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  1. Hello I'm Zanerus/Delta Inferno. I'm a saga frontier modder who is interested in learning how to program a gui with Nightmare. Thank you for having me here.
  2. My original goal was to get information on the error messages themselves. Regardless I'll post in more detail my intent. Saga frontier Item entry starts at 0x9EE0, each entry is 0x00-0x1B in length with 0x00-0x0F are one byte in size with 0x10-0x1B are two byte in length. My goal here is to learn how to program tables for nightmare to allow me to use it as a general editor for all future hacking projects. Items are broken down into the following categories Item ID Item Weight Stat Boost 1(Amount+race) Stat Boost 1(Stats boosted) Stat Boost 2(Amount+race) Stat Boost 2(Stats boosted) Base item Stat Ammunition Modifier Accuracy Modifier Special Attributes Status Immunity 1 Status Immunity 2 Elemental Defense amount 1 Elemental Defense types 1 Elemental Defense amount 2 Elemental Defense types 2 Item Skill 1 Item Skill 2 Item Skill 3 Trigger Skill 1 Trigger Skill 2 Trigger Skill 3 Here's my current code, so far every attempt to even open the code have either crashed the editor, or given me the error message "Nightmare does not feel like contompleteling a table with entires of zero length 1 Item Editor by DeltaInferno Zanerus 0x9EE0 256 2 ItemList.txt Item Type 1 1 NDHU ItemID.txt there are 15 entries of the Item ID which looks like this 15 0x00 = Swords 0x10 = Firearms 0x20 = Shields 0x30 = Disposable in-battle items 0x40 = Backpack 0x50 = Exotic mechanical weapons and mech parts 0x60 = Katanas 0x80 = Key items 0x80 = Torso Armor 0x90 = Full Body Armor 0xA0 = Clothes 0xB0 = Helmets, Hats 0xC0 = Gloves 0xD0 = Shoes, Boots 0xE0 = Accessories My goal as stated is to learn how to make modules for Nightmare to create at least three tables for saga frontier. any help would be very useful.
  3. I apologize as i am away from my pc for another few hours. I was hoping there was documentation somewhere of all the possible error codes Nightmare gives. And to go from there.
  4. Hello, RHDN directed me to this board to enlist in assistance for my Saga Frontier project. So far every thing ive done with Nightmare has led to an error or a crash. Are there any resources explaining what the error messages nightmare gives are? Also does Nightmare support any file type or only .BIN Saga Frontier uses custom file types and I'm wondering if that's why its messing up. I'll be updating this thread today with my current progress and my current error as I'm at work at the moment.
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