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  1. Thanks for the info. Yeah, I haven't been checking the opponents fortress levels but I think you may be right and that's why many teams I fight seem to be so much stronger than me. I don't have a panic manor yet so I can' use a bonus structure this week. I'm literally 3 stones short of being able to build it right now. Ugggg I didn't know that information about Fallen Corrin, that's good to know for the future. Not knowing the intricacies of various units is just down to my inexperience as a player I guess (especially if I don't have said unit in my barracks). Thanks for the link to my barrack post, that's helpful until I get my updated list typed up. I really wish the game had some sort of export option. That would be awesome. They also should allow unit trading with your friends list. That would be amazing. But I guess they'd never do it because it would drastically cut into their orb revenue I assume, lol
  2. Thanks. I will remove Forsyth from most teams. Maybe leave him in one team for now since he's the best bonus unit I have at the moment in case I come across a fairly easy opponent. What type match ups should I be looking for when I can use him? Thanks for the info about Mareeta, I didn't realize QP wasn't optimal for her. Because of her built in FB4 I should be stacking as much speed on her, right? It's a shame about Tharja's IVs, I recent mad a few combat manuals out of her because I was running out of barrack space during the recent Legendary Banner. I know I had a +Atk one 😕 I'll keep a look out for another and merge into a +Atk one. And aquiring dew is so slow, but I will refine again when I can... The only 5* cav healer I have is Brave Veronica. Should I inherit a different staff onto her? Other 5* healers I have are H!Mia, Loki, and Brave Camilla (I have two of her, but I haven't merged yet. Wasn't sure if she was worth saving for fodder). Other cav healers I have are 3* Priscilla (+HP -Spd) & 4* Clarine (+Spd -HP)
  3. Thanks @LordFrigid, I appreciate your thoughts. I did post a some pics of my barracks a few pages back, maybe p173 or 174? Anyway, I'm heading to sleep in a minute, but I can type up a list of my 5* units along with any SI I've done tomorrow if that's easier. I'm open to any and all advice.
  4. Well, my first battle in T15 ended in horrible defeat. Can you take a look at this team and let me know who I should have fielded instead? Even though this guy had a few armors, it looks like he knew what he was doing. They all had sky high def and res, and the ranged units all has Close Def and melee had Distant Def. My Aversa (with Axebreaker equipped) could only do 20 damage to Surtur on first initiation, then 0 on the second because of his defensive special. Tharja also did 0 damage to anybody even with a stats +6 from L!Azura. Forsyth was able to kill Fjorm, but when he attacked Fallen Corrin he left her with 3hp and she was able to kill him next phase. Even with 3hp, Tharja, Eir, Aversa, or Azura were unable to kill her (I think Eir got her down to 1hp). This guy was also T15, but are his units so much better than mine because he's been playing longer, or spends a lot more money than me? IDK? Looking at his team ahead of time, I wasn't sure who I should bring to face him. Here's the other team I was thinking of using, let me know if it would have been a better choice EIR, REYSON (WoM), F!TIKI, L!ALM (FB1 SEAL), FORSYTH (QR3 SEAL) And here's all my other teams, I'm still not clear on what counters I should have in the different teams and what to look for. Which of these would have been better against this guy? EIR, L!AZURA (WoM), THARJA (CC/VANTAGE), MAREETA (GALEFORCE/QP SEAL), FORSYTH (QR3 SEAL) EIR, L!AZURA (WoM), THARJA (CC/VANTAGE), AVERSA, FORSYTH (QR3 SEAL) <--This is the team I used EIR, L!AZURA (WoM), THARJA (CC/VANTAGE), M!CORRIN (YATO REFINE SUPPORTED w/THARJA), FORSYTH (QR3 SEAL) EIR, L!AZURA (WoM), MAREETA (GALEFORCE/QP SEAL), H!MIA (WoM, have both refines, not sure which is better), FORSYTH (QR3 SEAL) I of course expect to lose, a lot. It just frustrating when I get shut down so hard and I want to learn from it Also, when it was clear there was nothing I could do, I just ran around and broke both pots then parked in front of his units so they could kill me. Is that any better or worse than if I just hit the surrender button?
  5. After stringing together 3 wins in a row today, I hit T15 😁 To everybody who put up with my newb questions and gave me advice, me and my new Brave Ike thank you 😉 I have a looong way to go, but I'll get there. What's the next AR milestone I should shoot for?
  6. How should I be upgrading my Fortress? My Fortress (O) is LV.2 right now, Fortress (D) is LV.1. What about upgrading Aether Amphorae? It's at LV.2 (150 aether storage) right now. I have 1400 dew at the moment, so I could do one Fortress and the Amphorae right now, but should I be saving the dew for something else?
  7. Well, I actually won a match last night, and now I see why you guys say to avoid armors in AR. When I first saw this opponent, I was intimidated because I though they were all heavy hitters, but I was able to just roll through them 😁 Even without a dedicated buffer for Tharja, she did work with the help of L!Azura and never even got into vantage range. Aversa really helped with the debuffs too because of how the enemies were all right next to each other. Thanks you guys for letting dumb me that you can have multiple teams ready to go and switch after you see what you're up against, can't believe I didn't realize that. I'm back into T14 after my recent string of losses, I think I need 280 lift to crack T15 and get my free B!Ike. It could happen this week. Also, I now have over 300 aether stones. What should be my priority in building? Is adding a 5th slot on my defense team the most important? Or some sort of structure (offense or defense)?
  8. I understand that high merges are needed for the higher tier play, but does that mean I should to wait until I have 10 copies before promoting/building? Or is it fine to start and add to the unit once fodder is summoned? Like you mention Sharena. I'm sure she's a good unit, but DC is really hard to come by (I'm not a whale), is there no way to start building her so she's better until DC becomes available? Or do I just forget building any more units and just use what I have already at 5*? I have a few copies of Tharja and Cherche, should I just spend the feathers on them to add merges? I figured -Res wouldn't be great, since I was told my +Res F!Tiki was the one to keep. I only have the one copy of Nowi at the moment.... Why does Nowi make a better tank than Idunn? Is it her color? Or just that she's in the 4* pool for easier merges?
  9. Yeah, looking at it now, I feel really silly. It was pretty obvious, wasn't it? Anyway, I won my second match tonight, although I did lose one unit. It's just gonna come down to me playing a lot of matches and trying to learn from each one I guess. I need to start doing practice matches against the friend list, I always forget. I really enjoy building units, I like that it gives me a set goal to work towards on a small level. I just have a fear of spending feathers inefficiently. Who should I build first? Cordelia (+Spd -HP), Eliwood (+Spd -HP) for Galeforce, or Nowi (+Atk -Res) for a tank? What's the best way to spend feathers for now?
  10. Well, my first match of the season didn't go so great. Mareeta got taken out right away because I stupidly used her to take out the healing tower, and then that opened her up to be attacked by Eldigan next turn. Mareeta did 0 damage to him and he killed her in two shots. Eir and Veronica did 0 damage to any of the enemy units, so there was nothing I could do with them. The only unit of mine that could do anything was Forsyth. I know you guys said not to use him, but since he's a bonus unit I figured he'd get a shot. The only other 5* bonus unit I have his week is Python, but Forsyth was so great for me last week in arena. He took out Eldigan in one turn, and Gwendolyn in two turns with Azura's help. He had no chance against Robin. What could I have done differently against this guy? Attached is a pic of my raiding parties, would any other others have been better? Sorry for the basic questions, but I'm trying to learn. Figures, I put Caineghis on my defense team last week because I thought he might be a good tank, and he did absolutely nothing for me. Here, none of my units could touch him 😕
  11. I don't know why I'm posting this here, but I'm confused and happy at the same time. Walking through Walmart list night my wife says, "hey, they have the Pokemon Switch Lite in stock", so I think cool, I like that one but since I already have a hacked OG Switch I didn't really need a Switch Lite. I do like the color scheme of the limited version, but I have no interest in Pokemon at all. But looking at the box inside the display case, I notice a big yellow clearance sticker. Huh? This think just came out last Friday I think, and Nintendo products almost never go on sale. OMG, half off??? $100? Wow, it's a no-brainer at that price. So I quickly get a clerk to get it out for me so I can buy it ASAP. When I told him I wanted to get a Switch out of the case, he seemed to instantly know which one I was talking about. I asked him if they had any more, but he said they already sold the others earlier in the day. So why the hell was the brand new, limited console sold for half price? Am I missing something? I haven't paid much attention to Switch Lite news, but a quick Google search finds nothing about the $100 deal. My wife wants me to sell it and make a nice profit, but I'm debating keeping it. I kinda wanted a second Switch that isn't hacked so I can play a few games online, namely Three Houses (I want my free Byleth in FEH) plus I'm sure my wife will want her own Switch once the new Animal Crossing comes out. So I don't know what to do yet. Has anybody else seen this deal at Walmart? Or is just at this one particular store only?
  12. I figured Cordelia would be the cheapest option if Mareeta doesn't work out (although I think she still might). Looking at my barracks, maybe Eliwood would be my best cav choice if I went that route? He is -HP +Spd. I like Ares too, but it seems like he is better as a vantage unit, not galeforce?
  13. So I started playing around with my 4* Cordelia last night, just leveling her up a bit in the training tower and earning some SP. She seems pretty cool, I don't hate her. So maybe I should promote to 5* and start building her as my possible Galeforcer? What build would be good for her in AR?
  14. Wow @XRay, that's a lot of good info. Thank you. I'll start working on creating a player phase team you suggested, seems more affordable at the moment (remember, I've been playing for a little over a month so far). But I will keep your enemy phase ideas in mind going forward though. I would like to get a second Eir, but can start working on Aversa now though. Regarding Tharja, I already planned to give her Savage Blow ASAP as I've been farming feathers with an auto clicker. I'd prefer Res Smoke, but that isn't happening unless I get a lucky summon. I've already refined her tome with the effect (-4 Atk/Spd during combat), and I'm about 100 dew short of being able to refine again after recently doing M!Corrin's Yato. I do have enough coins to get started on the Brazen Atk/Spd seal though. I should also have a Reposition available for her. As for a second dancer, you suggested green Azura (I have young Azura, is that who you mean?), but I do have a +1 Reyson who already has WoM. Should I just use him? I also have a 4* Reyson so I could have a +2 one very soon (unless it's better overall to have two Reyson's on one team). My L!Azura also has WoM, so I just need to give her a better A skill and a dance seal. Mareeta already comes with Flashing Blade 4, so she'll keep that until I can afford something better in the A slot and give her the seal. If Mareeta doesn't work out as my Galeforcer, can I use Cherche as a flying Galeforcer? She already has it and I have quite a few copies of her for merges. If so, how should I equip her? Her refine adds panic, right? Is that useful for a Galeforce unit? I'd assume she'd want the Heavy Blade seal. Right now she has Death Blow 3 and Quick Riposte, so I think I'd need to revamp her kit. Her Axe is a brave axe, so do those two hits use two cooldowns towards Galefore, or just one? And yeah, I do buy the special orb packs but last week I went a little silly trying to get a second H!Hector and I really wanted a H!Myrrh so I also bought the $75 pack. Only ended up with a 5* Swordhardt, Ryoma, and a second copy of H!Mia. It wasn't a good feeling 😨
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