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  1. I was doing that for the generic Mogall & Arch Mogall units, i am not sure how to get the game to use the critical frames, thank you though
  2. I attempted to re-import the frames manually to the rom but they still are not being used. This website here https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Unused_content_in_Fire_Emblem:_The_Sacred_Stones#Battle_sprites & https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_The_Sacred_Stones Mentions it might be a developer oversight the frames aren't used & "don't display properly in-game" but i still don't understand why the game uses the non critical attack frames for a critical attack, considering its in the same animation files & location where the critical animation would be used.
  3. Hello, the unused critical hit frames are already in the battle animations of the Mogall & Arch Mogall, where the critical hit animation section is but the game doesn't use the frames for some reason, even though they are where their supposed to be.
  4. Hi, i am trying to make a modification to the sacred stones so it uses the unused frames of the Mogall & Arch Mogall's critical attack, here are the unused frames & here is how the normal critical attack displays in game I am using FEBuilder & i'm not sure if i'm supposed use another program to use the frames. The frames are already in the game files but i'm not sure how to actually make the game use them.
  5. I know there are hacks for FE 7 & FE 8 that allow for more than 5 supports & i would like to know if there is a cheat for unlimited supports in The binding Blade. I am using Visual Boy Advance & this is the English translation of The Binding Blade i am using
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