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  1. I promote all of them ASAP. Don't worry about their stats, enemies are too weak it doesn't really matter all that much. Asvel of course is the best candidate for first Knight Proof, since +6 to mag, skl and spd is pretty much insta-win(also because your Asvel will cap Magic and Skill upon it regardless). I also suggest give your second Knight Proof to Finn so he can capture ch8 boss easily. Don't worry about Knight Proofs all that much. As mentioned before there are 14 free Knight Proofs in the game and you can get them almost in every chapter starting with chapter 7. Fatigue is not a big deal(unless you're doing your job reeeeally slow), since even your unpromoted units can deal with enemies with ease. Also, all healers(except Troubadours) will get +1 staff rank upon promotion, so keep that in mind. As for units that you have on your hands: promote Asvel, Finn, Karin(+leg ring or Mov level up is one-love). I don't recommend you to promote Brighton(he's pretty mediocre) unless you really want to use him. Machua is a good candidate for Proof as well, but there are better units than her, so unless you really want to use her don't bother with it.
  2. Super Thracia is like bs Thracia. Lotsa enemies, who spawn if you do something wrong...or right; a lot of bs overall. Not recommended at all(unless you're masochist). You may watch some vids on youtube to know better, and there's actually one unfinished playthrough there. There's a Blume hack. It's actually have the same system as Super Thracia: higher level caps, higher stat caps, different weapons, some skills activates differently, effective damage changed and so on. Some of this is actually fun, until you reach ch14. Ballictians are actually playable in this hack and they can move, so you've got the rest I think. Some of the units can promote twice, all of the units have divided promotions(like for example Nanna can promote either to Troubadour or Princess, although the item required for second promo is quite rare). AS formula changed. Enemies are not weak and now pose some threat. Weapon Triangle have different boosts now(+-30 Hit instead of +-5). There is no longer PCC. Ced can die in Ch 4x because his AI is dumb. You can check it out, it much harder than vanila Thracia, but you may find something fun in it. Also the whole hack in Japanese, just to note. I don't think there are any hacks for FE5 aside from those. There are RR and Randomizer, but I won't count them as full hacks
  3. Thracia's enemies are very weak(I think the reason for that is low enemy classes' growths in general). FE5's ranking is pretty harsh, it only takes into account your turn count and number of units in the end(47 needed, if less rank will be lowered by one). It's not hard to get A rank(needed for unlocking Sound Room), but ranks above requires planning
  4. Altha

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    Oh, thank you, I get it No, I haven't. I found it already, I should try this one. Thanks
  5. Altha

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    Oh, I forgot to mention in the OC, that I've also played Binary. It was fun. Thanks for your reply anyway
  6. Altha

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    Oh, thank you. I completely forgot for some reason that there are randomizers exists. I'll try this out. Thanks again for your reply
  7. Altha

    FE4 and FE5 hacks

    Thank you very much for your work. Yes, I tried RR on FE5. Was satisfied, but it's not kind of thing I want to play.
  8. So, I've been searching for hacks for both of these games and I haven't found anything interesting. There are 2 noticable hacks on FE5, the one that is bs Blume hack and the other is even more bs Super Thracia. On FE4 field there are more hacks, but nothing interesting either. Inflation - easy and fun hack, Overpowered - unblanced one, Remix - kind of dumb. I know that there is Shin patch for FE4, but from what I've heard there is nothing really new, just a little bit of changes here and there and higher difficulty in general, but that's it. I've heard that there are "Genealogy of-" hacks but I've never found direct links to them. So, does anyone have links to those kinds of hacks or hacks on Jugdral games in general? I will be very grateful for your help.
  9. It's not like I dislike the tropes, even the older games have ones and I love them, and I've already mentioned that some trope characters in TH were done well. So it's not the problem in tropes themselves but rather how devs present this. Fates and Awakening are going too far with gimmicks, so those gimmicks become the characters themselves.
  10. oof, there are so many characters from Fates. Who should I choose? Well...I would like to write about all of those characters who I dislike, but the thing is I'm just gonna repeat myself over and over again, because my problem with them, that they're all gimmicky. How I tired that Awakening and Fates just use silly, archetypical characters over and over again. There is tsundere type, there is yandere type, there is psychopath type, there is unlucky guy type, there is "I'm smarter than you" type, there is loli type, shy girl type, flawless man type, big boobs type, etc. I have really a few characters that I like in both of these games or rather just neutral to them. So I'll just name these characters: Oboro, Takumi, Niles, Beruka(kind of), Selena(kind of) and...That's kind of it? Well, outside of Fates and Awakening characters, there are also some people from other games, like Bernadetta for example. So anoying little one. That's kind of character who they should've put in Fates, because TH really tries to not f*** up with the characters. They're even gave some cliche characters such as Felix or Sylvain some meaningful reasons to act the way they act. Sadly Bernie is not the case... Cyril, Catherine - Rhea, Rhea, Rhea...Move on Hubert - annoying... same as the preious ones, but change "Rhea" with "Edelgard". Lysithea and all "I am not a child" kinds of characters Makalov - because he is just disgusting Chagal - just a dumb ruler of his country Edit:Oh, I've just noticed that the title is saying about ONE character. If you don't mind I'll leave my list of least fav characters. I'm sorry for my inattention...
  11. I would recommend you to sell some of those. Olwen is bad even with vantage, you need ridiculous amount of resources to make Vantage!Olwen work, especially it's dangerous in Ironman run. So Vantage scroll is pretty useless one. Also Accost is pretty dangerous skill, so I would also recommend sell it. Sol is pretty useless tbh. the maximum skill activation you will have is 20%, which is really unreliable and do not worth it. Luna on the other hand also is not really reliable, but more useful than Sol(killing Reydrick with Mareeta is pretty fun). Nihil I think can be useful on Leif, since it will be very useful in the Final Chapter(and nowhere else). Adept again is pretty unreliable, so I'd recommend to sell it as well. I also do not recommend to give a Paragon manual to Karin, since it's pain in a butt to train her. Of course I will say that promoted Karin is pretty good and if you promote her before Deen will show up, she will be your best flier for the rest of the game, since avoidance is pretty abusable in FE5. But hey, it's your choice to train Karin or not. Also, I suggest to put Wrath on either Nanna or Linoan since they both have access to Nosferatu weapons. As for the route, I will recommend to go to A route. Sure, in B route you will have early Berserk staff, Luna scroll and Vouge, but A route have better items, such as 2 Warp staves and Rescue staff. In both routes you can get 1 Master Seal. A route maps are less tedious and have much better units than B route(but hey, Miranda is secretly great unit, if you do one simple trick). So, that's my suggestions and recommendations, hope you'll find them useful. Good luck with your Ironman run
  12. Thank you very much. I completely forgot about Dondon 0% growths run. Think I'll use this in my next run. Again, thank you
  13. I just finished ch 18 and recruited Xavier. I wanted to do it in a small tc. But this chapter took 30 turns to complete(not the smallest tc for sure). Reinforcements before you block them are annoying af, a lot of turn lost because of Lenster armors AI, Dean misses and overall about 4-5 turns lost to get Leif to Xavier from left staircase and also two turb lost because Xavier is inaccurate with Master Axe even with Leif support and Kingmaker. So I want to ask how can I improve my tc in this chapter and at the same time recruit Xavier? Maybe some planing in other chapters needed in order to succeed(other than obvios Sleep Sword and door keys)?
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