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  1. Skills doesn't seem to be randomized without the Join Order option. I selected Conquest, Randomize Stats, Randomize Skills, and Change Appearance. But both Gunter and Jakob keeps their personal skills and their class (randomized class) skills. Is there a way to randomize the skills without randomzing the join order?
  2. I managed to beat the chapter yesterday. Your suggestions would have helped for sure, but I didn't have bow breaker. Here are important things to note: 1. After Petra killed the Sniper and the Warrior at the gates, the Paladin Reinforcements never spawned. 2. Wyvern Lord reinforcement is actually finite. Once you beat the first three Lords, the rest are easy pickings as they enter your range. Another thing is, the AI of the lords prefer to travel west (either towards Petra or my mages) for some reason instead of going towards Edlegard/Beyleth who are dealing with the Bow Knights with their great gambits. 3. After Nadir is killed, the majority of Claude army went to hang out with him, and most of them didn't even bother moving towards me even if I was in their attack range (they might attack you if you are adjacent or in their weapon range). This made the rest of the chapter a piece of cake because all I did was pick each of them one by one.
  3. I think I might be stuck at BE 14. A little background, I played hard mode first until chapter 11, but decided to wait for Maddening mode, so in a sense this is a blind play through. My only rules are to use my house units (will plan to go through other houses too) so I didn't recruit anyone. If I kill someone, and they decides to join me, no problem I can add them to my roster but not focus on them. The other rule is no online/dlc. Everything else is fair. Just like everyone else, a little tediousness at the first chapters, and then it went smooth up to chapter 13. Chapter 13 was a very surprising jump but nothing sky rocket. Thankfully with some planning, I managed to kill both Leonnie, Ignatz, the boss while grabbing the chests. Petra my only flier to grab the south chest, while Ferd grabs the north chest quickly and rejoins the group. Thankfully I found out about impregnable wall which allows to take a hit from Leonnie. I won this chapter and felt satisfied with the challenge. Chapter 14 however.. I'm unsure what to do here. I'm up against Lys and Hilda (It seems Lys wants to join me after I defeat her) and Claude. It really surprised me to see Lys with a whopping 54 magic, I wonder if she joins me with those stats. None of those people are honestly scary since none of them intends to move. However by turn 1, I'm surprised by 5 Bow Knights and 3+more Wyvern Lords Marching towards me, both of which are Master classes.. About Turn 7/8 the gate reinforcements will start marching. Couple of things I tried: 1. Have Petra (Wyvern Rider) stall/Dodge tank the Wyverns while the rest of my team tries to round the bow knights. This doesn't go well as Petra get surrounded by 4 Lords, while the rest of them go to my team. The other thing is, the range of the Bow knights allow them to pick on my casters or my slow characters. If I play very carefully, I might be able to break through, but the gate reinforcement will probably start flowing. 2. Have Petra snipe the Gates Warrior and Snipers, while the rest deal with the Almaryans. I don't how to go about this as the Wyvern lords AI are very unpredictable. Any strategies will be appreciated. I have 20k gold so I can afford some new gambits or weapons if needed. Beyleth( Enlightened one/Hero) Edlegard (Fort Knight 33 defense 43 protection) Petra (Wyvern rider, 31 AS with Silver sword+. Can double the gates, but not the Lords) Hubert/Dorothea/Lin (Warlock, not gonna one shot wyverns but he got decent mag. Lin mastered Bishop and has Warp) Ferd is Paladin with all around swords/axes/lances. Bernie is Sniper, but mastered Paladin. A in bows, and has some decent lances. Caspar is Fort knight, but he has impregnable wall gambit. He has a 33 defense too.
  4. I did actually contact the OP in discord about a month or two ago. He intend to finish the project, but unsure when it will finish.
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