and windy”.
  14. Most of the tier lists I’ve seen actually do put Saul above Clarine for higher Staff rank and better use of Warp. I could go either way, they’re both good. I’m curious what angle you would take to argue this. Percival is one of the strongest units you get. He’s easy to recruit and joins you free of investment with really good stats (especially in HM but his stats are good on NM too), he has high weapon ranks, and he’s a Paladin meaning he has high Move and Rescue/Drop utility. He’s regularly rated Top tier from what I’ve seen in tier lists and never really had any reason to disagree with it. The guy really doesn’t fail to impress. He’s know as the “strongest warrior in Eturia” for good reason. Niime is good but I don’t know if she’s that good. She has a few cool tricks she can do, but I’d generally consider Percival better. If your argument is from an LTC or speed run metric then you’re probably just correct and I can’t disagree, but from a more general ‘make the game easier’ sort of metric (which is more subjective and harder to judge), Niime is still good but it’s hard to beat out someone as great as Percival. The guy really is capable of a lot. Even with Warping, you need a strong unit to Warp forward, and Percival is a great candidate for that. Give me some time to prepare for this one and I’ll take it.
  15. @AnonymousSpeed So what are some of your positions on units so we can know what to debate you on?
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