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  1. Diverse Map Conditions What I meant by this is those map conditions like in Path of Radiance or Conquest Chapter 10. The defense maps were one of the most funnest and challenging, I would love to see them make a return. I have also heard that Thracia's condition was great too with the "Escape all". I would love to see them as well. Having to rout the enemy commander or kill all of them remains but sprinkles in with different map conditions more please and not just the paralogue in 3Houses. Fixing Choose your path Honestly I would say that 3Houses was great with this. However, with the first twelve chapters being mostly the same. I would prefer that they would reduce the total amount of paths or have it mostly different. It was a chore on like the third playthrough and so on. However on the other hand it promotes repeated playthrough. What i would suggest is just to reduce the amount of paths available from 4 paths to maybe 2 similar to alm and celica on SoV which both having different route and not having the same paths but sometimes crossing with each other. Shrink the Monastery / More functions within camp Either shrink the base so it doesnt feel that cumbersome, or you add more functions within the camp. Right now we have a huge amount of space but it felt like paddling. However I know that some people enjoy talking to various people within the Monastery so I would suggest that they would add more things to do. I don't have ideas for that unfortunately. World Building Now i really love Fodlan's world building. This isn't a improvement box per say but I really absolutely love this aspect in three houses. Showing off different continents connected to the world. Having potential allies and members from different part of the world in various continents were aspects that I really enjoy reading in three houses. Having tidbits of said continents to read for in the library was an added touch. I would love the care of world building to go a step beyond or remain the love and care in the next series. My one gripe is the world containing fodlan is unnamed. So maybe the next one could name the world too 😛 More Classes Class variety in three houses was a flaw in my take. For one, I really like that we get to choose on what classes we want but i also prefer the predertemined route that older fire emblem have (though I feel that this system would be sticking, it leave a good foundation for future games). I would suggest to have more variety so it wont be all samey
  2. I agree -- I like Ashe more than Ignatz due to that xD
  3. Welcome to the forest! Please to meet you! 🙂
  4. Seeing Dimitri on #1 warms my heart. I personally thought the Black Eagles girls would have been higher up the list. What a shocker. Petra not even making in the list. Dorothea being so far down the pecking order. I don't have qualms with Bernadetta. I find her relatable. It put me in tears to see Annette being in there. She needs to be protected at all cost and she's my favorite character in three houses!
  5. I just want to correct you -- FE16 is three houses. So it's FE17 and FE18 😛
  6. Would honestly love a Jugdral remake, really interested in the worldbuilding and such. However, I'm not opposed to a new game set in a new setting as well infact that would be my second choice. Considering that three houses took off, however.. I could see IS actually made a midquel or a sequel to fodlan. If they do choose the fodlan route, I would prefer to see more of Dagda and Brigid (or any other countries/continent) away from fodlan with only a few minor references to said country as the next fire emblem..
  7. I would say the cantor summoning maps in SoV takes the cake for me or anything to do with nuibaba's abode
  8. shad2810


    Welcome to the forest!
  9. This would be mine. Honestly, I have only played Awakening until SoV finish so my list would reflect on that (Currently on BL on Three houses). Also they are not in order except for the top 5 as of now. 1. Lucina (Awakening) 2. Owain (Awakening) 3. Sumia (Awakening) 4. Lukas (Shadows of Valentia) 5. Petra (Three Houses) 6. Saber (Shadows of Valentia) 7. Alm (Shadows of Valentia) 8. Celica (Shadows of Valentia) 9. Ferdinand von Aegir (Three Houses) 10. Ophelia (Fates) 11. Velouria (Fates) 12. Dorothea (Three Houses) 13. Camilla (Fates) 14. Sonya (Shadows of Valentia) 15. Annette (Three houses) / Kaze (Fates)
  10. Dimitri's character is really intriguing, I would say his one of my favorite in the game and lords in the series! 🙂
  11. Personally I'll say go with Azure Moon first and then the one with edelgard. Church route should be played last (Or something else after GD as it's similar) Hope that helps 🙂
  12. I have only played awakening until echoes finish Currently finishing BE route on three houses and Path of Radiance (Though that is on hold). Mainly my list would consist of characters from FE 13-15 and with some from path of radiance & three houses. Lord: Favorite: Lucina Runner-up: Alm Least Favorite: Chrom Avatar: Favorite: Robin Runner-up: Byleth Least Favorite: Corrin Trainee (does not include 3H students): Favorite: Mozu Runner-up: Cyril Least Favorite: Donnel Cavalier: Favorite: Ferdinand von Aegir Runner-up: Silas Least Favorite: Peri Knight: Favorite: Lukas Runner-up: Nephenee Least Favorite: Kjelle Myrmidon: Favorite: Petra Runner-up: Owain Least Favorite: None so far Mercenary: Favorite: Saber Runner-up: Severa Least Favorite: Soleil Fighter: Favorite: Boyd Runner-up: Hilda Least Favorite: Valke Archer: Favorite: Shamir Runner-up: Bernadetta Least Favorite: Virion Mage: Favorite: Sonya Runner-up: Mae Least Favorite: Hayato Shaman: Favorite: Ophelia Runner-up: Hubert Least Favorite: Tharja Healer: Favorite: Sakura Runner-up: Lissa Least Favorite: Azama Thief: Favorite: Anna Runner-up: Kaze Least Favorite: Niles Pegasus Knight: Favorite: Sumia Runner-up: Palla Least Favorite: Subaki. Wyvern Rider: Favorite: Camilla Runner-up: Cherche Least Favorite: Percy Dragon: Favorite: Tiki Runner-up: Didn't play enough. Least Favorite: Nowi Beast: Favorite: Velouria Runner-up: Keaton Least Favorite: Kaden Dancer: Favorite: Dorothea Runner-up: Olivia Least Favorite: None so far The list will probably be updated with each fire emblem game that I play if i do remember to do so since this was an enjoyable one to do so.
  13. Sounds really interesting. I'm really looking forward to having more classes. Hoping for a magic flyer unit. Anna and petting pets are just love right now. 🤑 I'm also excited to see more characters to play as too.
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