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  1. I have it, yeah! Made Blighttown a bit easier.
  2. Nope, not yet. Turns out I rushed through the fortress, so I'm on my way through to see what I've missed.
  3. I'm on a roll! @Eltosian Kadath, Iron Golem is also down on my first go! It was...Actually quite easy. The 40k souls are hugely appreciated, though! ...WOAAAAAAAAAHHHHH This game is gorgeous.
  4. OOOH LORDY Um...Do I want enlightenment? @Eltosian Kadath, are there any long-term concequences for this? Also, RIP depressed bloke from Firelink.
  5. Will do! EDIT: Also, now I am uncursed!
  6. Well, I'm taking a break from the Demon lands for now, since most enemies OHKO me in my weakened state, making exploration a bit more tedious than necessary, so I'm heading up to the New Londo Ruins, since I can fight Ghosts easily and the hooded chappie there can cure my curse! Afterwards, I plan to head to the newly-opened gate.
  7. It's called a Gallbladder, Frosty! A GALLBLADDER!
  8. The band known as Bachman-Turner Overdrive was actually the third band that had stemmed from the original members of it. The first was known as Brave Belt, which ended without any success. They later reformed to make Brave Belt 2, which fell to the same fate as the first. Once more, they were planning to reform into Brave Belt 3, but the producer of their record label convinced them to try a different name. At the time, they happened to have a copy of a truck magazine titled "Overdrive". The band decided that "Overdrive" was the perfect way to describe their music, and the name stuck!
  9. Banned because that's pretty neat.
  10. 1, the remastered Version on Switch. I've had no issues with dropped frames, since people seem to worry about those.
  11. Dark Souls remastered. Uh, so I checked the wiki on the covenant I just joined, and... ... Uh...
  12. Thanks for the tip! I have now pledged alliegiance to a spider-thing who doesn't understand what I'm saying but gives me powers! Nice.
  13. Down goes the result of a bad taco night!
  14. Oops. Don't worry, I haven't been killin' the grubby guys. I must say, Ceaseless Discharge is possibly one of the worst boss names I've ever heard. I love it. Well, I have dabbled in it, since I chanced upon some bloke in the Depths and wanted to see how spells worked. I currently have four attunement slots as well. Congrats!
  15. I see. I must say, while it certainly isn't EASY... I can't say that it is as hard as the memes say it is so far. I have died a lot, but it's really not that bad. Most of my deaths were me trying to figure out where I could or couldn't reach, even. The game throws you a lot of bones as well, so it's really not that bad. If you get stuck on a tough boss, best boy Solaire or somethin' can always bail you out.
  16. Have you played it, actually? Just wonderin'. This sounds really passive-agressive but I don't mean it, my brain is just on battery-saver right now.
  17. Oh. Me: Hello there, that's a nice, non-aggressive giant spider made of magma. I'm just gonna loot a corpse near you and... Giant Spider: Yes, go on. Me: [Takes the stuff] Giant Spider: PREPARE TO DIE! Good thing I had a homeward bone on me. Also, I must say, this is a very peaceful ruin. ...I died just after I finished typing that.
  18. YEEEEAAAH! @Eltosian Kadath Just beat Chaos Witch Queelag on my first go without any summons! Wasn't nearly as fun as Gaping Dragon, but still a pretty cool fight. It felt a bit like Sif, except now the boss can place pitfalls. Both bells are about to be a-ringing! Ooh! The fortress thing at the Undead Burg is open! But first...Demon Ruins, apparently.
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