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  1. That reminds me, how about we discuss those? I've never used the venom weapons personally, always viewing them as something that's much better in enemy hands, but maybe someone can come up with a niche for them?
  2. Oh, I know there's the breaker skills, but I wish the weapon triangle was a thing on top of that. Yup, you can. Not enough for some people though, which is why I proposed my idea. I personally don't have too many issues with the monastery stuff, but I feel like a mode like this would be great for those who dislike it. As I said though, it would be a nightmare to program that.
  3. Is this a thing you're actually doing? Or just theorycrafting for fun? In any case, here are some ideas of things I'd like to see implemented from a gameplay perspective: Bring back the weapon triangle Make proficiency abilities passive - i.e. not requiring a skill slot Make bows unable to double at one range Remove gender-locks on classes Add "Conquest" difficulty - a difficulty mode higher than hard which focuses on clever enemy placement and skills rather than pumping up enemy stats. New Gamemode "Back to the Roots": cuts monastery exploration down to a minimum to provide more of a classic Fire Emblem experience. Monastery activities are very limited, but enemy stats are scaled down accordingly. Probably a nightmare to program though.
  4. Gilbert is more geared towards the role of tank than Alois is anyway. Hope he works out for you!
  5. Out of interest, did you play Dedue's paralogue? I feel it adds a lot to his story.
  6. I agree, yes. Some scenes are really robbed of their power due to them not being properly presented. A certain character's off-screen death comes to mind.
  7. While I don't remember that line from Python, I do remember falling off my chair laughing when Mae called Boey a boob, wondering how they actually slipped that in. (and yes, I reckon the word probably has a second meaning, but all I could think of was that Mae just called Boey a tittie)
  8. Ooooh, I see. I already completed the survey, but for the sake of the topic... Ashe I presume?
  9. Done. No idea what "The Notebook" is though, sorry.
  10. That's the thing, I.. can't answer that because I don't ever worry about this kind of stuff. I'm the kind of player who will spend whatever they have whenever they want to. If I find I need cash there's always ways to get more, like selling stuff or doing auxiliary battles.
  11. Yes. There's an early sidequest that will attract merchants to the monastery who will sell both. You'll find them in the marketplace. They still get the bonus. I don't know how to answer your first question.
  12. If there's no better ability to take its slot, yes. Otherwise, I can't see myself doing that outside of some super gimmicky build. Miracle doesn't fit my playstyle at all. I prefer not to rely on chance when I can avoid it, and Miracle is one of those abilities that, while awesome when it activates, is way too unreliable to, well, rely on.
  13. Thinking about it, here's one more: Part 1 > Part 2. I have never enjoyed the war phase in any of the routes I've played (all but Silver Snow) as much as the early game for some reason. I personally actually enjoy the monastery quite a bit, but I feel like none of the routes really capitalize on what the early game sets up properly. All that intrigue and mystery that is built up just... disappears.
  14. Alright, here's one: I don't like changing the active weapon of a unit that has already moved by trading it around with something else, and it shouldn't be a feature in the game. (hit me with all you've got)
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