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  1. Banned because I was supposed to write a letter to ourselves that I'm gonna read in 2023 when I graduate from high school, but it ended up being a 500-word page berating myself for being useless...
  2. Hm. Still, I don't actually really see a problem with completely overhauling the electoral system so that more people actually get properly represented, but I'm not American, so what do I know?
  3. Well, unless I am mistaken, (which I very well could be) I think that's at least how it's supposed to.
  4. One way to sorta help the smaller parties would be to implement proportional representation, although I'd doubt that most people would see it as an option. Still, most states seemed to have abut 2-3% voting for an independant, so those independants could ultimately end up actually holdning 2-3% of the house.
  5. Thanks! I knew that there were 14 or 15 and that my dad liked the new author a lot, but I didn't remember the specifics.
  6. Really, depends on the game. Of the FEs I've played, the only one where caps actually mattered was RD; in all other ones, (FE5, 6, 7, 8, 16, Berwick as well as dabbling in a few others) if you hit a stat cap, you probably broke the game anyways. FE6 was a bit of an exception to this, but other than caps that were absurdly low, they barely did matter.
  7. Um, odd question, but to the German Teeheers here, in a normal, non-COVID time, if someone had one day to spend in Berlin or Dresden, what should they visit? School gives me some weird assignments sometimes. Also I'm really bad at budgeting, they gave us 2,000 dollars to do any trip of our choosing and with mine, I have 13 Euros to spend after accomodations, travel and food.
  8. Nope, but my dad has. I think. I dunno if he got to the LAST book, but I know he read at least 13 of 'em.
  9. I preferF!Byleth because she can get Darting blow. Not sure why they reinstated the gender lock....
  10. Yes! I read your posts! I just never have anything to contribute.
  11. Because you also don't know what an HP movie is. How can I make other people happy?
  12. Wants triplets, and also bestsellers, but not for his triplets to be bestsellers.
  13. Did I say "hard"? I meant PLEASE SPARE ME AAAAAA Ah, reminds me of my first run of RD. I'd finished FE8 normal and loved it as well as Eligood normal mode and...Not loved it, so when I got RD, I was all "Aw yeah, I can play normal mode for this!" It was...Quite the learning curve. Soooo many resets... Still, it really did make me appreciate RD. Plus, I got Elincia's Gambit first try with no deaths, which is among my crowning achievements as a player of FE. Kaga's Crazy Cousin.
  14. My friend...You have made a grave mistake by telling me this... Ah, I see! Does the game (or future games) ever actually tell you, or is it more of an experimentation thing? I love doing that.
  15. Yeah, I just know that Trails is a bit of a sad subject for you, sooo... AT? I should know this stuff already, shouldn't I?
  16. Crash course: Time (Action) goes to everyone, because Speed is the most important stat in the game. Cast to Casters Fire (Attack) to physical as it gives ATK Water (HP) to almost everyone so everyone can get access to heal. Mind goes to Mages as increases ATS Wind to mages to get access to Aerial and Area heals Oh, OK. Thanks for the tip! I have no idea if I'd have a clue about what to do if you weren't helping.
  17. Granted, and the rest of the game is a masterful mix of humour and serious moments, filled to the brim with amazing music and mini games. Just like another franchise I know Buuuut the character loses after a long, long battle with a fixed result, and the ending is just the bad guy saying, "welp, guess I won." I wish for the next FE remake to be a really good one.
  18. So, Fire and Wind-type orbs? OK! I'm not as far as you, but I can agree-So far, this game has been so good at making you just say "WOAAAAAHHHHHH."
  19. Hey, @Shrimperor, more questions for Sky 1: Are there any really funny meme builds you can do on anyone? (Such as setting up character to maximize evade to absurd levels, etc.) Also, which Arts should I shoot for first? I'm sorta lost with all the options.
  20. Oh. Then again, I suppose I could ignore them if they're that OP. Hmm... Well, I'll not judge until I get farther.
  21. Haven't made it to Crossbell yet, but I will eventually. What are those? Oh, good. That should mean that Sky 2 and 3 also have bigger casts. Nice.
  22. Granted, but for not instantly complying, Dimitri hangs your head from the Gates of Enbarr! I wish for the next FE to have good minigames in its base.
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