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  1. I have it, yeah! Made Blighttown a bit easier.
  2. Nope, not yet. Turns out I rushed through the fortress, so I'm on my way through to see what I've missed.
  3. I'm on a roll! @Eltosian Kadath, Iron Golem is also down on my first go! It was...Actually quite easy. The 40k souls are hugely appreciated, though! ...WOAAAAAAAAAHHHHH This game is gorgeous.
  4. OOOH LORDY Um...Do I want enlightenment? @Eltosian Kadath, are there any long-term concequences for this? Also, RIP depressed bloke from Firelink.
  5. Will do! EDIT: Also, now I am uncursed!
  6. Well, I'm taking a break from the Demon lands for now, since most enemies OHKO me in my weakened state, making exploration a bit more tedious than necessary, so I'm heading up to the New Londo Ruins, since I can fight Ghosts easily and the hooded chappie there can cure my curse! Afterwards, I plan to head to the newly-opened gate.
  7. It's called a Gallbladder, Frosty! A GALLBLADDER!
  8. The band known as Bachman-Turner Overdrive was actually the third band that had stemmed from the original members of it. The first was known as Brave Belt, which ended without any success. They later reformed to make Brave Belt 2, which fell to the same fate as the first. Once more, they were planning to reform into Brave Belt 3, but the producer of their record label convinced them to try a different name. At the time, they happened to have a copy of a truck magazine titled "Overdrive". The band decided that "Overdrive" was the perfect way to describe their music, and the name stuck!
  9. Banned because that's pretty neat.
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