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  1. Thank you very much. I completely forgot about Dondon 0% growths run. Think I'll use this in my next run. Again, thank you
  2. I just finished ch 18 and recruited Xavier. I wanted to do it in a small tc. But this chapter took 30 turns to complete(not the smallest tc for sure). Reinforcements before you block them are annoying af, a lot of turn lost because of Lenster armors AI, Dean misses and overall about 4-5 turns lost to get Leif to Xavier from left staircase and also two turb lost because Xavier is inaccurate with Master Axe even with Leif support and Kingmaker. So I want to ask how can I improve my tc in this chapter and at the same time recruit Xavier? Maybe some planing in other chapters needed in order to succeed(other than obvios Sleep Sword and door keys)?
  3. Well, yes, if Lyn trained in Lyn, she is better than Eliwood, but there is also better units to train(2 cavaliers and Florina), so for the most part it's just a waste of exp to train Lyn. And even than, Lyn is just better in the early game. But this doesn't say much, since even in early game she strugles to do anything meaningful. Sometimes she can't ORKO an enemy, sometimes she face weapon triangle disadvantage and most of the time she can't survive more than 2 hits from anything(sometimes can't survive even one hit). Eliwood is more of a long-term unit. I never saw a problem to get Lyn and Eliwood to promotion level. And while Lyn promotion is just lol, Eliwood becomes a viable unit, by having a mount and 1-2 range option which is good. And thus Eliwood good for the rest of the game while Lyn can't do much after promotion. Of course for the most part I'm refering to HNM, since I'm yet to finish HHM, but I'm also picked some notes from Mekkkah's Lyn's analysis(such as unabality to ORKO enemys, she have durability issues even in HNM). Marth is just visiting the villages all the time and does not see any combat. Considering that there are a lot of great mounted units, even if there were no places Marth should visit, he still rarely see combat+warpskip chapters. I would have also include Marth from FE12, but there he have good bases, access to Drilling Grounds and ability double and kill enemys he have effectiveness against, so I won't nitpicking. Maybe I have just a bad impression of Cellica and that's why I said that I'm not sure about that pick. She have good tools, sure, but they are going to late in the game, she really not contribute with it that good(but I'll say that she's one of the better mages in her route). She struggles to double much in mid-late game and gets doubled at the same time. While Alm have an access to Double Lion, Cellica have nothing. In her route there are so many units, that do better job than her: Sabar, Leon, Kamui, Palla, Catria, Deen. Overall I'm not sure about this pick, since I haven't that much expirience with fe15, so I can't say for sure
  4. Lyn, Eirika, Roy, Marth(FE11), maybe even Ike from FE9(the lack of 1-2 range option is really hurts him in such an easy game), Celica(but there I might just nitpicking to Celica route in general). Ike and Eirika not way worse than Eliwood since they're both in a much easier games, but the lack of mobility and/or lack of 1-2 range option really hurts him which make them worse imo
  5. Both actually. But I see more often people claim him being bad unit rather than a bad character. Maybe I percieve this situation too radically, but if I go to other forums, I see that people really don't like him. I see why he may not be liked as a unit, since not that good bases, overall ok growths, poor mobility, etc. And I sympathize his place in the tier lists, but there is also other units or lords that waaay worse than him and they're just ignored.
  6. It's not like a mistake pairing JamkeXBrigid, you can pair up whoever you want. There are good pairings that can benefit one child but make another child bad(or just hard to use) like AideenXClaud. It's just hard to work with JamkeXBridgit, since Jamke can't pass useful skills(Adept is good, but Pursuit is better), Holy Blood, weapon rank(Holyn for example) or good swords. It's not like Patty will be bad if you pair Brigid with Jamke, it's just it will be much harder to level her up to promotion level. Adept is still good and both children will be happy to have it, so don't worry about Patty, just make sure that she'll get needed resources so she can level up quickly. Good luck with Gen 2, I see that your pairings are good, so it should not be a threat to beat it πŸ™‚
  7. I know that. But before Ch 10 there's no Torch Staff and M Up Staff. So that's a problem. My goal was to get a Warp before Ch 10 or at least before Ch 11, so I can use it in Ch 11x to warpskip it
  8. Yeah, that's great too. Sadly my Safy already have 10 Skill and I can't/am to lazy to manipulate RNG in FE5.
  9. Oh, this is great idea to give her Pargon. Guess I was to dumb to not use it in proper tim 😞 Well, looks I'm going with my plan now to give Tina a Paragon Manual. Thank you very much for your advice, I should try it in my next runs.
  10. I calculated that I need 12 uses of Heal to level her to promotion level, but it's still to many for low turn count
  11. AideenXMidir : Midir should pass both Killer Bow and Brave Bow(they both great in arena in different situations). As for Lana, she should inherit Physic, Warp, Mend and maybe ring(any of them really, this is needed to repair staves, especially Warp and Physic in early game) to sell it. AyraXHolyn: I don't really think that you should worry about Ayra children since they can handle Arena regardless of their weapons, but you may pass down Silver Sword and Silver Blade so you they will be 100% reliable. ErinXLewyn: if you didn't leave Brave Lance on Fin, I suggest you to give it to Erin, since Fee is the only unit who can inherit Lances. As for Ced, nah, just pass down Forseti, he really does not need anything. LachesisXBeowulf: Return staff, Miracle Sword(because why not) to Nanna and that's all I think. Beowulf should pass down Steel Sword and Armor Slayer. Maybe Power Ring or Shield Ring would be good for him in early game TiltyuXAzel: I think that Arthur comes with a Wind tome, so he's fine. Maybe should pass down Elfire for the output damage, but fire magic is meh. Magic Ring will also be good for him. For Tiltyu Wind tome and Speed Ring, sadly no Thoron for her. SylviaXClaud: for both I suggest to buy not so useless rings(Barrier, Shield, Skill Rings) so their children can sell them to earn money. Leg and Knight Ring are also good for Lene to have, but I would suggest first one for Seliph BridgetXJamke: oof, I don't like this pairing. As you already finished Ch3 no swords for Patty I guess. I think the best option for her in that case will be inheriting Speed Ring and Pursuit Band(she's the only one that will not have Pursuit in your playthrough besides Quan and Ethlyn children and Sylvia children) you may also give her some rings so she can earn money. Faval does not need anything other than Yewfelle Seliph: Silver Sword, Leg Ring, maybe 1-2 range sword and maybe Brave Sword, Paragon Band I also suggest you to give Bargain Band(if you have it) someone like Patty, since it will be easier to her to level up. Brave Sword can inherit everyone unless you're playing on rank or LTC-ing(I like give it to Holyn!Patty or Leif since it will be easier to make them a valuable units)
  12. But the post is about how do I get Safy to the promotion level in Ch 9 to already use Warp from Ch 10 onward
  13. So, I have a question. I'm now on Ch 9 in FE5 and I'm trying to clear maps as fast as possible(basicly playing on rank) and the problem is that my Safy on lvl 6 60 exp and I want her to reach to promotion lvl as fast as possible(maybe around next chapter) to use that juicy Warp. What should I do to gain levels faster? I have a few Physic staves. Should I use them or conserve them and use them on Salem later? Btw I'm playing on Paragon mode.
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