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  1. Of course, the flying classes all dominate the job class polls. Mortal Savant being second behind Wyvern Lord was a surprise, but at the same time it's also an easy master class to get into. What doesn't make sense, though, is Mage being so far down, yet Fiendish Blow is the number one class ability? But don't you need to master Mage to obtain Fiendish Blow in the first place? Canto is also second favorite, but quite a bit of riding classes are far down the list, particularly Dark Knight. Also I don't think I've ever used Deadeye lmao Overall, interesting poll results!
  2. @sunshinescj I'm fairly certain there are multiple cases of characters saying bastard instead of dastard. I don't recall when exactly though.
  3. Allied units may not kill enemy commander units. They can only bring their HP down to 1, at most. It's a good thing, because this means allies cannot steal commander unit XP from your units.
  4. I'm pretty sure the reason Sothis is so high as first S-support is that she's available on every route as either gender, and is the only character that takes basically nothing to unlock, so if someone was so unfortunate as to not even reach A-support with anyone by the end of the game, they're stuck with Sothis.
  5. Is there a list of exclusive chest loot and enemy loot worth grabbing? Been skipping out on map loot from story/paralogue missions and I want to see which ones are worth going for.
  6. I'll need to complete another run on Blue Lions and Black Eagles in order to finish my support log and Goddess Tower log. I have pretty much everything else unlocked, though, so I can help transcribe things if needed. I do not have the means to capture recordings on my Switch, however. Though, I checked the wiki link in the OP and I don't see any Three Houses pages related to the support dialogues?
  7. It's certainly weird, and there are only very few examples of where completing a support will slightly affect other supports in the game, but I feel like accounting for every single difference will be so much work that it isn't worth it. I'm happy with what we have right now.
  8. In addition, due to how the game tallies support points, it's possible to purchase S-rank supports, effectively allowing you to skip obtaining the S-support for the majority of the game's characters. This can even be done for bisexual characters as long as you chose one such character in your previous run.
  9. I wrote something about support grinding in here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gb8MjaF8NgkuXYECwFJydqpi8gd5VD9Ge4wMqqtVCKE/edit?usp=sharing Here is a summary: During your first run, increasing professor level to A+ should be a top priority (gardening, fishing, meals, choir, etc.). Then, abuse your 3 battle points and 3 adjutants to farm easy support points between all your units. Aim to reach A-rank with all of your units, but continue to gain support points past this threshold. Use New Game+ with another gender to unlock S-supports for your original gender using renown. For units that can be S-supported with either gender, you must select them as an S-support first. Therefore, it is optimal to choose only bisexual characters as your S-support that you have not unlocked yet, as you can buy everything else without viewing them. Some units are route-exclusive; prioritize those units first. Your first S-supports should be Edelgard in CF, Gilbert in AM, and Rhea in SS. Male Byleth is preferred for VW/CF/AM in order to purchase S-supports for Claude, Hubert, Dimitri and Dedue with New Game+; female Byleth for SS route. Sothis must be S-supported twice. In order to complete the support log, you must play through final missions at a minimum of 9 times. VW/SS final mission is best for this due to one map, as opposed to two in CF/AM. Every route must be played through at least once. The game automatically unlocks the support in the event log as soon as it is purchased, no need to save your file. If you wish to unlock all Goddess Tower scenes, you must play through all three routes in part 1 up to chapter 9 as female Byleth. For male Byleth, simply recruiting everyone during the Black Eagles route will work. Two music tracks are only unlockable with Japanese voiceover - one vocal song in chapter 9, and the end credits theme. Any feedback is appreciated. I may be missing essential information here and there. Thank you to all the resources that currently exist.
  10. Interesting. I also learned that, for Leonie/Linhardt paralogue on CF... I guess it sort of makes sense from a story perspective, but it's still a pretty big slap to the face.
  11. I want a manga centered around Felix, Sylvain and Ingrid, since the three of them were childhood friends, after all. It'd be interesting to see their dynamic, especially since all three of them have very different personalities. Perhaps add Dimitri to this mix as well (since I think it's also mentioned he's known them since childhood?).
  12. It's worth noting that a higher support rank also reduces the level requirement for recruiting Church of Seiros members as well, and just like the students, having an A rank through NG+ allows you to recruit them without any requirements, as long as you're at the required chapter in the story.
  13. I have multiple: Indomitable Will Paths That Will Never Cross Chasing Daybreak Apex of the World God Shattering Star Between Heaven and Earth Tempest of Seasons I am a sucker for a good portion of the part 2 songs. It really captures the mood of the war and that just about everyone you kill is permanently gone, same with your own units (Classic). If I had to pick one, it'd be Indomitable Will. The fact that it only plays when you fight makes the song that much more intense.
  14. I like the designs of both versions of Byleth. Not sure what's so bad about it.
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