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  1. By that I mean that Flayn is the only character, for whom death is not mandatory in any route, who I've seen people proudly express glee over killing. This happens in FE spaces all over the internet, and yes, even here. Never have I seen people commenting on any other character's fanart or videos about them that they made a conscientious effort to not recruit them so they could kill them. I don't even see this level of scorn directed at Seteth, who is in the exact same situation. It's only ever Flayn. This could be due to her disadvantage of being one of the few characters locked out of recruitment on a route, which may cause people to act more callously toward her (but even then there's never been anyone celebrating Hilda's death). Don't tell me "oh but other characters are hated too", other characters don't have people going to their content just to announce that they've killed them. "But Edelgard, but Dimitri"; their deaths are written into the narrative and cannot be avoided, which is not the case for Flayn, and the people making these ugly remarks most of the time are well aware of this. She did absolutely nothing to deserve so many people gloating about her death, some even going so far as to make memes and videos about it. I'm here to say it's disgusting; Flayn deserves much better treatment than she is given, and I for one will always see the value in her even if no one else will.
  2. I suppose, but by endgame it's not very likely you're going to be in a magic class with 4 move except Bishop, which doesn't benefit that heavily from increased range. Also, it's not only the range but the passive healing effect, either allowing you to stack with abilities like Renewal or Lifetaker for constant steady restoration or forgo healing abilities entirely to free up more offensive slots. The fact you can use it without a Crest is also a bonus, but it's best kept on Flayn anyway (and I guess Linhardt sometimes). How is it different? Didn't its range always draw from the user's magic?
  3. In that case, full offensive would be the way to go with Flayn. Consider making her a Dark Flier and using my Magic Bow suggestion, making her a magic flier-killer who can deftly dispatch enemy Falcons and white beasts, while also being able to Rescue in a pinch. Equip her with an Aurora Shield to remove the threat posed by what few snipers are on this map, but I would go with Caduceus Staff as it improves both her offense and longevity. (Side note: I feel like people generally think Caduceus Staff is outclassed by Thyrsus, but that is largely untrue in my opinion, especially with Flayn. It is very situational where you will ever need to attack an enemy 5 spaces away as Bow Knights are exceptionally rare, and even if you did want to, equipping B/W Magic Range +1 fills that need anyway) .
  4. He has Flayn, and how is she not considered a good healer? Fortify + major Crest that increases healing magic. Not to mention great for dealing with white beasts, with her titanic Res + Excalibur. You could even train her bow skill and load her up with some Magic Bows+ for after using them up. Bishop, Gremory, Dark Flier; these are great classes for Flayn in general, but especially for this map. She is good for way more than just dancing. Other than that OP I don't have much to add other than what others have said. Just be wary of enemies with battalions because more often than not they WILL go for gambits. The Falcons are especially annoying with this.
  5. Many people have asked me how I pulled off reaching level 99 on higher difficulties, so I made this guide. This works not only for Flayn, but certain other characters too. Give it a try if you're mindlessly devoted to one, like me. 😜
  6. This was a collaboration between myself and very talented YouTube singer/cosplayer Aqua Stargazer, based off the song "Part of your World" from The Little Mermaid. The concept and lyrics were actually thought up in early 2020, which you can view here. If you enjoy it, please share!
  7. Keep in mind that all of his stats are +4 from cooking in the last month. Other than that, only once Flayn was all capped (which happened around Chapter 16) did I start heavily feeding him stat boosters, including farming speed carrots in the greenhouse and resetting DLC bonus maps until an enemy carried whichever of the two stat boosters I preferred. I'm also known to "curate" my level ups (that is, if someone's really close to leveling at the start of a map I'll move to a glowing spot first to see their gains and reset for ones I don't like). This is why I could never do a full YouTube playthrough. I play Fire Emblem in a way that, while satisfying for me, isn't very engaging to watch. 😅
  8. I would say a bit of all of the above. Also that it makes for entertaining viewing I believe. It was actually much faster and easier the second time due to having more optimized methods and being able to max out things with renown instead of grinding manually. In any case, is this really that different than people +10ing characters in FEH? (Aside from more requiring persistence and mechanics expertise as opposed to luck and money)
  9. I never picked up on that, probably from not paying enough attention to his supports. I'll keep that in mind if I do something like this with him again. What I wish I could do is something where Seteth is confronted by Flayn after having been recruited, leading to his own recruitment. Sadly that wouldn't be possible without hacking (or perhaps some very skilled enemy AI manipulation to get their positioning just right). Other than that, maybe convos against Shamir and Ferdinand would be fun to write. And of course I would want to reference Flayn's recruitment in Edelgard's recruitment convo with him (or maybe even alternate dialogs depending on which of them is recruited first). Obviously none of that's possible without finding more VAs.
  10. Here's a video I wrote and put together giving Flayn more unique battle quotes and also a recruit conversation in Crimson Flower. Voice credits are in the description. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry if this isn't the right subforum, I don't know if this counts as "fanart" or not)
  11. I just noticed this reply. Thank you for the suggestions and support! I'd certainly love if you could contribute, but even if not, even showing this event to someone who might be interested would mean a lot. 🙂 Now that I think about it, the only Flaynleth fanart I've ever seen not commissioned by me has been from Japanese artists. That really does say a lot -- namely that the western fandom would rather see her as "that fish girl who tags along with Seteth" than a meaningful character and legitimate partner in her own right. And yes, she really is the most unpopular female character in terms of fanbase size (people like to throw up characters like Edelgard whenever I say this, but Edel's fanbase is massive. Controversial =/= unpopular). I'm glad someone is willing to acknowledge this, because it's the very reason this event NEEDS to happen. Flayn gets disproportionately subjected to all sorts of scrutiny. For example, no one ever thinks to question the morality of Byleth x Seteth, but whenever it's Flayn the question "but isn't it almost like incest?" always seems to find its way in. It's like people are determined to create reasons to STOP others from being fans of Flayn, but that's an entirely separate discussion. Anyway I appreciate your support. 🙂
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