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  1. The solution is to give all armored classes neutral speed mod and more move. Why even give them like -4 speed and 0-1 move lmao
  2. Swordmaster would be a good class to stay in, if it weren't for the fact that it's 5 move. Assassin is better because it's more mobile, and Mortal Savant also has that extra point of move (and I guess magic is a thing lmao). Not to mention, Felix also has strengths for Grappler/War Master path, which I'd argue is his absolute best option as an infantry class, as not only is it as mobile as Assassin, it offers even more crit than sword crit+10. Sniper/Bow Knight path as you said is pretty great as well. Really though, Felix works well in any physical class due to his strengths; I would argue his canon Swordmaster is the least useful of the bunch, but it is by no means bad.
  3. I'd say on Byleth it's worth it still. Dimitri is definitely more questionable to get since axe deficiency, but Byleth can get it just fine and there's not many better options to take for skills anyway. At least that's the case for male Byleth. On female Byleth, I'd attempt to get pegasus instead for darting blow first.
  4. From what I'm seeing: BL: has the easiest early game roster, but has a hard time with Hunting by Daybreak and has easily the worst endgame chapters. Have fun with all the ballistas and ambush spawns/siege units. You do benefit from relics more on this route, however, considering you can potentially get the most on this route (including Failnaught). BE-E: has the hardest early game roster, but lacks the infamous post-timeskip chapter that everyone else gets. Endgame can be fairly difficult, but you do get Raging Storm abuse and a unit with both Mastermind and Counterattack which can make a good difference. You also lose access to quite a few paralogues here. GD: is sort of inbetween both BL and BE in terms of early game, has nice rallies available early on. Easiest access to Thyrsus, and Reunion at Dawn is the easiest of the three since you get a free flying unit with Ashes and Dust gambit. Endgame is definitely the easiest of the four, the units don't move unless you attack them or get into their range, and there are not many ambush spawns. BE-C: has the same early game roster so it's just as hard, but on top of this, you lose your lord and another powerful unit, and has by far the hardest time with the first timeskip chapter. That being said the lategame is similar to GD and the final map is moreso annoying than difficult I'd say. Miracle still sucks and can force divine pulses if unlucky. Difficulty-wise I would say GD > BE-E > BL > BE-C. Probably not by a whole lot tbh, especially if you're using DLC to grind, in which you can build up your units pretty quickly patching up the underleveled state of your characters.
  5. More enemies should make use of combat arts. It could certainly make them more threatening without having to resort to stat inflation.
  6. I believe you also need to be at least a C? support for the Goddess Tower event, and whoever you pick must be students who are eligible S-rank partners. This is easily savescummable, but cannot be done in a single playthrough as there are house-exclusive characters. The characters need not be in your house, however. Simply reaching the support requirement will suffice.
  7. I did that a while ago and nothing like that happened. Game functioned as normal.
  8. Sauna adds bonuses to lecturing by a pretty significant amount for the whole month, so I wouldn't say it's useless. Albeit you can only give that bonus to one person per month, but still.
  9. If you only unlocked the Wyvern Lord master in your Maddening NG file, and not your main file, then it won't be present in your main file journal. You also can't buy support levels between units, only your own. Anything obtained in the Maddening run that isn't obtained in the main file will not be on your main file. Maddening NG new title screen can be done on Casual, yes.
  10. Death Knight class gives the Counterattack ability. Sadly it's only exclusive to one unit, but this is easily top tier for enemy phase builds. It's Retribution for free.
  11. Anna EDIT: Here's the full spell chart click (spoiler)
  12. Not sure yet. I've only seen screenshots of one spell (Thunder). Don't actually have a file going on myself so I can't see right now.
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