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  1. I am trying to play radiant dawn the pal and the us version, but every time to a battle animation the emulator crashed, please help. my computer. 12 gb ram intel i7-5500u 2.4ghz GeForce 840. this are the srceenshoots i have taken of my dolphin configuration. https://ibb.co/jZqjJS1 https://ibb.co/c6b23ct https://ibb.co/5LfBdkH https://ibb.co/PmYG68m https://ibb.co/1KJ1STR https://ibb.co/6NFp9Sr https://ibb.co/Y7zqd8n https://ibb.co/8DzsLW0 https://ibb.co/pPc67ZP
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