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  1. Pavise is a great skill but only when it’s part of a Relic, however I assume that we’re talking about the actual equipable skill then my answer is no. In order to get it your units have to spend time in one of the worst classes in the game and like everybody said the people that want to become a FK probably have very high Defense already making Pasive redundant on them.
  2. I mean he’s much better as a Grappler with Fierce Iron Fist considering that you also only need to focus on raising his Brawling and Authority levels, sure Sniper has more Range but Grappler has more mobility and damage and you don’t have to deal with his Bow weakness.
  3. Dedue is locked behind AM and the only other unit that learns Vengeance (Cyril) isn't recruitable in CF and sucks a lot in SS so Bernie does have monopoly with that build in the 2 BE routes, though I would argue that Flier/Horse Vengance Bernie is not reliable, falls off late game and requires some setting up to work.
  4. I think it has something to do with his love for Grapplers/Warmasters, since their biggest flaws are the lack of Canto, Range and High Mov, having Rescue allows him to be more aggressive with those units since someone like Flayn can reposition them out of danger if necessary.
  5. During my latest Maddening run(AM), I recruited Caspar at chapter 11, made him a Wyvern, got him Death Blow and he still horribly underperformed compared to every single other physical fighters I had on my team. All he could do was chucking a hand/short axe with 60% hit rate from 2 space away for chip damage because every time I tried to have him fight stuff with Axe at close range he either ended up dead or barely made it out alive, the lack of a forced double attack CA outside of gauntlet and mediocre speed stat made it hard for him to secure a slot as an additional flier on my team. I seriously failed to understand how so many people praised late recruit Caspar because imo he still requires a lot of investment to become usable. A Grappler Caspar with Deathblow + Bombard + High Str C rank Battalion could ORKO some of the squishier enemies mid game but Alois could do the same with One-Two Punch except that he needs a lot less investment and outputs more damage than Caspar.
  6. Bernadetta uses Bow, learns Encloser and has no authority weakness so it's infinitely easier to train her up. Caspar just offers nothing special later on while being one of the worst unit early game, as a Wyvern he's worse than every other option, has 0 utility and comes with an authority weakness.
  7. Chapter 18/Claude’s Paralogue are some of the hardest Maddening difficulty maps and you’ll have a hard time trying to break the Titanus/Worm thingy barriers for the material. On easier difficulties I agree that it’s not that hard to get them.
  8. Not worth the effort, the Scythe is just a ligher and more accurate Killer Lance+, the weapon seems strong in CF because The scythe also requires the rarest materials in the game to repair, a Wo Dao+ is as powerful and can be easily repaired with purchasable materials from the market.
  9. I’ve seen more hate towards Edelgard than Rhea.
  10. Miracle is one of the super annoying skill when you see it on the enemies but not very useful and practical to have on your units especially when this game already has Blessing gambits and Divine Pulse.
  11. For Crimson Flower Tier List: - Dorothea's a bit low on her own route, you didn't mention mention Meteor at all, 10+ range Hit rate and Gambit Boost are extremely useful late game and since she's available for the entire run it's very easy to build up her support ranks with other units to provide better bonuses. She's definitely worse as a recruit because you have to spend a lot of time building up her supports and Faith rank. - Caspar should be way lower, bases are the worst among all students, has a weaknesses in Authority of all thing, 0 utility, 0 good Combat Arts and mediocre growths ensure that he stays shit for the entire run, even bad units like Raphael comes with better bases and Rally Strength. - Marianne should be higher, she basically has monopoly on Silence considering Manuela is pretty bad as a unit and you already have Linhardt for Warp. This spell is incredibly useful later on since some of the most dangerous enemies are those with siege tomes and walking nuke Gremories, she also has Thoron + Riding strength and recruiting her is very easy ( D+ Riding if you have at least C support with her). Lysithea does get Warp way earlier than her competitors even as a recruit considering her personal and getting from B to A rank takes the same amount of xp as getting from E to B. I don't think she should be any higher tho because of her bad recruitment conditions.
  12. Then you have a 4 move unit with paper thin durability that needs to get into melee range to use her most powerful offensive attack, that's a lot worse than just using her spells or training her Flying rank for Wyvern. Idk Excalibur would've been decent if the most threatening late game Flying enemy in Maddening doesn't come with 40+ Res which surpass the tome's 33 effective Mt LMAO.
  13. RNG mainpulation for Advanced class are optional since the promotion items are fairy cheap, Annette's only viable early games thanks to her ever useful rallies and she's not gaining any exp by spamming it, personally I usually get her to lv 10 for Peg Knight and she makes an amazing support unit in ch.13, she can fly, Rally and use Impregable Wall which are very good to keep Dimitri, Byleth alive while Mercie stays at the corner of the map spamming Physics & Fortify. Ashe and Gilbert are legit deadweight tho, Wyvern Ashe is very bad compared to Wyvern Annette and getting him to lv 20 is even more difficult cause he does crap damage, but if you want him to stay alive you basically have to make him a Wyvern Lord since enemies usually flock into the top corner and tend to ignore Mercie/Annie. As for Gilbert I don't know what inspired IS to give the players a 4 mov Armor crap that can't even tank physical hits well in one of the most difficult post time skip map, and of course him and Ashe have to spawn together to make matters worse. Basically you really have to funnel resources into Byleth/Dimitri so they're strong enough to carry your team until Ingrid, Felix and Sylvain arrive, the Battalion Vantage start is very good especially if you give Dimitri a forged Killer Lance or Wo Dao, he's reaching over 80% crit rate with this build and will most likely kills anything that approaches him. The map is even worse in SS imo, Seteth is nowhere as strong as your House Lord and Caspar is the worst unit in the game along with Gilbert, but if you don't train Caspar or make him a Dancer then it's very hard for Dorothea to hold off everything on her own, at least Petra is a very good unit that comes in early tho. The only CF map that is extremely unkind to horse unit is ch.18 imo, but you can always Dismount Hubert when he needs to travel through the buring tiles, the penalty is basically a joke anyway.
  14. Marianne can also be a Cavalier/Pally, she has strength in both mounts + lance so it's not hard to train her into this path at all, get C rank riding + B rank Lance + savescum for lv 20 promotion and then focus on Flying rank for Falcon Knight. The problem is that both her and Annette are very underwhelming pre lv 20 which is the main problem of this build. Hubert as Dark Knights can cast Magic and use Frozen Lance at the same time, I consider that a big advantage, Dark Spikes and Banshee are very useful spells. For ch.13 AM Maddening, Wyvern Annette is nice to have but she's not the win condition, there are way too many enemies to rely on Player Phase nuke to take them all out, the only way to beat it is to set up a Swordbreaker/Vantage/Battalion Wrath Dimitri build with a Flying Byleth that can reposition themselves out of danger. It's hard to justify training her only for that map considering that you can dump your resources on Dimitri and Byleth instead who are way better carries with an existant Enemy Phase that can wipe multiple enemies out in 1 turn, also after that map you get your recruited units plus Ingrid, Sylvain and Felix back (they arrive too late on ch 13, after the hardest part).
  15. O shit my bad, he's usually my E rank Stride Battalion bot and I never made him a dancer so I didn't really pay any attention to his charm stats lol.
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