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  1. I made those different paragraph's because I have played 7,8,11,13, birthright, and three houses. I won't say I would recommend them, as I have played them and think they are just okay. Which is why I think they are the worst, because(in my eyes) you can get much more bang for your buck if you played something that was certifiably bad. It gets something out of you that I consider fun. Like crappy voice acting as compared to mediocre voice acting. I can't recommend nor tell others not to play 9 or 10 because I have not played. I just can't find a reason to myself. Hope that clears it up for you
  2. >Fire emblem three houses, along with fe7, 8, 11, 13, and birthright are the worst games in the series. Not because they are outright poor in quality, but because they are neither good nor bad. They have nothing to keep you from playing other games that get a reaction out of you. Ex: I would rather listen to crappy voice acting than mediocre voice acting. I think there is something to be gained from watching, playing, or listening to something that's outright bad. >Fe3h has poor stories over all, and even the 'best' story of blue lions is plagued with horrible pace and mediocre execution. >Fe3h should've allowed you to play three sides of the same linear story. I think it could do alot with that idea. >Edelgarde's story is unneeded and I'd be okay if they didn't allow you to side with her. >Edelgarde is a boring character that is like 3 different characters mashed together. Support/cutesy Edelgarde, sympathetic Edelgarde, and conquerer Edelgarde. All sides are equally boring. >Fe5 is the best fire emblem game. >I can't find a reason to play 9 and 10. They both look boring and I don't know why I would play it when I can play something else. >Fe7 has no reason to exist >Fe8's story is as bland as its gameplay >Leif isn't one of the worst lords, but in fact, he is really good for his avoid and leadership stars. >I wish Fe5 could be the next echoes, but I do think fe4 deserves the spot because fe5 is the midquel. That's all I can think of.
  3. I sadly never have had fancy gloves to eat, so I wouldn't no. Also, I think kain is a pretty useless unit. I don't use him at all. I use callion as well. He has a major plus of being a paladin upon promotion, so using swords on horse back is a big boon for him
  4. Where I'm coming from is this. When there is complete freedom to choose whatever you want, the only logical thing to do is make everybody the best class, and give everybody the best weapons. You can see this with everyone using wyverns. Ah! I just had an epiphany. If three houses made the classes more specialized with each having a boon and a bane, then you would see each class have a purpose. This isn't the case, as sone classes are inherently better than others. Making it stupid to choose other classes.
  5. There was a portion in my post about my first playthrough. In it I expressed how I liked it because of the limitations I put on myself. I can't say that I like the game though. My thought process is, "If I must throw half the game away, do I really like the game?" My answer is no, and I'm expressing what I'd do to tailer the experience for myself.
  6. Yes, I agree on that front. Where I come from is that I personally would like a more tight nit and limited system. As someone who does I can't say I really love a game if I must throw half, or even more, of its mechanics out.
  7. I had finished playing my first route. I had loved the game, but I wouldn't have called it my favorite fe game. Afterwards I decided to play a different route. This time I liked the fame significantly less. In fact I got really sick of playing it. I decided to drop that playthrough, and replay my first route. I still didn't like the game, and I was only getting more sick of playing it. I put the game away, and decided to play other fire emblem's. While playing them I was wondering why I liked my first route, but hated my second and third. I came to a conclusion and would like to flesh out the biggest problem I have with three houses. That problem is the lack of limitations.that is to say. The only time I liked playing three houses is when I artificially limited my resources. From banning fliers, banning turn wheel, and never doing paralogue's or auxiliary battles. Fire emblem, as a strategy game, gives itself well to limitations and how you solve puzzles. Either trying to work around those limitations, or embracing them, these games don't only have just one answer; these games have multiple answers that all are valid strategies to get through special situations. From deciding to buy that silver sword to having a unit die. The situation your in is special, because the money you spend and experience given is all limited. In fire emblem three house your choices don't matter. It doesn't matter if Sylvain died; Just turn back that clock till you pull through. If you bought too many stat boosters, weapons, repaired some items, bought some seeds, etc. You can just play some auxiliary battles to get some money back. You're given the freedom to make everyone the best class in the game, and no amount of money is stopping you from getting the best weapons or battalions. There's only ever one right way to beat any chapter. I get that they try to limit such things sone what, but giving you the ability to hit the battle icon twice a month, and the fact you can do up to 3 maps in the later games, means you never have to go without experience or money. Advanced seals may cost quite a bit of money, but you have so much money anyway. Another resource that is given to you too much are forging stones. Of course special forging stones are harder to get, but normal forging stones in particular are practically just handed to you. Group tasks are a good example of this. They give you proficiency in certain skills, they don't take any resources to use, and they give you forging stones. You get given, and have too many, of these valuable resources. So much that I question why things like regular forging stones exist instead of allowing you to just forge with money alone. I do think I would enjoy three houses more if they were restricted, but I do not require them to, nor do I expect them. I would be fine if they went into the next game with that in mind. Finally, the turn wheel. I have my idea as how to fix it, and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Each use of the turn wheel allows for you to go anywhere on the time line, even back to the beginning of the map. I've seen two good reasons for its existence. 1. It means those who don't ironman never have to restart an entire map. 2. It gives a safety net for new players. It does indeed allow for corrections of mistakes without replaying the entire map, but it's not the best system to put in place. I would impose a limited resource. One that saves your game in the middle of a chapter, that can't be repaired, and incentives you not to use it. I would propose for this item to be the main characters sword. It is a good weapon, it saves the game, it has about 15-20 durability, and can't be repaired. In my mind this gives an incentive to new and old players to take their chances. It also acts as a safety net if they ever needed it. This gives you an option as to what you want to do. Do you want to save your game, or take your chances and use the weapon to kill bosses.
  8. I don't feel so comfortable as to show pictures of myself online. I don't care if you believe me or not. I didn't make the post to show off or flex. I thought just thought it was funny seeing a character look so close to me.
  9. Kaga predicted what I'd look like in 20 years, 4 years before I was born. No wonder he loved mages and sorcerers so much, he is one.
  10. I'm not saying it's bad. It's my favorite game of all time. I say it was damned to be the worst seller, because IS released it in 1999, selling it exclusively at a single type of store, the only trailer it got was about that convience store, and it only got mentioned at the end.
  11. I hope the turn wheel mechanic gets dropped for a better idea. One that gives a player the option to not replay the chapter(which the devs never intended you to do anyway), and a system that incentivizes you not to use it. For example, a new game can have the protagonists special weapon be a powerful weapon, with unrepairable durability, and for a 1 durability point either save the game mid chapter, or turn back time for a limited amount of turns. Besides, the turn wheel is redundant in fe4. You can already save every turn. If you fucked up and didn't save that's on you.
  12. Fe doesn't need to try and appeal to a community outside there own. Shouldn't I should say. Another, better, arguement is that they remade fe2. Fe2 isn't even popular in it's own community... The american one that is. 3rd arguement - we are just a small block of what is a popular game series in japan. Even if we don't know, or care about, fe 2 or 4 it will be remade. Fe1 was a major success in japan, 2 was even bigger, 3 and 4 were big, and 5 was damned to be the worst selling of them all.
  13. The engine works fine for a warriors title, but it can't handle grid based strategy games. When zoomed all the way in it works fine, but the more you zoom out the choppier it gets. Plus it sometimes screws up unit designation. I hard rescued sylvain, and he got flung to the lower right most tile of the map. Another time I warped byleth only to have him be swung in the opposite direction. The engine just doesn't work well enough to keep it.
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