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  1. I haven't posted here in a while, but I just wanted to report that I made T27 for the first time yesterday (just barely by 2 lift points) 😁 I'm not sure how I squeaked by as I did lose a total of 2 units during the season. It must have been thanks to my new bird beast defense map that only had -94 lift loss which is about half of what I usually get during light/dark season (thank you Tibarn for pity breaking me πŸ˜‰ ). It took me a total of 6 months to make it here, now the next goal is to get top 1k 🀩
  2. Yeah, you're right. When I do fodder him I will get both Wrath and Steady Posture 3 using a Thea. And in the end, I just changed my current Shannan's blessing to Astra. I figure my Astra teams are set, so I won't need the blessings for a little while, and I'll get more soon anyway. I just really wish I would have pulled Larcei instead of a duplicate Shannan. Close Call/Repel are some of the most broken skills in the game, lol. Oh well....
  3. I swear to god this games RNG likes to screw with me. I was trying to figure out what I'm gonna do about this seasons AR bonus unit, and I had an urge to do a YOLO summon since I saw the banner is ending tonight and I really wanted Larcei in the first place. I know it's silly thinking, but whatever.... Well, I had incredible luck, but not really. Yes, it was a good pull but it isn't Larcei AND it gave me the same crap IVs I already have (+HP -Res). Why does this always happen to me? Like the last Mythic banner I pulled 3 Ikes all with the same dumb IVs. Uggggg. Well, at least I have some Wrath fodder now I guess. So now I still don't know what to do for a bonus unit. My options are: Switch my current Shannan's blessing from Dark to Astra (I only have 4 of each right now), Keep both Shannans and bless the new one Astra and wait to fodder him until next week (seems like a waste), Promote Anna or Travant. I like Travant better but Anna is the smart choice because she's on rotation. But I only have around 70k feathers so I would have to give her a budget build which probably means not Galeforce. I may have enough refining stones to get the dew needed for her PRF, but I wanted to do Eliwood next so not sure if I want to spend the dew now. So what do you guys think I should do? Am I just stressing over the 20 extra points for nothing?
  4. Nice! I got my first bronze throne today and finished in T25! I was only 6 lift away from T26 though 😫 This comes after hitting T21 for the first time on the last day of Astra season a week ago. And, this is with a constant fortress disadvantage as I'm only level 4. I had some great coaching help, but I'm excited for the coming few weeks when I can finally get my (O) Fortress at 5 and start working on my (D) Fortress so I can start building my defense team a bit more seriously. AR is really the only worthwhile mode to play in this game as it's always different. I hope they can add another good PvP mode that isn't a variation on Arena. Now to switch summoner support from Kronya to Sothe, and grind some TT maps as quicky as possible before tomorrow, lol
  5. I just hit T23 for the first time all on my own 😁 I wouldn't have been able to have the confidence and knowledge to be able to win matches at this level without the amazing guidance and help of @Maaka and a few others. This community is really great. It also helps that Kronya, H!Hector, & NY!Alfonse is a great trifecta of units to have in your raiding party 😎 Hopefully in just a week or two I'll have my offensive fortress to Lv 5 and then I can start upgrading my defense so I can maybe get a few kills once in a while...? πŸ™„
  6. It was bugging me that I recently fed my last Takumi to Sothe for CC, so I decided to do a YOLO summon before the Tharja Christmas banner went away. Was probably a dumb idea because I'm low on orbs and I'm sure some good banners are coming. First session had one red orb and I got a 3* Eliwood. Uggg. Next session had two red orbs, and I was at 3.50% so not crazy high, but luck was on my side. Grabbed this and backed out. Didn't want to press my luck wasting more orbs (and don't really need any of the other focus units)
  7. The whole fortress system is so stupid. They should make so that if you win a match while having a fortress disadvantage, you earn extra bonus aether stones so that you can upgrade the fortress faster if you play well. They should reward smart players, not punish them because they haven't been playing the game since the beginning. I'm sure the current system scares off a lot of casual players and that leads to loss of revenue for IS. Because even if I spend a lot and get good units, it's still a crazy uphill battle to win consistently. I'm sure a lot of people think, "what's the point in summoning a lot if I'm still gonna always lose?"
  8. I was thinking I wanted to put someone with the Temari+ dagger on one of my AR teams, but not sure who I should give it to. I thought about giving it to Eir since I have two regular Eirs, although I rarely run both of them together on a team instead of Peony + Eir. My second Eir has Fury so she has 2 higher Res than the neutral one (36). My other option is Tethys (34 Res now, but I will start merging her soon). I only have two dancers that are blessed Astra, Reyson and Dancing Xander. Xander can't use the Temari, so should I just replace him with Temari Tethys and give her an Astra blessing? Or should I just give it to one of my Eirs and use it during light season?
  9. Thanks buddy. Getting a 5* with a free summon is such a good feeling. Although if Henry would've been the one instead of Leif, I'd probably have a pretty bad feeling instead, lol
  10. After two perfect matches yesterday, I was able to break into T20 😁 Now I just need to find the time to sneak in one or two matches today to offset any defense losses that will pull me back down to T19
  11. Well well well, looks like the game felt bad for my terrible luck on the Glorious Gifts banner and decided to throw me a bone. Last night's free summon was pretty good, especially because there was only one 5* exclusive on the banner and he was color sharing no less. I probably won't spend the dew on his refine, but at least he may be useful on my Chain Challenge team. I think this is the only second time I've got a 5* with a free summon (I've had one or two others come during the free summon session, but not with the free ticket itself)
  12. I forgot the Shield Phase on the one just after Christmas because I was traveling that day. I'm bummed because my Divine Codes are so much lower than most people who play this mode now I'm sure (not to mention I don't have a lot of high merges so I don't score all that high). It's gonna suck if they turn out to be used for something great. I feel like I'm always behind when it come to currency in this game. Question for the old timers, has IS done this before as far as letting players earn a new currency without telling them what it's for? If so, what was it and how long were you in the dark?
  13. Man, the "Glorious Gifts" banner has kicked my ass. After doing a bunch of summons the other day by scrounging orbs from Chain Challenges, I got nothing except to bring the pity rate to 4%. I bought some orbs last night because I really wanted to try and get Duo Marth before the banner when away. I spent ~50 more orbs sniping colorless and green (as I also wouldn't mind a W!Sothis merge), but didn't get anything while bringing the rate up to 5%. This banner has given me horrible luck. I did end up getting pity broken by Maribelle, so all was not lost. She's a good unit that it didn't have yet and I like strong healers, but it sucks as Duo Marth is the only Duo unit I don't have yet. Oh well. At least his duo skill is probably the weakest of the bunch so I guess I'm not missing out to much. My final rate for this banner was 3.5% with just two 5* units out of 57 pulls. My worst so far. I know there are a few days left, but I'm going to stay far away, lol. And to rub salt in the wound, I got Maribelle on the second pull of the session, and like I always do when getting a 5* with a fairly high pity rate built up I grabbed the remaining three orbs hoping for another. Didn't work out this time, no extra 5* revealed 😑
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