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  1. This is what sticks out to me, considering Nintendo's website mentions wave 4 including a free update as well, but there's no mention of wave 4's free content in this leak. I've already bought the dlc (personally just can't stand fByleth's default outfit, so that's what made me cave), so I don't really mind if it's included in the free or paid update, but I'd love to have some supports with Jeralt. Plus, as others have said, it wouldn't make any sense to have a new outfit for Sothis if she isn't playable. For me, the most interesting stuff is pretty much all in wave 3. Being able to interact with the cats and dogs is a+, and I'm glad to have more new activities in general. I'm only halfway through my first playthrough still, but most of the time when I explore I have more activity points than i know what to do with and I just end up spamming mealtime... plus, I'm always happy for more outfits. I just hope the maid outfits will look good, and won't be skimpy and weird lol. edit: grammar
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